第688回例会レポート #688 TMOD Meeting Report

4月6日に横浜開港記念会館 2階 ルーム7にて新年度最初となる、#688レギュラーミーティングを開催しました。今回のテーマは「Self-confident」です。

We held # 688 regular meeting, which was the first meeting in the new fiscal year, on April 6 at Yokohama-shi Kaikou Kinen Kaikan 2F #7. The theme this time is “Self-confident”.


I was nervous because it was my first TMOD. Especially there was a change in some role taker assignments in the last minute so, I needed a little effort. But I was able to successfully complete the preparation in advance. Thank you for your cooperation.

今日は、ビジネスセッションで、ALB、ACB及びPathways Level1修了の表彰がありました。受賞された方、おめでとうございます。

We had an award presentation of ALB, ACB, and Pathways Level 1 graduates in business sessions. Congratulations to the winners.


The word of the day is “decent.” It is far from me and I had a bitter smile (-_-;)


Today’s table topic session theme is related to the new era name “Reiwa”. Seven people made wonderful speeches for each various questions related to the theme.

今日は準備スピーチが5名と盛りだくさんでした。ルーキー3名によるIce Breakerは、それぞれ個性的な内容で、あだ名の遍歴を紹介したM Oさん、まさに冒険というにふさわしい経歴を紹介したK Oさん、そして、自分の好きな国を紹介したS Kさん。それぞれの人柄が伝わる内容でした。

Today, we had five prepared speakers. Ice Breaker speeches by three rookies were especially very unique. TM M O introduced her nickname’s history, TM K O talked his adventurous career, and TM S K spoke about his favorite country. Each story represented their personality.

論評スピーチは、私と同じく今回初となるK Nさんが担当。丁寧で、思いやりあふれる進行は自己評価50点だそうですが、とても素晴らしかったです。それぞれの論評者の方々も、時間内に的確なコメントをしていました。

The general evaluator was Mr. K N, it is the first time for her to take the role. I think her polite and considerate progress was great however her self-assessment was 50 out of 100. Each evaluator also commented on time and was excellent feedback to the speaker.

本日の最優秀準備スピーカーは、新人のM Oさんでした。おめでとうございます!

Today’s best-prepared speaker was newcomer TM M O. Congratulations!


I was a clumsy TMOD, but I’ve done. I really appreciated everyone.



夢の競演。いつもと違ったメンバーで緊張気味なスタート? ビジョナリートーストマスターズクラブと横浜トーストマスターズクラブの合同例会レポート(3月30日)


3月30日合同例会レポート TMOD Meeting Report


Joint Meeting of Visionaries Toast Masters Club (Musashi Kosugi) and Yokohama Toast Masters Club was held at Hiranuma memorial rest house 2F in Yokohama on March 30th. It has been started with a little bit nervous mood (?)


The first session was a special session controlled by Toastmaster O who is Club Growth Director of District 76. It was “Lie spotting game.” Participants were separated by 4 to 5 people and made 1 untrue and 4 true short self-introductions. Other members need to make wiser questions to spot a lie in limited time. The nervous atmosphere was totally disappeared by this ice-breaking session.


 Table Topic: The second session was a Table Topic session. This session is normally going through one topic, but since this meeting was a joint meeting, there were two topics that were made by each club. The topic from Yokohama TM Club was “Explain how to cook it” made by TM A. The other topic from Visionaries Toast Masters was “How to survive in IT society” made by TM K. Table topic session is difficult for everybody but experienced TM S made a great speech in such a short time and was chosen as best table topic speaker.

準備スピーチ:3つめのセッションは準備スピーチ。こちらのセッションもそれぞれクラブから2名ずつスピーチを行いました。それぞれのスピーチタイトルはビジョナリートーストマスターズUさん: ”Are we ready for Multicultural Society?” 横浜トーストマスターズSさん: “Live like water” ビジョナリートーストマスターズTさん: “Be a leader of your life” そして横浜トーストマスターズOさん: “International Marketing” 皆さん、やはり合同例会と言う事もあり、気合の入ったスピーチでした。ベストスピーカーはビジョナリートーストマスターズTさんのスピーチでした。日々の決断の重要性。大事にしていかねばと思わされる内容でした。

Prepared Speech: The third session was prepared speech. Each club members prepared two speeches. Speech titles were: “Are we ready for Multicultural Society?” TM U from Visionaries TM, “Live like water,” TM S from Yokohama TM, Be a leader of your life” TM T from Visionaries TM and “International Marketing” TM O from Yokohama TM. Since this meeting was a joint meeting, all speeches were well-prepared and great speeches. TM T from Visionaries TM was chosen as the best prepared speaker. It reminded us the importance of decision making in daily life.


Evaluation session: The fourth session was Evaluation session. Each club members evaluated other club members’ speech. TM O from Visionaries TM was chosen as the Best Evaluator. Of course, evaluation itself was great, but his powerful voice and gestures from his big body were amazing!


This meeting was the last meeting for me, but I really appreciate for giving me a chance to be a Toast Master of the day or moderator of the joint meeting.



会場係謹製の卒業ソングセレクションで会場は一気に卒業ムード。和やかに華やかに英語スピーチを楽しみました 第686回例会レポート


第686回例会レポート #686 TMOD Meeting Report

#686レギュラーミーティングを平沼メモリアル ゲスト ハウス 2階にて3月16日に開催しました。例会前の会場では、”卒業写真”が流れていました。ユーミンの曲です。日本では、3月は別れの季節です。学生の卒業、FYの終了等。本日のテーマは「別れ」です。

Our #686 regular meeting was held at Hiranuma memorial rest house 2F on March 16th.
As I arrived at the room, I heard “Sotsugyou shashin”. It is a famous song by Yumin.
Yes. In Japan, March is a good-bye season. Students graduate schools or financial year ends, etc. Today’s theme is “goodbye”.


