第753回例会レポート / The 753rd Regular Meeting Report


Meeting #753, January 8, 2022

It was the first meeting of year 2022. Even the number of participants was less than usual due to the new year holiday season, 14 members including 2 guests were on site and 9 members via online enjoyed the meeting. The theme of that meeting was “new year’s resolution”, members shared their own goals throughout the year. Also, we welcomed a new member who expressed the intention to join us at the last meeting. Wonderful start we could make.


Toast Master Of the Day (TMOD) on that meeting was TM KM, it was her first attempt as the master of ceremony. Seemed a bit nervous at the beginning but she could go through the meeting very well. Fantastic!

今回のトーストマスターはTM KMが務めました。彼女は今回が初めての司会の役割でした。最初は緊張をしていた感じでしたが、ミーティングを円滑に進めていただきました。素晴らしかったです。

In the table topic session, the theme was “generation” facilitated by today’s Table Topic Master Mr YO, respondents struggled with squeezing the unique answers for the questions;
1: What makes you feel the generation gap?
2: What makes you feel young?
3: What makes you feel “still” young?
4: What makes you feel old?
5: What makes you feel “very” old?
6: What can you do to deal with “the generation gap”?


1: 何によってジェネレーションギャップを感じますか?
2: あなたが若さを実感することは何ですか?
3: あなたがまだ若いと感じることは何ですか?
4: あなたが老いたと感じることは何ですか?
5: あなたがとても老いたと感じることは何ですか?
6: ジェネレーションギャップとどう向き合っていますか?

In the prepared speech session, we had 4 speakers:
1: What is the soul made of? – TM YN raised the scientific question; if teleportation can be done, where will our soul go? The speech came from that. It was a very interesting speech she made.
2: The most enjoyable leadership role in my Toastmaster Journey – TM KT made a speech about the events during her presidency such as the 30 years anniversary ceremony of our club, She demonstrated the importance of taking the officer roles at the non-profit organization.
3: Find your beloved one – It was another humorous speech by TM HO, he advised to try to use “the dating apps” in order to find the best partner without bias.
4: Magic word: Thank you – TM KO presented “Thank you” has the power to make people happy, so everyone must use it frequently.

1: 「魂の起源は?」YNさんはワープができるようになったら魂(意識)はついてくるのでしょうか?という疑問から面白いスピーチをしていただきました。
2: 「トーストマスターズでのリーダーの役割で最も楽しめたこと」KTさんは当クラブの30周年の記念例会のリードなど、会長時代に行ったイベントについて語っていただき、NPOでの役員を引き受けることの重要性をスピーチにしていただきました。
3: 「あなたのパートナーをさがそう」HOさんはパートナーを探すときに先入観にとらわれずマッチングアプリをつかってみてはと提案していただきました。
4: 「ありがとうは魔法の言葉」KOさんはありがとうという言葉は皆を幸せにするので積極的に使っていきましょうというスピーチをしました。

4 evaluators gave constructive feedback to each at the evaluation session. I like this session to develop our critical thinking and provide room for improvement of speakers.


At the end of the meeting, a guest gave us a brief comment and expressed the intention to join our club! Looking forward to having an induction ceremony soon.


The next meeting will be held solely “Online” on January 22th. The in-house speech contest! See you real soon!



第752回例会レポート / The 752nd Regular Meeting Report


Website Report – December 18th, 2021
It was the Christmas and year-end meeting in 2021. Officers and many other members came to the meeting place one hour earlier than standard opening time to decorate the room with Christmas atmosphere. They also prepared a lot of Christmas costume.
Meeting started on time in Christmas atmosphere with guitar playing by TM KO and TM HM, together with everybody singing a Christmas song. Today’s meeting theme was “Present (Gift)” and the related question was “What was the most memorable present in this year?”
KOさんとHMさんのギター演奏、そして全員でクリスマスソングを歌い、クリスマスムードの中、定刻にミーティングがスタートしました。今日のテーマは “プレゼント(Gift)”で、”今年一番印象に残ったプレゼントは何ですか?”という質問でした。

