バラエティ豊かな英語スピーチ、そしてテーブルトピックでは衝撃的な質問が・・・ / 横浜トーストマスターズクラブ第695回例会レポート



695回の例会は7月20日(土)、横浜大桟橋の前にある波止場会館で行われました。 湿度が高くムシムシした日で、夏の始まりを感じさせるような日でした。参加人数は30人以上。ゲストは10名。今回のテーマはSummer Dream!令和最初の夏に夢を見ようぜ!です。

Meeting No 695was held on July 20th at Hatoba Kaikan where located in front of Osanbashi of Yokohama Bay Terminal. It was hot and humid day which we felt the beginning of summer. More than 30 people including 10 guests participated in the meeting. Theme of the meeting was “Summer Dream!” We should enjoy the first summer of Reiwa Era!


TM Tのword of the dayはEager!  使いやすい単語で、皆自分のコメントに紛れ込ませました。

The world of the day was “Eager”.  Everyone was eager to use this word during the meeting!



本日のテーブルトピックは衝撃的な質問がありました。あなたはこのメンバーの誰の子供として生まれたい? この質問にはベテランメンバーのTM Sも苦戦しましたが、やはり即興でユーモアを交えて締めくくりました!

There was a sensational question during table topic which is most exciting time when member provides the prompt speech for some topics. 2Whose baby you want to be re-born among members who are participating in today`s meeting???”

That question gave very challenging moment even for experienced member, TM S. However, she concluded her short speech with humor and laugh!



スピーチセッションのスピーカーは三名。自分の趣味を実践交えて説明した「Raqs Sharqi(ベリーダンス)」、子供教育の問題を鋭く指摘した「Is it Dangerous?」, 才能開花についての「10,000 hour Rule」です。それも個性的で素晴らしいスピーチでした。

There were three speakers for prepared speech secession. First speech was about the hobby with actual demonstration called” Raqs Sharq (Belly Dance)”. The second speech was talked about the problem of child education called “Is it dangerous?” Third speech was about the how to flower the talent called “10,000-hour rule”.  Those are all unique speech and those were informative speeches which we could enjoy,


Evaluationセッションでは、TM KがGeneral Evaluatorを務めました。ご家庭の都合でトーストクラブに参加できなくなることを伝えましたが、今までのトーストで学んだことや横浜トーストマスターズクラブの素晴らしいポイントを感動的にまとめてくれました。会場のみんながジーンときました。

TM K lead the evaluation secession as general evaluator. Due to family matter, TM K will leave this club soon. He passionately talked about the memory of the club and things he leaned together with team members.  It was impressed all members and touched our heart! Thank you for his comment!







In Toastmasters club, we share the common purpose which we try to improve “Self Confidence” and “Leadership skill”. It is the best moment to demonstrate those by taking the role of Toastmasters of the day! I enjoyed the role and it was fantastic experience for my life.




横浜で英語スピーチとプレゼンテーションを上達させたいなら横浜トーストマスターズクラブへ♪ / 新しい1年が始まりました!第694回例会レポート


#694 例会は、素晴らしいスローガン“Discover yourself and enrich your life”を掲げてO新会長の開会宣言により定刻通り始まりました。新スローガンは、前期のスローガン“Challenge together, support together and smile together!” から次の段階へと繋がる道のように思えます。


TM M. O. さんが、テーブルトピックマスターを初めてつとめましたが、例会のテーマ “梅雨”に関連したやさしい質問3つと、難しい質問2つを出しました。各スピーカーに対して簡潔で機知に富んだコメントを返していました。質問はよく練られており、とても良い出来でした。
準備スピーチは、3本で、最初のスピーカーは、TM H.I. さん。アドバンスマニュアル エンターティニングスピーカー Make Them laugh、スピーチタイトルは、“Your Angel Whispers”
2番目のスピーカは、昨年度べストヤングカップル賞に輝いたTM K.O. さんで、Pathway Dynamic Leadership、スピーチタイトルは、”Why Germany”で、ドイツの大学を選んだ理由と意気込みについて。そして、最後のスピーカーは、TM M.さんで、 CCマニュアル プロジェクト9、スピーチタイトル“Princess Journey for you” 家族と行った釜山、台湾へのクルーズの思い出話。

GEのTM O. さんは、トーストマスターにおける教育セッションの重要性ついてピュアゲストに解るように解説を加えました。
ベストテーブルトピックスピーカー:TM O.
ベストエバリュエーター:TM N.S.
ベストスピーカー:TM H.I.
#694 例会は、ほぼ定刻通り成功裏に終わりました。

最後に、TM H.I., TM A., TM M.N.さんに大変感謝いたします。スピーカーと論評の急な空きを埋めてくれました。呼びかけに応じてくれた方々のリーダーシップとチームワーク精神に敬意を表するとともに、このクラブの一員であることに誇りを感じます。



#694 regular meeting was called to order by new President O. on time and started with marvelous slogan “Discover yourself and enrich your life”.
The new slogan seems to kind of landmark leading to the next stage from the last term slogan “Challenge together, support together and smile together!”.
Around 30 participants including 4 guests enjoyed the meeting even rainy day. Three out of four guests were foreigners and the rest one was from National defense university in Yokosuka.!

In the beginning business session, we had an induction ceremony for a new member who has definite intention to improve speech skill in front of huge audience because of his job circumstance.
The induction ceremony started and it had reached climax, then a funny occurrence happened just when SAA opened front door and guided the new member to meeting room after approving his induction. The university student with close cropped hair wearing dazzling white defense university’s uniform appeared in just timing instead of the new member. Audience laughed very much at the unexpected occurrence.

President and VPE shared his slogan and role assignment policy in workshop session.
It might be the first time to address their thought in workshop at the beginning as long as I know though.

TM M. O. took Table topic master role for the first time though, she gave us three easy questions and two difficult questions relating to meeting theme “rainy season” and added short witty comment for each speaker’s answer. Her questions were well-polished. She did really good job.

Prepared speech session had three speakers.
First speaker TM H.I. delivered well prepared speech “Your Angel Whispers” according to objectives of Advance manual the entertaining Speaker <Project3: >.
Second speaker TM K. O. who was awarded Best young couple delivered his second one relating to his intension and reason why he chose German University. The title: “Why Germany”, Pathway Dynamic Leadership.
The last speaker TM M. shared his family voyage travel to Busan and Taiwan using PPT. Title : “Princess Journey for you”, CC manual Project 9 <Persuade with power>.

General evaluator TM O. explained the importance of educational session in Toastmaster’s activities even his mentor TM T. didn’t care him. Later in Bouquet and Brickbat session the Mentor gave brickbat himself though.

Lastly, award speakers are below:
Best table topic speaker : TM O.
Best evaluator :TM N.S.
Best prepared speaker : TM H.I.

#694 has been finished successfully almost on time.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Lastly, I’d like to say big thanks for TM H.I., TM A. and TM M.N.. They kindly rose up their hands when I ask someone to full vacant speech slot and evaluator. I really appreciate their leadership and teamwork spirit and am honored to be a member of this club.