However Oppositely, 3 newcomers joined YTMC through induction ceremony. Welcome to our club! Hope you improve your skill.

TM N(アー カウンター)は、奥様が「古着は捨てて」と言いますが、思い出が沢山詰まっているので捨てられないとのことです。彼の持論では、女性は男性より物を容易く捨てる傾向にあるとのことです。そう思いますか?

TM N(whose role is Au-counter) told that his wife often says “throw away old clothes”, but he doesn’t throw them away, because having a lot of memories. He says women tend to throw away stuff easily than men. Do you agree with his opinion?

ジョークセッションでは、TM Oは、親指の話で大いに笑わせてくれました。何人かのメンバーはストレスとさよなら(別れ)をしたいと言っていました。笑いは人を幸せにします。ジョークは、彼らのストレス解放を助けたと思います。

Joke session, TM O made us laugh a lot by thumb story, some members told they want to say goodbye to their stress. Laugh make people happy. I believe TM O helped them through his story.


At the table topic session, each speaker gave a positive or negative speech about a subject which was written on the card.

準備スピーチでは、4名がオリジナル ストーリーを披露しました。どれも興味深い話でした。しかし、残念ながら、3/4が規定時間を超えました。時は金なり。時間は守りましょう。

At the prepared speech session, 4 people spoke their original stories. Each of them was very attractive. However, Unfortunately, 3/4 prepared speakers were time over. Time is money. Why don’t you keep the time? The only 1 speech that kept the time was about generation X. I confirmed around 1/3 is generation X.


At the evaluation session, all of them were veterans TM members. I felt their confidence to make prepared speakers more wonderful.

YTMC はいつもモチベーションを持った人を歓迎します。

All of YTMC members are very motivated. April 6th, after the meeting, some members listen
RAKUGO to improve their speaking skill.
YTMC always welcomes motivated newcomers!

Thank you.







The Toastmasters Club Area 52 International Speech Contest was held on March 2, 2019, at Noge-chiku Center near JR Sakuragi-cho station. This contest precedes the Toastmasters International Speech Contest which is held annually in summer. The winners of each club compete at respective Area Contest, then the winners there again proceed to Division Contests. The Division Contest winners will compete at the District (All Japan) Contest in May, and then the winner of the District Contest will go to the World Championship in summer.

Each club that belongs to an Area is required to host an Area Contest in turn annually, and our Yokohama Toastmasters Club co-hosted the Area 52 Contest this year with a Japanese club, Kannai Toastmasters Club.

そしてもう一つの特徴は、ピアノ伴奏があったことです。会場に偶然ピアノが置いてあり、幸いにも使用無料で、これまた偶然ピアニストがメンバー内にいたので、開会宣言時や表彰時にじゃじゃーん! とジングルを入れてもらったのです。通常コンテストではピンと張りつめた緊張感が漂うのですが、ピアノの効果は抜群で、今までになく楽しい雰囲気のコンテストとなりました。即興でピアノを弾いてくださったTM K.K.に感謝です!

In this contest, we had special features that we’d never had before. One is that we were required to take off shoes and wear slippers inside a venue. I’d never seen contestants making speeches in slippers and it was a novel sight to behold. I assume they might have had difficulty moving on the floor.
The other thing was that a piano performance accompanied the contest. There happened to be a piano in the venue and it was free to use it. Luckily and coincidentally, we had a pianist within our members who happened to be there! So, I asked him to play it at an opening and award presentation. He stroked the piano keys tenderly and “Baaang!” them when needed. His piano improvisation gave a cheerful boost to the contest, which is usually filled with tension and nervousness. Thank you, TM K.K. for playing it on the spot!

さて本題のコンテスト。まず英語コンテストが13:15に開会しました。コンテスト委員長・司会は私、TM. T.S.が務め、エリア52所属クラブ (横浜・関内・みなとみらい・オーシャンTMC) から集まった総勢65名の観客が見守る中、6名のコンテスタントの熱き戦いが始まりました。

Following the cheerful “Baaang” of piano came the contest opening. First, the English Contest began at 13:15, and I, TM T.S., facilitated it as Contest Chair and MC. The venue was packed with almost 70 Toastmasters from all clubs that belong to Area 52 (Yokohama, Kannai, Minatomirai and Yokohama Ocean TMC), and six contestants started to compete with each other.

トップバッターは横浜TMCのプレジデント、TM F.のスピーチです。コンテストでトップバッターを務めるのは非常に緊張するものですが、そんな様子はみじんもなく、堂々としたスピーチを披露されました。2番目のスピーカーはオーシャンクラブ代表のベテランスピーカー、TM H.です。さすが全国大会出場経験者、声音やジェスチャーなど、卓越したスキルを披露してくださいました。3番目はみなとみらいクラブのプレジデント、TM A。彼はTM歴は浅いものの、何度もコンテストに出場している強豪です。非常に瀟洒な語り口の、スマートなスピーチを聞かせて下さいました。4番目はオーシャンクラブ代表のTM K、長身を活かしたジェスチャーで、面白いアイデアのスピーチを披露してくださいました。5番目は我が横浜クラブ代表のTM O。彼特有の会場を一気に明るくする笑顔で、楽しいスピーチを聞かせて下さいました。6番目に登場した最後のスピーカーは、みなとみらいクラブ代表のTM O。ベテランならではの卓越したデリバリースキルと流暢な英語で、見事にフィナーレを飾って下さいました。