As the first session, the third workshop of easySPEAK was held by TM AT. He explained how to submit the attendance and how to confirm the role. easySPEAK will be formally implemented as operation tool in YTMC from January next year.
Table topic session is the impromptu questions and answer session to brush up our speaking skill. TM HN held the session and gave five questions. One of them was “What was your most memorable news this year?” TM TS answered that she stopped smoking this year but her health condition worsened … Oh my goodness!
最初のセッションとして、TM ATによるeasySPEAKの第3回ワークショップが開催されました。easySPEAKは、来年1月からYTMCの運用ツールとして正式に導入される予定です。
テーブルトピックのセッションは、即興の質疑応答で、スピーキングスキルを磨くためのセッションです。TM HNは、このセッションを開催し、5つの質問を投げかけました。その中で、”今年一番印象に残ったニュースは何ですか?”という質問がありました。TM TSは今年はタバコを止めたが、体調が悪化した・・・と答えました。

Prepared speech session was led by today’s Toastmaster of the day, TM KT. Three speeches were presented. TM HK delivered social speech titled “YTMC 750th regular meeting”. He showed three advantages of Yokohama Toastmasters Club and emphasized the importance of individual effort. The title of second speech was “What is the communication style needed now” given by TM AI. He showed four communication styles and concluded that co-operative communication style is needed to overcome Corona pandemic. The last speech was given by TM YA, who started her presentation by singing a song. Her presentation was titled as “Starting with egg nog”. She explained her experience when she visited her mother-in-law in Canada, utilizing a high-tech tool with effective visual aids.
最初のセッションとして、TM ATによるeasySPEAKの第3回ワークショップが開催されました。easySPEAKは、来年1月からYTMCの運用ツールとして正式に導入される予定です。
テーブルトピックのセッションは、即興の質疑応答で、スピーキングスキルを磨くためのセッションです。TM HNは、このセッションを開催し、5つの質問を投げかけました。その中で、”今年一番印象に残ったニュースは何ですか?”という質問がありました。TM TSは今年はタバコを止めたが、体調が悪化した・・・と答えました。
スピーチセッションは、本日のトーストマスター、TM KTが担当しました。3つのスピーチが発表されました。TM HKは、「YTMC750回例会」と題して、ソーシャルスピーチを行いました。横浜トーストマスターズクラブの3つの利点を紹介し、個人の努力の重要性を強調しました。続いて、AIさんが「今、求められるコミュニケーションスタイルとは」と題してスピーチされました。4つのコミュニケーションスタイルを紹介し、コロナ大流行を克服するためには、協調的なコミュニケーションスタイルが必要であると結論付けました。最後に、TM YAのスピーチは歌で始まり、「エッグノッグから始めよう」と題した発表でした。カナダの義母を訪ねたときの体験を、ハイテクツールを使って、効果的なビジュアルエイドを駆使して説明しました。

TM HO led the evaluation session. He said that the experience of Toastmaster’s evaluation contributes to the actual business environment. Three members evaluated each prepared speech by pointing out several good points and improvements / suggestions.
The supporting role takers, who are grammarian, ah-counter and word of the day, reported the result accordingly. Toastmaster of the Day gave the awards (best speaker, best table topic and best evaluator) to the winners respectively. Associating with Christmas, Santa Claus gave the special gifts to the winners. At the end of the meeting, the president thanked for members effort this year and wished the merry Christmas and happy New Year.
評価セッションはTM HOが担当しました。トーストマスターの評価の経験は、実際のビジネス環境で使うことができるということを実例を交えて話しました。 3人のメンバーが、スピーチを評価し、良い点、改善点、提案などを指摘しました。


第751回例会レポート / The 751st Regular Meeting Report


Meeting #751, December 4, 2021

The weather condition was so good and it was no doubt that the club members who attended the meeting on-sight were happy to go out from home today. The meeting theme was, “Ambitions for the next year in YTMC”. The TMOD who joined the club in 2013 wants to share his experiences with new members.


We had 4 guests from a variety of locations: Kamakura, Shiga and Vancouver and this could add something ornate atmosphere on the meeting while they were an online participant. In the beginning, we had an induction ceremony for a new joiner and a brief guidance for the coming speech contest in 2022. The word-of-the-day was, “Cozy” prepared by Mr MF. All members were encouraged to use it in their speeches as much as possible.


