第766回例会レポート / The 766th Regular Meeting Report


The 766th Regular Meeting Report

Date&Time: 14:00-16:00 July 16th 2022/ Venue: Hatoba Kaikan + Online
There were 19 people participated in the meeting.

Although the rainy season should have ended, many members joined the meeting on-site for the first time in a while, despite the continuous rain.
At the beginning of the meeting, President NS. showed everyone a new banner with this term’s slogan “Have a Nice Day” which was displayed on the speech table.
The slogan is now more familiar to all, surrounded by pictures of many cute stuffed bears.

開会冒頭、S会長が壇上に飾った今期スローガン「Have a Nice Day /よい一日を」の新しいバナーをみんなに披露してくれました。

The “Word of the Day” was “Fabulous (wonderful, legendary, tremendous),” which was carefully introduced by TM AI with examples.

The TMOD (Toastmaster of the Day) of the day was TM MT. Despite having been a member for less than a year, he showed that he had carefully prepared for the event.

Word of the Day (本日の言葉) は「Fabulous (すばらしい、伝説的な、途方もない)」で、この言葉にまつわる事例を交えながら、TM AIがプレゼンつきで丁寧に紹介してくれました。
この日のTMOD (Toastmaster of the Day / 司会者) はTM MTでした。入会してまだ1年経たないにも関わらず、入念な準備をして進めてくださっているのがよくわかる司会でした。


The moderator for the impromptu speech, table topic master was TM AN, who was also taken this role for the first time.
He wrote large, question-and-answer questions on his prepared slides and asked questions related to “summer.”
TM TT said, “I used to want to go outside, but now I prefer to read books and magazines under the air conditioning!” I strongly agreed with her!

即興スピーチのテーブルトピックでは、こちらも初めてセッションマスター役に挑戦するTM ANの司会で行われました。
TM TTの「昔は外に出てあちこち行きたかったものだけど、今はエアコンの下で本や雑誌を読んでいたい」には強く共感しました!

After the fun impromptu speeches, the preparatory speech session began, with three speakers presenting their speeches in English.
TM AT gave a speech on EasySpeak, which he introduced at YTMC last year, with the theme “Has the new system made YTMC better?”
Understanding the hard work of the members who hold every meeting, he reaffirmed the effectiveness of EasySpeak.
I will be careful not to “accidentally forget to look at it” so that I can take advantage of this wonderful system!

TM ATは、昨年彼が中心となってYTMCに導入したEasySpeakについて「新しいシステムはYTMCをより良くしたのか?」についてスピーチしました。
毎回の会議を取りまとめるメンバーの苦労を理解しつつ EasySpeakの効力を再確認しました。素晴らしいシステムが活きるよう「うっかり見忘れる」ことのないよう気を付けます!

TM KO gave us an easy-to-understand explanation of the Toastmasters organization, titled “Toastmaster’s Numbers,” in which he laid out the numbers of clubs and DTMs overseas vs Japan, and YTMC.
While showing us the actual search screen, he told us that the number of clubs in Corona is decreasing, but online meetings are increasing, and that we can easily join meetings abroad with EasySpeak.
I will definitely try to join clubs in other countries as a guest.

TM KOは「トーストマスターの数字」というタイトルで、他国と日本 2つの値を並べながらクラブ数やDTMの数、DTMになるためのステップなどについてわかりやすく説明してくれました。

TM HK was titled “AHA moments on leadership. He said that good leadership is to give members clear goals, enough time, and enough training.
Personally, especiallyI was impressed by the title “AHA moment”. I thought it made me feel less formal and closer to the audience when sharing what I had learned.

TM HKは「リーダーシップについてハッと気づいたこと(=AHA moments)」というタイトルでした。

After the break, TM TP served as the overall evaluator for the first time.
The comments from each judge were excellent, both encouraging and informative.
The Best Evaluator Award went to TM TS, the former president of YTMC, who gave a constructive and well-organized commentary.
In the “Bouquet & Brickbats” (flowers and dry comments), the President presented a bouquet each to the TMOD, Table Topic Master, and GM, who all performed well in their first major roles.
Despite the rain, one guest joined the venue and contributed a very short, witty comment, caring for time.

休憩をはさんで始まった論評セッションでは、TM TPが初めてGeneral Evaluatorを務めました。
ブーケ & ブリックバッツ (花束と酷評) の時間には、会長がTMOD、Table Topic Master、GM、それぞれに初めての大任を素晴らしいパフォーマンスで終えたことへの花束が贈られました。

YTMC Website Reporter: TM YN.


第765回例会レポート / The 765th Regular Meeting Report


The 765th Regular Meeting Report

Date&Time: 14:00-16:00 July 2nd 2022/ Venue: Hatoba Kaikan + Online
There were 19 people participated in the meeting.

July 2nd was the start of a new year for Yokohama Toastmasters Club. The 765th meeting was held under clear blue skies at Hatoba Kaikan facing Yokohama Port and Online. To my surprise, it is the 35th year since the establishment of Yokohama Toastmasters in this term. Such a powerful team of officers for this term consists of a good balance of mid-career and younger members, led by a veteran president. I am very much looking forward to this term’s club activities, especially the 35th anniversary events.

President S, looking a little bit nervous, started the meeting by greeting. The topic was how to avoid heat stroke. As expected of a veteran, he excited the audience with his practical topic. Next, the word of the day, “Aesthetic,” was introduced. In Japan, the word is well-known as “ESUTE”.

Next, O-san, the new vice president of education, explained the educational policy for this term. His explanation was logical and orderly, as if he were an astute businessman.

Next, we moved on to the impromptu speech session. HERE, A PROBLEM OCCURRED. Today’s subject person was not available due to the failure of online connection. O-san, the vice president of education, suddenly volunteered to pinch-hit for the session. He enlivened the impromptu speeches with questions that did not seem impromptu. The questions were “What new things have you tried recently?”, “Do you protect your loved ones by law or by force?”, “What are you most proud of?”, “If I were to entertain my parents, what would I do?” “What is your favorite movie?”, and “If I could be reincarnated as someone else, who would it be?” The best prize went to T-san, who answered “Kaguyahime” to the question, “If you could be reincarnated as anyone, who would it be?

Next, we moved on to prepare speeches’ session. There were three prepared speakers.
O-san, who joined last month, introduced herself, A-san gave an award speech based on the scene where she won the center of AKB48’s election, and N-san gave a speech about her trip to Hokkaido, all of which were impressive. The best speaker was A-san.

After a short break, the last session was an evaluation session. The moderator was newcomer S-san. Moreover, it was the first time for S-san. I wondered how it would turn out, but I needn’t have worried. What a MAGNIFICENT moderator she was. The audience applauded her tactful moderation, as she asked for additional comments from evaluators whose evaluations were short on time, and when she noticed that not many today’s word usage, she had everyone practice pronunciation of the word. The best evaluator was M-san, who gave practical advice to S-san’s speech, such as “Take off your mask and show the expression on your face.”

It was a fun and fast-paced two hours. It seems that Yokohama Toastmasters Club will continue to be a very warm and enjoyable place this term. Everyone, please come to one of our meetings. ll the members are looking forward to seeing you.








by K.O