The first speaker was our Yokohama TMC’s president, TM F. Although it must have been nerve-wrecking to speak first at the contest, he delivered his speech marvelously with confidence. The second speaker was TM H., who was an experienced speaker representing Yokohama Ocean TMC. She had been a finalist at the District Contest before and she delivered her speech with excellent vocal variety, gestures and refined skills. The third speaker was TM A. from Minatomirai TMC. Although his experience as a Toastmaster is short, he is a great speaker who has participated in contests many times before. As though to prove it, he rendered his speech with sophistication and smartness. The forth speaker was TM K. who was representing Yokohama Ocean TMC. Taking advantage of his height, he spread his long arms like an eagle and towered over us, and delivered a unique story. The fifth speaker was TM O. who represented Yokohama TMC. He has an innate talent to bring smiles to anyone who sees him. He used his magic onto the audience and delivered a cheerful speech that left us all smiling and happy. The sixth and final speaker was TM O. from Minatomirai TMC. He has a long-term experience as a Toastmaster and delivered his speech in fluent English with prominent speaking skills.

審査結果を集計するあいだ、座を和ませてくれたのは、みなとみらいクラブ所属のインタビュアー、TM S.によるコンテスタントへのインタビューセッションです。さすが手慣れたもので、コンテスタントへ次々と即興質問を繰り出し、観客を大いに楽しませて下さいました。

While tally counters were tabulating judges’ results, TM S. from Minatomirai TMC interviewed the contestants with his humorous talk and entertained the audience. An experienced Toastmaster as he is, he improvised the question after question and sometimes brought contestants to their wits’ end.

3位入賞者は、トップバッターとしてスピーチを披露した横浜TMC代表のTM F、2位はオーシャンTMCのTM H、そして栄えある1位の座を獲得したのは、洗練されたスピーチを披露したみなとみらいクラブ代表のTM Aでした。みなさんおめでとうございました!

I received the judges’ result from Chief Judge and finally commenced on the award presentation. Unfortunately, one contestant out of six went overtime and became disqualified. Therefore, winners were selected from remaining five contestants.
The third place winner was TM F., who was representing our Yokohama TMC and courageously made the first speech. The second place winner was TM H. from Yokohama Ocean TMC, and the glorious first place winner was revealed to be TM A. from Minatomirai TMC who delivered a highly sophisticated speech. Congratulations all winners!

休憩をはさみ、第2部、日本語コンテストの始まりです。日本語コンテストは関内クラブが担当し、初コンテスト委員長に抜擢された新人のTM T.が司会を務めました。スーツ姿で決めたTM T、しっかりと司会をこなされました!

After the intermission, the latter half of the contest, which was the Japanese Speech Contest, began. It was hosted by Kannai TMC and facilitated by the first-time Contest Chair, TM T. Neatly adorned in business suits, he played the role of MC smoothly and solemnly.

トップバッターはオーシャンクラブ代表のTM K、爽やかで新鮮なスピーチをして下さいました。2番目は横浜TMCのTM F、英語コンテスト3位獲得直後の彼のスピーチは、更に自信に満ち溢れた堂々たるものでした。3番目のスピーカーはオーシャンクラブのTM A。彼のトレードマークであるマイク要らずの大きな声と、研ぎ澄まされたジェスチャーで、素晴らしいスピーチを披露して下さいました。4番目はみなとみらいクラブ代表のTM T。帰国子男の彼の日本語スピーチを聞くのは初めてでしたが、日本語も非常に堪能で、ユーモアにあふれた面白いスピーチでした。5番目、ラストスピーカーは横浜クラブ代表のTM A、少女時代の辛い体験を真摯に、赤裸々に語って下さいました。

日本語のインタビューは、エリア54ディレクターでもあるオーシャンクラブのTM I.が担当して下さいました。スピーチが終わって緊張の解けたコンテスタント達がにこやかに応答するのが印象的な、楽しいインタビューセッションでした。

Japanese Contest proceeded just as the English Contest did. It started with opening remarks, then the rule explanation was given, and the speech competition began. The first speaker was TM K. from Yokohama Ocean TMC. She was given a ticket to this contest a week prior to it, and gave a refreshing speech with a shy smile. The second speaker was TM F. from Yokohama TMC, who had won the third place award in the English Contest. Isn’t it amazing that he participated in the two contests at the same time? With renewed confidence attained by his third place prize, he delivered his speech marvelously. The third speaker was TM A from Yokohama Ocean TMC. With his signature big voice that doesn’t require microphone’s help, he rendered his speech with refined gestures and movements. The fourth speaker was TM T. representing Minatomirai TMC. He grew up in the U.S. and speaks English like a native speaker, and I’d never heard him making speeches in Japanese. But I found out for the first time that he could speak Japanese fluently as well! In his native tongue, he delivered his speech humorously. The fifth and final speaker was one of our representatives, TM A. from Yokohama TMC, who talked candidly and sincerely about her poignant experience in her youth.

The Japanese Interview Session was conducted by TM I. from Yokohama Ocean TMC, who is also an Area 54 Director. It was a cheerful session in which relaxed contestants answered questions with big smiles.

さて、日本語コンテストの結果は…なんと! 1位が我らがプレジデント、横浜TMCのTM F、2位も横浜TMCのTM A、そして3位がオーシャンTMCのTM Aでした。我が横浜クラブ、ダブル受賞で、TM F.は英語コンテストでも3位入賞でしたから、なんとトリプル受賞ですね! おめでとうございます!