In the table topic session, conducted by today’s Table Topic Master Mr SI, we had a timely topic, winter:
1: What do you recommend eating in winter?
2: What do you want for a X’mas present?
3: What do you recommend for a sight seeing spot in winter?
4: What sports do you recommend watching in winter?
5: What movies do you recommend watching in winter?
6: What books do you recommend reading in winter?

1: 冬にオススメの食べ物は何ですか?
2: クリスマスプレゼントには何が欲しいですか?
3: 冬の観光ではどこへ行くのがオススメですか?
4: 冬に観戦するスポーツは何がオススメですか?
5: 冬に鑑賞する映画は何がオススメですか?
6: 冬の読書は何を読むのがオススメですか?

In the prepared speech session, we had 4 speakers:
1: HATO BIRDS—Ms HM demonstrated her confidence she acquired through Toastmasters journey. Her speech was accompanied by playing a guitar and she mentioned that was something to prove she was no longer being shy.
2: 5 ROUND SYSTEM “NEW STYLE OF ENGLISH EDUCATION”—Ms HA, who are working as an English teacher of a public junior high school, introduced her challenge on a new education method at school that is to be enrolled in the whole country next year.
3: AN FORGETTABLE TEACHER—Ms KN shared her experience she was taught from an excellent teacher when she was in US. She said a demanding or strict teacher was not necessarily a bad teacher.
4: LEADERSHIP STYLE—Mr NS delivered a challengeable speech. In accordance with his Pathways requirement on this speech, he had to invite counter arguments from the audience during his speech and he had to deal with them practically. The content of the speech was to introduce a variety of leadership styles.

1: 「ハト・バーズ」HMさんは今までトースト・マスターズで活動してきたことが、人前で話をすることに自信がつくことに繋がったということをスピーチされました。今日、こうしてギターを携えてスピーチをしていること自体が何よりの証拠とのことでした。
2: 「英語教育の新たな方法ー5ラウンド・システム」HAさんは現役の中学校英語教師でもあり、来年度に全国的に導入される新たな授業方法について説明をしてくださいました。
3: 「忘れられない先生」KNさんは在米中に出会ったご自身の素晴らしい先生との体験を具体的に披露してくださいました。厳しかったり口うるさい先生は良い先生のようです。
4: 「リーダーシップ・スタイル」NSさんの今回のスピーチは、トースト・マスターズのカリキュラムに基づき、スピーチ中に「聴衆者からの反論を求め、それに対しての説得を行う」という難度の高そうなものでした。スピーチの内容は様々なリーダーシップ・スタイルを紹介するというものでした。

In the evaluation session, it was a valuable opportunity for everyone to learn an improved speech and presentation.
1: Mr YO suggested never allow yourself to show your nervousness to the audience.
2: Ms YN praised a well-organized structure and a variety of the voices.
3: Ms TS said the speech entertained the audience effectively because they could imagine what happened easily.
4: Mr HN was so impressed in managing the difficult task on the speech.

1: YOさんからは、スピーチをする人はみだりに自分が緊張をしていることをわざわざ聴衆者に表明すべきではないとの指摘がありました。
2: YNさんはスピーチの構成と声色の使い方を称賛しました。
3: TSさんからは、とても聴衆者を楽しませたスピーチであり、何が起こっていたかを思い描きやすかったとの指摘がありました。
4: HNさんからは、難しい課題をやり遂げたスピーチに感銘したとの感想がありました。

In the grammarian report, Ms YA gave a remarkable note in usage of ‘-ing form or infinitive’ with ‘recommend’. Do not say ‘recommend (someone) to do something’. Say recommend doing something or recommend that someone (should) do something.


Finally, TMOD announced the awards:
The best Table Topic Speaker: Mr DM (Guest)
The best Evaluator: Ms YN
The best Speaker: Ms KN


What a fantastic meeting today! See you again!


Reported by M.N



第750回例会レポート / The 750th Regular Meeting Report


Meeting #750 Nov. 20th at Hatoba Kaikan 1F.
This was the 750th meeting, and we were blessed with a beautiful autumn day with a clear blue sky to celebrate.

