YTMC 35th Anniversary Special Gifts

YTMC 35th Anniversary Special Gifts

Greeting from President

Hello everyone, my name is Nori Sakamoto and I am the president of Yokohama TMC.
I would like to thank former members, guests and current members, for coming to the 35th anniversary meeting of Yokohama TMC despite the bad weather due to typhoon #2.
It is our privilege to be able to celebrate this anniversary.

I joined Yokohama TMC 7 years ago when I moved to Yokohama and this is the 3rd Toastmasters Club that I joined. From my experience, I can tell that Yokohama TMC has three strong advantages.

First, this club has very friendly atmosphere during regular meeting and also at casual drinking party after the meeting.

Second, the diversity of the members. In terms of age, profession, experience and nationality. It creates a very good environment to brush up our communication skills.

Third, we respect the tradition of Toastmasters. We start our regular meeting with a business session, then move to table topic session, prepared speeches and evaluations. Through these sessions and other Toastmasters activities, we can enhance our communication and leadership skills.

These three points characterizes Yokohama TMC and these are the assets that former members and current members have built up in the past 35 years.
We will continue to keep these good atmosphere and traditions for another 35 years or more.
Now, let’s enjoy the ceremony, regular meeting and the party after the meeting.
Thank you very much!

TM Noriaki Sakamoto

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