Following the fun Interview Session, the winners of the Japanese Speech Contest were announced. And guess what? Our president, TM F. of Yokohama TMC, won the first place! And the second place went to TM. A from our club as well! The third place award was given to TM A from Yokohama Ocean TMC. Since our president TM F. received two prizes and TM A. received one, our Yokohama TMC won the three prizes in the contest it hosted. What a great achievement! Congratulations winners!

1位を受賞されたTM AとTM F、エリア52代表として、来月のディビジョンEコンテストでの雄姿を期待しております。頑張ってください!

One thing I learned in this contest was the power of Toastmasters’ teamwork. Those who had roles to play worked on their own accord without specific instructions. Many volunteers helped setting up the venue without coercion. I can proudly say that everybody, including committee members, contestants and audience, enjoyed the contest thoroughly and it was a great success. Thanks everyone for your cooperation!
The two first-place winners, TM A. and TM F., I wish you a big success in the upcoming Division E Contest next month. I’ll be looking forward to hearing your speeches again there!

コンテスト委員長: TM T.S.
Contest Chair: TM T.S.


横浜桜木町ぴおシティでの例会は終始リラックスムード、気楽に英語スピーチを楽しめました 第685回例会レポート


第685回例会レポート #684 TMOD Meeting Report


Our 685th regular meeting was held at Sakuragi-cho Pic City on Feb.16th. On that day, we had a rich content meeting, such as Joke session, Workshop, Table topic session, and Prepared speech etc. We really enjoyed them.


The meeting theme of this meeting was ‘sweets’. We had Valentin’s Day this week, so I collected the answers to the role takers’ favorite sweets and shared them. Sweets make us relaxed when we have a busy time or stressful time. In this meeting, we found the new aspect of members favorite. Yokohama Toastmasters members have a very sweet tooth.

初めに、ジョークマスターの Hさんが2つのジョークを披露して下さいました。話の流がとても楽しく、ジョークマスターHさんの人柄が出る楽しいセッションとなりました。

The first is a Joke session. Joke Master H delivered two Jokes. The flow of words made us amused and it was a very funny session with
Joke Master H ’s character.


Next is the Workshop which was given by immediate past President T about YTMC officers and election. We could learn about each officers’ role and how YTMC is being run. It was very understandable to new members.


Next is the Table Topic session. Table Topic session was very interesting thanks to Table Topic Master I’ s novel idea. By all members who answered to Table Topic Master I’s question, Masterpiece story was made.


Next is the Prepared Speech session, all members were waiting for. Each speech was very interesting. Each of them was well researched and easy to understand. The audience was attracted by the speakers. Good job and thank you, Prepared Speakers!


The last is the Evaluation session. This time is not only the evaluation for prepared speech but also the evaluation for the evaluation of the prepared speech. Each evaluator gave shrewd advice and we could find some improvements which we didn’t know by ourselves. At last, the experienced today’s GE gave us advice throughout the whole meeting that will be of some help a lot.



横浜トーストマスターズクラブでスピーチコンテスト開催!笑いあり、涙ありの英語・日本語スピーチで会場は大盛り上がり 第684回例会レポート


第684回例会レポート #684 TMOD Meeting Report


We held an in-club speech contest once a year on February 2. Yokohama Toastmasters Club is an English speech club usually, but we also did Japanese speech for the speech contest.
We had five English speakers and five Japanese speakers as contestants, and they showed off the speech ability trained through regular meetings.


In English speech contest, Mr. K spoke about the advice of his boss concerned with the attitude of work, Mr. O spoke about how to overcome the pinch, Mr. I spoke about the importance of resetting feelings, Mr. F spoke about importance of “want to do” more than “have to do” and Mr. K spoke about his memory with college friends. All the speeches were wonderful!


In Japanese speech contest, Mr. K spoke about attitude to doing something kind for another person, Ms. T spoke about her experience of a pregnant, Mr. F spoke about the importance of acting for others beyond his own frame, Mr. K spoke about what we should do when we become customers, Ms. A spoke about the importance of thinking about people’s mind. Japanese speeches were also wonderful. They were great!


Judges of contests were the person who selected from among our club members. Of course, speakers did not know who the judges were. The venue was surrounded by tension during the appraisal.


Interviews with the speakers took place until the judgment result appeared. Mr. O and Mr. K in the interview called the laughter of the audience with pointed questions.


As a result of the examination, contest chair Mr. M announced the winners from the speakers of English and Japanese respectively. The 1st and 2nd speakers will participate in the area contest to be held on March 3rd. A speaker participating in the World Competition from Yokohama Toastmasters Club may come up. Everyone participating in the area contest, please do its best.


Well, do not you all have a great weekend with listening to many wonderful speeches?
You are welcome to visit the club anytime!



トーストマスター歴15年以上の経験豊富なメンバーが英語スピーチ上達の秘訣を優しく伝授!聞くだけで為になる論評でした 第683回例会レポート


第683回例会レポート #682 TMOD Meeting Report


2週間後に私たちのインハウスコンテストがあるため、例会のテーマを「コンテスト」にしました。経験豊富なメンバーは、トーストマスターズのコンテストを通じて様々な経験を持っていました。例えば、T Sさんは10年前のディストリクトコンテストという日本の全国大会で3位に表彰されました。R Kさんは2015年に運営実行委員になり、ディストリクトコンテストの運営に携わりました。 また、毎年多くのメンバーが私たちのインハウスコンテストに参加します! どうやら私たちのクラブには、コンテストへの参加に対して積極的なメンバーが集まっているようです!