The venue was decorated so colorful as if it was an early Christmas, and YTMC Founder TM I was wearing a stylish suit, which gave the atmosphere of venue for celebration. Right behind him, there were members in Mario and Luigi costumes operating audio equipment, and TMOD wore birthday-cake-hats and “Happy Birthday” tassels, and members wearing cute animal hats took the stage in turn. It was a very humorous meeting.
会場は一足早いクリスマスのように華やかにデコレーションされていて、YTMC FounderのIimureさんがビシリと格好よくスーツを着ていらして、場のお祝いムードが各段にアップしていました。ちなみにIimureさんのすぐ後ろにはマリオとルイージのコスチュームを着たメンバーがオンライン機材を操作していて、TMODはバースでケーキの帽子と「Happy Birthday」のタスキを身に着け、かわいらしい動物の帽子をかぶったメンバーたちが入れ替わり登壇するという、なんともユーモア溢れるミーティングとなりました。

The meeting theme was “color”. We enjoyed everyone’s speeches with a few words of their own personality, sharing what colors they like, with a little story. One of the member said that “my favorite color changes with age and occasion, for example…” I thought that was very interesting.

The Table Topic was well thought out to coincide with the 750th anniversary, such as “What is your most memorable speech to date?” “What role would you like to play in the next big celebration, the 35th anniversary?” All of the veterans gave skillful and heartwarming answer speeches, and it was a good time to think about this club’s history of the past and the future a little further ahead.

Table Topicは750回目の区切りに合わせてよく練られていて、「これまでで一番心に残るスピーチは?」「次の大きなお祝いイベントとなる35周年記念にはどんなロールを担当したいですか?」など、いずれも大ベテランの方々が巧みで心暖まる回答スピーチを披露し、これまでの歴史と少し先の将来に思いを巡らせるいい時間となりました。

The 750th meeting was brought to a close with the sound of a ship whistling from the harbour during speeches and a taste of the port city of Yokohama.


Of course, after the meeting we had a small celebration (with due consideration for Corona) and had a very enjoyable day.


第749回例会レポート / The 749th Regular Meeting Report


Meeting #749 Nov. 6th at Hatoba Kaikan 1F.
The meeting theme today was A “favorite place?” Since we are YTMC, 2 members replied “Yamashita Park”.
“It was our toastmaster of the day, TM N. He could not join as Onsite since his lovely dog is now hospitalized.”
TM. N. introduced himself as Rain man and that is why we had a fine day for onsite meeting! (He stayed at his house).

Today, we had 3 guests in onsite. Most of guests wants to improve his/her English skill and public speaking skills.
Toastmasters is the best place to enhance those skill with FUN!

Today`s World of the Day was “Forthright” prepread by TM. N.
It has same meaning of “Frank” means directly and without evasin.

Today`s table topic master is TM. N. (Same last name of TMOD!).
She choose today`s theme from most popular events of Japan today “Difficult Marriage!”.
“Based on this theme, she asked various questions that really entertained all members.”

Questions are followings.
1. What who you do if everyone surrounding you are against your marriage?
2. Will you follow with your fiancé to move NYC?
3. If you are the loyal family member and your daughter want to marry which you are not approve. What would you do?
4. If you can invite anyone from celebrity in your dinner, whom you want to invite?
5. If you can receive one talent from the heaven, what kind of talent you want to be gifted?

1. もし周りの人があなたの結婚に反対していたら?
2. あなたの婚約者がNew Yorkにいくといったら?それでも結婚しますか?
3. もしあなたが皇室のメンバーで、あなたの娘が言うことを聞かないで結婚しようとしております。 どうしますか?
4. もし、有名人をだれでもディナーに招待できるなら、誰にしますか?
5. どんな才能も天から与えられるとしたら、どんな能力が欲しいでしょうか?

We had 4 prepared speaker today. There were so diverse speakers from experienced ones to first speaker as Toastmasters. “Also, most of speakers are from foreign counties.”
今日は4人のプリペアードスピーカーが発表しました。 経験豊富なスピーカーから今日がトーストマスターズとして初めてのスピーカーなど多岐にわたっていました。

Speech 1: “Is School uniform essential? ” by TM. T
Japanese core value: Harmony.
TM. Tさんは日本の文化の本質をスピーチし
Speaker 2: “Who am I” by TM. N.
His deep analysis of value by defining questions.
Speaker 3: “Independent” by TM. P
Her own story to be independent with responsibility.
Speaker 4: “My life with English” by TM. K.
To communicate with people, grammar and memorizing vocabulary is not that best way! Speaking skill is the most relevant!

