「2019年の振り返り」/ 横浜トーストマスターズクラブ第704回例会レポート



Our regular meeting #704 was held at Kaikou Kinen Kaikan on 2F.
It was cold and raining, but we had a joyful and fruitful meeting with 7 guests, surprisingly 6 out of 7 are from other countries.

The theme of the meeting was “Your review of this year”.
We are in December, the last month of this year.
Really time flies, especially for me just like one blink of my eyes.
So, “what like is this year for You” was the theme.


■Word of the Day by TM. S.H / 今日の言葉

“ phenomenal” means remarkable or exceptional./ 驚くべき・並外れた。
Example: a man of phenomenal intelligence./ 並外れた知性の持ち主

very great or impressive


■Table Topic by TM A.T/ 即興スピーチ

Topic master performed a phenomenal trial by using all our imagination.
TM T showed us screen images and the speaker had to make a story expand.

Q1.~Q4. Please explain what kind of situation this picture is ?
Q5.~Q7.Please explain what kind of situation will happen after this picture ?



1. TM. M.F 2.14 min.
2. TM. G.S 1.20 min.
3. TM. Y.O 1.32 min.
4. TM. R.A (Guest from other club) 1.07 min.
5. TM. S.I 1.19 min.
6. TM. S.H 1.33 min.
7. TM. K.M 1.22 min.



■Prepared speech session/ 準備スピーチ

There were 4 speakers and enjoyed various kinds of speeches.

1. “Not only for serving others” by TM. M.N 6.52 min.
Pathways: InnovativePlanning, Level2-project1
He talked how important Leadership and Communication were


2. “My communication principle” by TM. R.K 7.27 min
Pathways: Dynamic leadership, Level2-project2

The speech was about his transition through his work this year.


3. “It’s time for Table Topics…!” by TM. H.A 7.13 min
Pathways: Motivational Strategies, Level2-project2

She talked how to improve and progress in Table Topic.


4. “Machine Translation” by TM N. S. 7.26 min.
Pathways: Presentation Mastery, level1-project2

He talked about AI translation changing.


Every speech was attractive, useful and helpful so that we really enjoyed.


■Evaluation session/論評

Each evaluator for the speech pointed out good points and a room for improvement frankly but went too far in saying, so they couldn’t keep an allotted time.


1. TM. H.M. evaluated TM. M.N. (first speaker)
Positive: Speech structure, following theme and how his leadership style has been changing with experiences.
To be improved: Try not to see the script, Opening, his speech sounded starting out of nowhere.


2. TM. Y.O. evaluated TM. R.K. (second speaker)
Positive: Speech structure, divided into three parts with showing numbers.
To be improved: Conclusion. It may be better to talk how his career history and leadership style are connecting.


3. TM. T.S. evaluated TM. H.A. (third speaker)
Positive: Demonstration and how her table topic speech got better.
To be improved: Follow objectives of the speech. Speaking up.


4. TM. R.K. evaluated TM. N.S. (fourth speaker)
Positive: The theme “Google Translation” was good for toastmasters.
To be improved: Conclusion such as how the “Google Translation” would be developed.
よかった点:Google TranslationというToastmasterに合ったテーマ。
改善点:結論。今後のGoogle Translationの展望など。


TM. Y.A. conducted Evaluation session as General Evaluator.
And suggested that role takers give clear and accurate explanations and take a constructive step.
論評の部はTM. Y.A.さんが総合論評をされました。
1. Role explanation should be more guest-friendly such as TM. K.N. explained the meaning of the role especially when we had lots of guest.
2. TM. H.M: her appreciation to TM. M.N. told “no pressure, take it easy” to her at the beginning her evaluation could be done at the bouquet and brickbat considering she got overtime. It may be better to focus on evaluation.
3. TM. Y.O. and TM T.S. : his/her points for improvement was a keen observation.
4. TM. R.K.: he evaluated mostly “Google Translation” not his speech. But this is happened to not only him. Other evaluators sometimes do the same thing and it could be happened to everybody. Please just remember to focus on “evaluate a speech”.
スピーチよりGoogle Translationを評してしまったが、誰にでも起こりうること。実際にスピーチの論評ではないことをやってしまう論評者もいる。“スピーチを論評する”ことに集中することを忘れずに。
5. The key to improve the table topic speech is vocabulary. The trick to learn vocabulary faster is “context”. It’s easy to ask the audience who knows a context or review your speech by yourself and lookup a dictionary after the meeting when you could not say the word at the table topic speech. And then repeat doing that.


■Award session:

Best Table topic: TM. S.I.
Best Evaluator: TM. Y.O.
Best Prepared Speeker: TM. N. S.


At the quest’s comment of the end of the meeting, all guests said, “the meeting was nice and speeches were wonderful. The club atmosphere was really good.”
Especially three of them said, “I’ll come again. I’ll join this club.”

I thought we had a fruitful meeting in a relaxed atmosphere.