さて教育プログラムの中では、テーブルトピックマスターのR Kさんが8名のメンバーをスピーカーにしました。彼は様々な質問を用意して、8名のメンバーに当てていきました。中には難しい質問もありましたが、みんな頑張って2分間のスピーチを作り上げていました。

次の3つの準備スピーチはどれも、各々の経験に基づいた個性あふれるものでした。 このようなスピーチこそが、メンバーの興味を引きつけるのですね! 素晴らしい!

そして今日の論評者はみんな経験豊富なメンバーが、選出されました。 なんと全員トーストマスターズ歴15年以上!! 彼らの論評は構成が整っているだけではなく、内容が的を射ていて、聞いているメンバーにとってと学びの多いセッションになったと思います。

さあ、次回はいよいよインハウスコンテストです。 たくさんの素晴らしいスピーチを聴きたくありませんか?? クラブ見学はいつでも大歓迎ですよ!


Our 683th regular meeting was held at Hiranuma Memorial Rest House 2F on Jan.19th. We had 30min Table Topics session and 3 prepared speakers at this meeting. It was simple, but we had a very good time.

I set “Contest” as our meeting theme because we hold In-house contest after 2weeks. Experienced members had various experience through Toastmasters Contest. For example, TM T S won 3rd place at District Contest which is a nationwide in Japan about 10 years ago. TM R K conducted District contest as a steering committee member in 2015. Besides, many members participate in In-house Contest every year. I felt that members who are positive for the contest get together at our club!!

With regard to educational program, Table Topics master TM R K assigned 8 members as a speaker. He prepared a various type of questions and some were difficult. But All speakers managed to give their speech for about 2min.

3 prepared speeches were great individuality. Their speeches were created based on their own experience. That’s why those captured the audience.

Today all evaluators were very experienced members. They have been joining Toastmasters for more than 15 years. Their evaluations were well organized and critical. We could learn a lot from them.

Next meeting is In-house Contest!. Why don’t you listen to great speeches? We always welcome your participation!!





横浜地区で活動するトーストマスターズクラブの平成を締めくくる一大イベントが、2018年のクリスマスに桜木町ぴおシティにて盛大に行われました。エリア52合同例会です。横浜トーストマスターズクラブに加え、みなとみらいクラブ、オーシャンクラブ、そして関内クラブが合同で主催したこのイベント、各クラブ会長を中心とする実行委員の方々の数か月にも及ぶ血と涙の結晶!? のような素晴らしいイベントで、60人近くの参加者がつどい、通常の準備スピーチや即興スピーチセッションに加え、こんにゃく体操にはじまり、歌ありダンスあり落語ありの盛り沢山な内容でした。

The Area 52 Joint Meeting 2018, a big event topping off the Heisei Period, was held in the Christmas season in 2018 at the Pio City in Sakuragi-cho, Yokohama. This event was hosted by the four Toastmasters Clubs in Area 52, which includes Yokohama, Minatomirai, Ocean and Kannai Toastmasters Clubs. Each president of the four clubs as well as other event committee members got together, planned and executed the splendid joint meeting that started with Konnyaku Exercise as an ice-breaker, followed by impromptu/prepared speech sessions, singing, dancing and more.

合同例会は、横浜クラブとオーシャンクラブ会長によるコントのようなオープニングで始まりました。例会前半のTMOD (司会) 担当は、流暢な英語が魅力的なみなとみらいクラブのVPE、TM Tです。合同例会には日本語クラブも参加しているので、日英織り交ぜた素晴らしい司会ぶりでした。

The joint meeting was opened with the well-rehearsed, stand-up comedy-like opening remark made by the presidents of Yokohama and Ocean clubs. The first half of the meeting was facilitated by the TMOD (Toastmaster of the day) T, a VPE of Minatomirai Toastmasters Club whose fluent English fascinated the audience. Since the meeting was co-hosted by a Japanese club, he deftly spoke in both English and Japanese.

最初のプログラムは、合同例会特別アイスブレーキングセッションと題して、青山ランチクラブからお越し頂いたTM Kに、一族に代々伝わる「こんにゃく体操」をご紹介いただきました。こんにゃくのようにふにゃふにゃ踊って身体をリラックスさせる運動です。さらに初めて会った人とどのように打ち解けるか、名前を忘れてしまった人とバッタリ出会ったらどうするか、など、日常生活で役に立つアイスブレーク方法を伝授して頂きました。この例会で初めてお会いした人たちと気軽に会話できる、素晴らしいセッションでした。

The first program on the agenda was the Ice Breaking Session, which was facilitated by TM K from Aoyama Lunch Toastmasters Club. She introduced us her secret “Konnyaku Exercise”, which had been passed on through generations in her family. The exercise was to sway and relax your body like a soft-bodied animal. She also introduced us how to break the ice when you meet someone for the first time, what to do when you forget the name of a person you’ve already met before and is standing in front of you now, etc. These how-to exercises were not only helpful in our daily life but also gave us a chance to get to know the people we met for the first time in this event.