Evaluation Secession.
Toastmaster has systematic approach of enhancing speaking. We evaluate each other to lean for improvement of speech.
Today, we had many experienced evaluators and they gave concrete suggestions to each prepared speakers.
トーストマスターズにはスピーチを向上させるためにとてもよい仕組みあります。 評論セッションで改善点をシェアし次のスピーチ向上をめざします。

TM.N to TM. T: Be aligned with speech them “Leadership style”. More eye contact and make conclusion more strong!.
TM. K. to TM. N: Slow down of pace in order to make it easy for audience to follow and understand.
TM. S. to TM. P:Tone of speaking is too flat. Emphasize more for conveying important message!
TM.O. to TM. K: It is better to add story of how you want to do with good English skill. More guestures!

Finally, Toastmaster of the day announce the Awards.
Best Table Topic spaeker: TM. A
Best Evaluator: TM. S
Best Prepard Speaker: TM. P

During Bouquets & Brickbats, TM. N suggested 3 things which is really relevent for YTMC.
1 Do not put “San” even you call him/her TM. (like TM. 〇〇san)
2 Most of speaker gave speech behind the lectern. Sometimes, it could be impactful if you can make speech in front. 
3 Time judgement is getting loose. Time management is one of the important aspect Toastmasters, so be strict.

1 TM.●●さんの「さん」はいらない。TM自体が敬称。
2 ほとんどのスピーカーがレクターン(発表台)の後ろで発表をしている。たまに前に出てスピーチするとインパクトがでる。
3 時間制限が甘くなっている。タイムマネジメントもトーストマスターズも重要な項目なので厳しくすべし。

Also, we awarded TM. K as 1st place of Rookie’s contest of YTMC!
He will go to Kanagawa Rookie’s contest, so please cheer him up!

Overall, it was very frindley and fun event.
Very well prepared by TM. N as TMOD and it was really engated meeting.
See you next time!
TMODのTM. Nのよい準備のおかげで、皆をうまく巻き込んだものとなりました。


「価値観と共感を大事にするスピーチ作り」研修レポート / The Speech Writing Workshop Report


Speech Writing Workshop
By DTM Azuma, Kiminari
日時: 10月30日(土)14:00-16:00


This year’s workshop was to learn the secrets of contest speeches.
We invited DTM Azuma, a three-time winner of the D76 contest, as our lecturer, and held a workshop entitled “Making Speeches that Embrace Values and Empathy.”
Twenty-five people from all over Japan, including Yokohama TMC members, participated in it.

The training begins with Mr. Azuma’s gentle narrative and progresses to the secrets of the contest speeches.
As a preliminary task, participants created a lifeline chart of themselves and looked back on their past.
From there, we discovered the elements that gain common values and empathy and constructed a speech that attracts the audience with the help of the ABC theory.
Participants were fascinated by the theoretical and easy-to-understand explanations and motivated to make speeches for the next year’s contest.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude toward Mr.Azuma, the lecturer of the workshop.


第748回例会レポート / The 748th Regular Meeting Report


Meeting #748 Oct. 16th at Hatoba Kaikan 1F.
The meeting theme today was Sleep! Why? Is everyone working too hard?
It was our toastmaster of the day, TM K who sleeps only 3 hours every night…

Our club always attract many guests and today we had several guests.
Today’s meeting was held hybrid style. Onsite 14 members looked extra happy to see each other while online 9 participants enjoyed the convenience of joining from home.

TM K was given certificate as a winner of the inhouse Rookie’s contest!
Today’s word of the day is Sophisticated. It really is a good word choice.
前回の例会は、新人戦のクラブ内コンテストでした。優勝されたTM Kに賞状が手渡されました。

TM T offered workshop for easy-speak.
Now the table topic session comes.
TM I was the table topic master today.