次はみなとみらいクラブのベテランメンバー、TM Tによるジョークセッションです。堪能な英語・日本語で面白いお話を聞かせて下さいました。特に除夜の鐘の回数108回の、彼独自の解釈 = 四苦(4×9=36)八苦 (8×9=72) の一年を経て幸福を祈願し、新たな年をゼロから迎える、というお話には感心しました。

Next to the unique ice-breaking session came a Joke Session. TM T, an experienced member of Minatomirai Club, cracked funny and witty jokes for the audience in fluent English and Japanese. The most impressive episode in his jokes was his original interpretation of the reason why the bells on the New Year’s Eve ring 108 times. According to his theory, 108 bells signify 4989 (Shiku-hakku: Shi=four Ku=sufferings and Ha=eight Ku=sufferings à tremendous struggles and sufferings), which can be calculated as (4×9)+(8×9)=36+72=108. His interpretation was that people strike a bell 108 times on the New Year’s Eve in the hope to put an end to all the sufferings of the past year and start a new year suffering-free. This was a WOW interpretation for me!

ジョークの次は即興スピーチセッションでした。横浜クラブのTM S、オーシャンクラブのTM Iがそれぞれ英日で質問を投げかけ、当てられた人たちは堂々と、時には戸惑いながら、即興スピーチにチャレンジしました。

The educational Joke Session was followed by the Table Topics Session, in which people try to improve their abilities in making impromptu speeches. The session was co-led by TM S from Yokohama Club and TM I from Ocean Club. It was interesting to see some speakers made speeches with confidence whereas some struggled a lot!

休憩をはさんで、例会後半部分のスタートです。後半の司会は横浜クラブの私、TM TSが担当しました。実は日英での司会はやったことがなく、できるかな? と不安でしたが、なんとか頑張りました。

After the short intermission, the latter part of the meeting started, which was facilitated by TM TS…me! In fact, I’d had no experience of emceeing the meeting in both languages and I was worried if I could do it well or not, but somehow I did it!

後半最初のプログラムは準備スピーチセッションです。各クラブから1名ずつ、日英それぞれのスピーカーが登場しました。最初のスピーカーは横浜クラブのTM Nさんです。ストーリーテリングの上級マニュアルに取り組んでいるNさんは、ご自分の体験を元に、人生における成功とは何かを語ってくれました。最後にSMAPの「ひとつだけの花」の英語版を皆で合唱して終わるスピーチ、見事でした。英語版の歌詞はネットからダウンロードしたそうです。Nさんは英語が堪能なので、ご自分で翻訳されたのかと思いました!

The first program in the latter half was the prepared speech session, in which the total of four speakers (one speaker from each hosting club) participated. The first speaker was TM N from Yokohama club, who’s been working on the advanced manual, ‘Story Telling’. She talked about how to be successful in life from her life experiences. She finished her speech by singing “The Only Flower in the World” of SMAP and made us sing with her together, which was a brilliant idea. She later said she had downloaded the English lyrics of the song from the Internet. Since she is such a great speaker of English I thought she translated it herself!

二番目のスピーカーは関内クラブ代表のTM Hさんです。日本語スピーチなので、司会も日本語に変更。意外とスムーズに英語から日本語にスイッチできました。日本人だから当たり前でしょうか?! スピーチの題名は「大した人間じゃないんだし」。タイトルを聞いただけで興味をそそられますね。内容も大変面白く、日本語スピーチの魅力を再認識しました。このスピーチの目標は「視覚支援ツールを効果的に使用する」というものでしたが、彼がスピーチの最中にホワイトボードに線を1~2本引っぱり、「これ、ビジュアルエイドです」と言った時には会場は大爆笑でした。

The second speaker was TM H from Kannai Club. Since Kannai Club is a Japanese club, I switched from English to Japanese here. Despite my worries, I could switch it without a hitch. It looks like I had underestimated my Japanese-speaking ability. His speech was titled, “I’m just an insignificant fellow”, which intrigued me a lot. His speech itself was truly interesting and made me reaffirm the power and charm of speeches in Japanese. Especially, his way of utilizing the visual aids, which was the main objective of his speech, was such an eye-opener. During his speech, he casually drew two lines on the whiteboard and said, “This, is the visual aid”. The audience laughed out loud in unison and shook the floor.

三番目のスピーカーはみなとみらいクラブのTM Aさん。入会6ヶ月目の新人ということでしたが、見事な構成のスピーチを流暢な英語で披露して下さいました。ご主人の腰痛の話から始まり、腰痛の原因が機能性ではなく心因性であることを、数々の実例から証明してくれ、腰痛持ちの私にもとても参考になる内容でした。このスピーチで救われる人が沢山いることでしょう。

The third speaker, TM A from Minatomirai club, delivered a well-researched speech in her fluent English. She’d joined the Toastmasters just six months ago, but did a great job in telling us about the true cause of back pain based on the supporting data and her personal experiences with her husband who’d been suffering from chronic back pain. Back pain, for your information and according to her, is mainly caused by stress rather than functional disorders. I guess many people would be saved from sufferings by her speech.

最後のスピーカーはオーシャンクラブのTM S.A.さん。映画「君の名は」をもじったタイトル「僕の名は」、というスピーチを持ち前の大声で披露して下さいました。スピーチには自己卑下スピーチというジャンルがありますが、このスピーチはその逆の自画自賛スピーチ。大仰に自画自賛し、笑いを取るというものです。大成功でした!

The last speaker was TM S.A. from Ocean Club, who delivered a speech titled “My Name”, which must have been inspired by the movie, “Your Name”. He spoke in his inherent loud voice, and his speech was ‘self-admiring speech’, which was opposite to the so-called ‘self-depreciating speech’. He admired himself a lot throughout the speech and made us laugh a lot.