Please tell us the beautiful dream you had in the past while you were sleeping.

Please tell us your dream in your life.

Please tell us your dream society.

Please tell your dream actor?

Here comes the prepared speech session.

1.Lesson Learned from DQ: TM O used Dragon Quest as an example as leadership success story. He said that it is important to focus on strength and develop people!

2.Change the Recipe: TM I used creative movie from his kitchen to talk about management!
TM Iさんは、奥様の調理動画を有効活用したユニークなスピーチをされました。

3.My Lifeline Chart: TM S showed his very private life chart with our members to reflect his life.
  TM Sさんの人生をチャートで勉強。大変参考になりました。

One of my favorite sessions of Toastmaster meeting is Evaluation Session.
We evaluate each other to learn to improve our presentation.

TM M for TM O The structure of the speech was very good. TM M advised that emotion could be more added in the speech.  
TM T for TM I Fried rice was so attractive! The speaker looked very confident. The usage of vocal variety would make the speech more delicious.
TM M for TMS The QA session was very smooth. We leaned a lot!

Finally, Toastmaster of the day announce the Awards.
The best TT speaker is TM N
The best Evaluator is TM M
The best Speaker is TM S
What a fantastic meeting!
See you again!



第747回例会レポート / The 747th Regular Meeting Report


On October 2nd, instead of our regular meeting, we had a special event, the Kanagawa Regional Rookies’ In-House Contest. (Full online)

Toastmasters has an official international speech contest once a year, but this time it was only for the Kanagawa district. It is a speech contest for new members who have been members for less than a year, and on this day, the preliminary round was held in YTMC.

The process was different from usual, and was conducted as if it were an official contest.
The contest rules were explained, staff members were introduced, and the chief judge explained the judging process.
There was a tense atmosphere as if it was a real contest.

Finally, the speeches began. Four contestants participated in the contest.
The first contestant, TM. N, gave an interesting talk about how we see colors. The second contestant, TM. K, gave an emotional talk about how he achieved his dream in Japan. The third contestant, TM. K, gave a logical talk about why he studied German and how he made decisions. And the fourth contestant, TM. N, made a speech about the importance of “repetition” in improving English, using songs and gestures.

All the speeches were so impressive that it was hard to believe that they were all newcomers. It was impressive to see how each of them devised their way of speaking in the special situation of giving a speech through an online screen.

After the speeches, an evaluation session was held like regular meetings.
This time, all the evaluators were experienced speakers. In addition to the usual good points and areas for improvement, they also talked about points to keep in mind that are unique to contests. I think it was very helpful to the new members.

Finally, the results were announced, and TM K won first place!
Ms. K will be participating in the Kanagawa Rookies’ Contest at the end of November.
All YTMC members will be rooting for him!

It was a contest for newcomers, but everyone’s level was very high, and I felt the bench strength of YTMC. I’m really looking forward to next month’s contest and next year’s contest.

Web Site Reporter F


第746回例会レポート / The 746th Regular Meeting Report


Autumn is the season for harvest festivals. This meeting’s theme is a special recipe.
We can’t go to a restaurant or tavern due to the declared state of emergency in Corona.
So then, TMOD proposes to the member. to cook for themselves.
Various favorite recipes are introduced by the members.
Very spicy and tasty Yakisoba, Highball made with ginger ale, TKG (rice with egg), Rice Topped with grated yam (Yamaimo no Tororo), Chinese noodles
What kind of recipes do you like?


Today’s word is “feasible”.
For example, use it like this.
a feasible plan,
a feasible explanation,
a bay feasible for yachting.
We defined this as feasible,



Always exciting session is the table topic.
The questions from The Topic Master S are
What is your favorite Food?
favorite TV program?
favorite Sports?
favorite Subject when you were a student?
favorite A country?
favorite Drink?
favorite site seeing place in Japan?
favorite Music?
The best answer is to the question “Subject when you were a student?”
“Science. Science was my life.”
Tips from TMT.
“Let’s use full of speaking time limits when you talk.”


常にエキサイティングなセッションがテーブルトピックです。 トピックマスターSからの質問は


Next is the speech session.
A report from a country in the Middle East.
Topic about the favorite car.
The life’s purpose.
And the costs associated with business opportunities.
Every speech is a very interesting talk.