準備スピーチのあとは論評セッションです。通常例会では論評セッションを取り仕切る総合論評者がいるのですが、今回の合同例会ではおらず、TMODが司会をしました。1番目の論評者はオーシャンクラブのTM W、会長経験もあるWさんがTM Nのスピーチに対して熟達した論評をして下さいました。2番目はみなとみらいクラブのTM M。みなとみらいクラブは英語クラブですが、TM Hの日本語スピーチを日本語で論評して下さいました。社交ダンスの名手でもある彼女は、美しいダンスポーズを決めながら登場し、観客を美貌と立ち姿の美しさで魅了するだけでなく、日本語論評は初めてと言いつつ、ウィットの利いた素晴らしい論評を披露して下さいました。最後の論評者は奇抜な女装で登場した神奈川クラブのTM S、いでたちは奇抜ながら、知性みなぎる論理的かつユーモアに富んだ論評を発表して下さいました。

The prepared speech session was succeeded by the evaluation session. Although we usually have a general evaluator to facilitate this session, as we had a tight schedule I emceed the session as well. The first evaluator was TM W, who was a former president of Ocean Club, and she evaluated the TM N’s speech skillfully. The second evaluator was TM M from Minatomirai Club, who fascinated us with her witty and wonderful evaluation as well as her beautiful dancer-like pose. She explained that she was taking a ballroom dance lesson regularly. No wonder she could stand and move so gracefully.

論評が終わったところでいよいよ受賞者の発表です。発表は前半・後半TMODが共同で行いました。記念すべき合同例会で英語ベスト即興スピーチ賞を獲得したのは、サンタクロース姿で卓越した英語スピーチを披露したTM Oさん、日本語部門は稲荷ずしにまつわる恨み節を開陳したTM Tさんでした。ベスト論評者には、日本語論評に初挑戦したTM Mさん、ベストスピーカーには線2本でビジュアルエイドを表現したTM Hさんが選ばれました。みなさん、おめでとうございました!

Following the evaluation session, we had an award presentation conducted by two TMODs. The Best Table Topics Speaker Award was given to TM O, who dressed up as Santa Clause for the occasion and entertained us with his splendid English speech. The Japanese Best Table Topics Speaker Award was presented to TM T, who talked about his grudge on his father who treated him Inari-sushi on Christmas Day in America. TM M, who made an evaluation for the first time in Japanese, received the Best Evaluator Award, and the Best Prepared Speaker Award was given to TM H, who used a visual aid humorously. Congratulations guys!

通常プログラムが終了し、最後にこの合同例会のスペシャルスピーカーとしてお招きした、エリア52ディレクターでもあるTM Sが、珠玉の名作「男の楽園」を披露してくれました。Sさんはこのほら話スピーチで昨年のディビジョンコンテスト2位を獲得された名スピーカーです。そのユニークさから伝説と化したこの名スピーチを、今回特別に再演して下さいました。初めて聞いた人も多く、会場は大きな歓声と笑い声に包まれました。Sさん、どうもありがとうございました!

The fun joint meeting ended with a special speech made by TM S, who is the Area 52 director and the 2nd place winner of the Division E Tall Tales Contest in 2017. He re-performed his legendary speech “Men’s Paradise” for this occasion. Some of the audience had never listened to this epic speech and we were all thoroughly entertained.

Thank you very much TM S for your wonderful speech!


Sさんのスピーチを聴いて興奮冷めやらぬ参加者たちは、そのままパーティー会場へと移動、会場は大きなホールで、既に立食形式の食事が待ち構えていました。でも待ち構えていたのは食事やドリンクだけではありません。なんと、参加クラブの会長たちを含む有志による、男女ともにセーラー服姿の歌とダンスがはじまったではありませんか! 女性陣のセーラー服姿は可愛かったですが、男性のセーラー服姿には絶句し、パーティー会場は再び笑いの渦と化しました。この出し物は、単にコスプレ陣が踊るだけではなく、参加者全員が2グループに分かれ、AKBの歌とダンスを即興で習って踊る、という趣向がこらされており、トーストマスターズの即興力および底力が試される面白い企画でした。

Although the joint meeting was over, the night didn’t end here. It was followed by the Christmas Joint Party!

The still-excited audience moved to the party venue where food and drink awaited the hungry and thirsty guests. But there was one more thing that awaited us. Some of the presidents and members, men and women, changed their outfits into school girls’ uniform and started to dance! Male members in girls’ uniform struck us speechless, momentarily, then we broke into laughter. The cosplaying dancers instructed us how to dance, and we danced together to the song of AKB 48. This proves how Toastmasters can rise to any occasion, doesn’t it?

コスプレダンスが終わったあと、何やら高座が組み立てられていきます。何かと思いきや、ダンスのあとには横浜クラブメンバーの一人、TM Hによる落語公演が始まりました。彼はスピーチだけでなく落語も学んでおり、着物姿に扇子を持ち、本格的な古典落語「金明竹」を披露してくれました。この作品の中には早口言葉が出てきます。日本人の威信にかけてなんとか理解しようと言葉を分解してみたり、いろいろ試したのですが、やはり所々しか聞き取れません。あの意味不明で難解な文章を覚え、早口で喋れるようになるだけでも、相当の時間と努力が必要です。ましてやそれを面白おかしく語らなければならないのです。これに比べたら例会でのスピーチなど、朝飯前のような気がしますが、TM Hによると、スピーチは一から独自に生み出さなければならないので、落語とは違う難しさがあるそうです。いずれにせよ、何にでも真剣に取り組み、セミプロのレベルにまで到達してしまうTM Hの多芸ぶりと才能には感嘆します。また例会でのユニークなスピーチを期待しています。

After the cosplay-dance performance, I noticed that they were assembling something big on the stage. I wondered what it was. It turned out to be a special make-shift stage for TM H, who performed Rakugo (Japanese traditional sit-down comedy) for us. He’s been taking lessons of Rakugo performance and he delivered one of the famous Rakugo classics, “Kin-mei-chiku”, wearing kimono with a Japanese fan in his hand. In this piece of Rakugo, a speaker has to do some long tongue twisters. While he was delivering it I tried hard to catch what he was saying. I believe any self-respecting Japanese would want to understand what’s being said. But no matter how I tried I could only pick up a few words in his long monologue. I was amazed to imagine how much efforts and time he dedicated just to memorize these words and speak them so fast. And he has to deliver it in a way to entertain his audience! Compared to this, making a speech in our regular meeting should be a piece of cake for him. That was what I thought. But according to him, it isn’t. When he makes a speech he has to create it from a scratch, so it’s as difficult as performing Rakugo. Anyway, his seriousness and dedication toward acquiring skills in both making speeches and performing Rakugo are truly impressive and I can’t wait to hear his new speech in our regular meeting soon.


This joint meeting and party provided us with a valuable opportunity to meet other clubs’ members, interact with them, listen to their speeches and evaluations, dance and sing together, and more. Especially, I was glad to hear some of the new members say, “I didn’t know Toastmasters are so interesting and fun. A joint meeting is great, I want to join it again!” Wow, what a success. Let’s do it again fellow Toastmasters!


新年最初の英語スピーチ例会。2019年も横浜から楽しい英語スピーチを発信します! 第682回例会レポート


第682回例会レポート #682 TMOD Meeting Report

2019年第1回目のミーティングは1月5日に波止場会館にて行われました。ミーテイング・テーマは “今年の抱負”と 毎年初にはいつも選ばれそうな凡庸なテーマでしたが、皆様からの回答は面白いのは当然ですが まじめで 身につまされる解答も多くありました。
急な病気のため 1つのスピーチがキャンセルとなりましたが 役の無くなった論評者がAgenda Timer を喜んで引き受けて頂くなど スムーズに進行致しました。


テーブルトピック・モデレーターは 範囲の広い話題で わかり易い楽しい質問でした。

3つのスピーチはいずれもPathways baseで それぞれ異なるジャンルのスピーチで それぞれ印象的でした。各スピーチはそれぞれの論評者によってポイントをついた評価がなされ、エバリュエーションセッションは大変良くまとめられていました。ミーティング全体として 皆様の協力もあって スムーズに行われたと思います。


The first meeting in 2019 was held on Jan.05 at Hatoba Kaikan. The meeting theme was “New Year’s Resolution” which was a mediocre theme in this season, but I was impressed with the answers, as the most of the theme related answers from role takers were serious, meaningful, and interesting ones.
Unfortunately, one speech was canceled due to the speaker’s sudden illness, but his evaluator kindly accepted the Agenda Timer’s role. Joke speech was interesting and funny. Table Topic moderator asked well-selected questions covering broad areas. 3 prepared speeches were based on Pathways, and they were very well done.

They were relatively serious and impressive ones. Each evaluator gave serious evaluations of the corresponding speech. Each speech was evaluated very well, and Evaluation session was done smoothly and successfully. Overall, the meeting was done smoothly.

However, I had some difficulties with the preparation for the meeting as a TMOD. First, I need to apologize that all member address I used was not effective today at all, and it caused the whole process delayed. Also, it caused many inconveniences in the year-end season. Also, I confess it is difficult to get all confirmations, all answers to theme related questions, speech information in this vacation season.



即興で英語スピーチするコツを教えてください! 現役英語教師のスペシャリストが秘訣を伝授してくれました。第681回例会レポート








横浜トーストマスターズクラブ 会長F



  The last meeting of Yokohama Toastmasters Club in 2018 was the special workshop named “Table Topics Boor Camp” held on Dec. 15.
“Table Topics” is an impromptu speech session in which randomly pointed members make a short speech for one or two minutes for various questions from the topic master. At a regular meeting, we have Table Topics session for twenty to thirty minutes, and around ten members answer a question without preparation. It is quite difficult. So we held a special workshop specific to table topics for two and a half hours in this “Table Topics Boot Camp”.

  We invited TM W (Atsugi-Zama TMC) as an instructor. He is an English teacher at high school, won the second prize at Toastmasters International Speech Contest, has held a lot of workshop about Table Topics.

  First, we made a group of four people and every member made an impromptu speech in each group. We used questions that each member wrote down on paper and shuffled.
Next, TM W gave us a lecture about table topics speech technique simply.
Then we made a speech again in each group of four. At that time, we answered the same question as before. So we could answer better than the first time. We could practice what we learned and I felt I could get the sense of table topics speech more or less.
Lastly, we had a regular table topic session together.
Besides, we had feedback and Q&A session and two and a half hours went by fast.


  The most impressive thing that I learned from TM W is “In Table Topics Speech, don’t pay attention to your feeling. Pay attention just to the question.”
In addition, TM W smiled all the time and lectured with humor. It was impressive, too. Thanks to that, I think everyone was able to relax and enjoy the workshop.
Personally speaking, I was always nervous at table topics session before, but this is the first time for me to have such a fun time in table topics.
I’d like to make the most of what I’ve learned in the workshop, and raise the level of table topics speech little by little.

Thank you everyone who participated in the workshop.
And TM W, thank you so much!

Yokohama Toastmasters Club
President F