The final session is Evaluation.
The general evaluator is Mr. K, who challenges the first time.
It goes very smoothly.
Tips from individual evaluators are
Make it clear what character is in the story.
Speech in line with project objectives.
The feasible image is important.
It might be better, show the visual aids a little more longer.
Check speaking time and volume of contents.



Finally, Toastmaster of the day announce the Awards.
The best TT speaker is TM I.
The best Evaluator is TM N.
The best Speaker is TM N
What a fantastic meeting!
See you again!

                                                                                Web Site Reporter。




第745回例会レポート / The 745th Regular Meeting Report


第745回の例会はフルオンラインで行われました。TMOD(総合司会)を務めたのは今回初チャレンジのTM Kさんです。TM Kさんが決めたテーマは「Passion」です。みなさんはどんなPassionをお持ちですか?例会の中でスピーカーの皆さんがTMODの質問に答えて自身のPassionについて紹介してくれました。テーマはTMODが自由に決めるのですが、いつもメンバーからどんな答えが聞ける楽しみです。


テーブルトピックでセッションはTM Kさんがメールに関する6つの質問をメンバーにしました。私たちにとって身近なツールですが、答えを聞いているとそれぞれいろんなストーリーがあって面白かったです。ベストテーブルトピックスピーカーに選ばれたのはTM Oさんでした。笑いありの面白い即興スピーチでした。

一番のメインイベントの準備スピーチセッションでは、4名のメンバーがスピーチを行いました。どのスピーチもとても素晴らしかったです。TM Sさんのスピーチは、最後にピアノ演奏が登場したのが印象的でした。旦那さんとのコラボによりダイナミックなカメラワークでテンション上がるスピーチでした!TM OさんのスピーチはSNSによってチャンスを掴んだストーリーにみんな釘付けでした。TM Oさんのほっこりスタイルとメッセージ性があるという絶妙スピーチでした。TM Tさんのスピーチはチャット機能を使ったオーディエンス参加型のスピーチでした。TM Tさんの楽しいトークとスライドに引き込まれてしまったとても楽しいスピーチでした!最後のTM Tさんのスピーチは横浜トーストマスターズクラブの新しいプロジェクトに関するものでした。トーストマスターズのスピーチはPathwaysというマニュアルに従って進めるのですが、このようにプロジェクトの計画を立てて実行するためのスピーチも入っていて、あわせてリーダーシップも学んでいけるところもいい点です。TM Tさんのスピーチはとてもよくまとめらてれて素晴らしかったです。


最後にTMODを務めたTM Kさんは、初めてとは思えないスムーズな進行をしてくれました。お疲れさまでした!それではまた次の例会でお会いしましょう!

The 745th meeting was fully online. TMOD (Toastmaster of the Day) was TM K. The meeting theme was “Passion”. What kind of passion do you have? In the meeting, the speakers introduced their passions in response to TMOD’s questions. The theme is decided by TMOD and it is always fun to hear the answers from the members.

In the table topics session, TM K asked the members six questions about email. Email is a tool that we are all familiar with. Hearing the answers from our members, they all had each unique story or idea. That was interesting. The best table topics speaker was TM O. It was a funny impromptu speech.

In the main event, the prepared speech session, four members gave speeches. TM S showed a piano performance at the end with dynamic camera work by her husband. We are all exited and enjoyed her speech! TM O’s speech was a story of how he got his chance through social networking and everyone was glued to his speech. TM O’s speech was exquisite in combination with his warm style and message! TM T’s speech was an audience-participation speech using a chat function, and the audience was drawn in by her funny talk and slides. The last speech by TM T was about the new project of the Yokohama Toastmasters Club. It is a great way to learn how to plan and execute a project and also leadership through Toastmasters Pathway manual. TM T’s speech was organized well!

After a break, we had an evaluation session. Four evaluators gave speeches to each prepared speech that include what was good point and what should be improved. It is a very good system, isn’t it? I believe all speakers got precious feedbacks.

Lastly, TM K, who served as TMOD, conducted the meeting very smoothly. I can’t believe it was his first time. Thank you for all your work!

See you all at the next meeting!