The 785th Regular Meeting Report


The 785th regular meeting report
Date and Time: 14:00 – 16:00, May 7th, 2023
Venue: Hatoba Kaikan and online

How are you spending your days of Golden Week? Beautiful sunny day of Saturday, we had regular meetings of YTMC! We thought not many participants during GW, but we have many on-site participants here at Hatoba Kaiakan.
ゴールデンウイークをいかがお過ごしでしょうか? 綺麗に晴れた土曜の午後、いつもように横浜トーストマスターズクラブの例会が行われました。GW中なので参加者が少ないかなと思いましたが、ほぼ満室になるほどの参加者が波止場会館に集まりました。

Induction Ceremony
We had induction ceremony for 2 new members. One new member TM. M. She is the old friends of TM and good at speaking English. T. She wants improve her presentation skill. Another new member is TM. R. He is young person filled with energy and he is from Chia. TM. T wants to improve communication skill. Welcome both as new member of YTMC!

The Word of the day: Splendid
This is very useful vocabulary. Instead of using common vocabulary such as “Wonderful” or “Excellent”, this word gives us wider range of expression.

Today`s Toastmasters of the day : TM. T.
This is the second try for TM. T to lead the meeting as TMOD. We are very impressed his preparation of short talk and information sharing!
He choose the theme of this meeting as following sentence, “ What did you want to be when you were a child?”.
He started with introducing the most popular job for child. It was good start to warm up participants. Members shared their ideal carrier of childhood, and it was good ice break to know the memory of each member!
今日のトーストマスター総合司会(TMOD)はTM. Tです。今回が二回目のTMODです。TM.Tはオープニングでの小話やテーマに関係した情報を入念に調べてくるなど、その入念な準備が素晴らしかったです。 テーマは「子供の時になりたかった職業」です。

Table Topic Session: (TM. O)
He said he prepared questions by using Chat GPT!
1. What did you want to be when you were child. (TM. R) Professor!!
2. Who is the admired person when you were child. (TM. M) Teacher
3. How does your dream of childhood effect your current career? (TM. A) The dream to be kindergarten teacher effects current job of communication specialist. Both needs good communication skills.
4. Importance of pursuing childhood dream. (TM. T) It is important to like what you do.
5. Episode of hard work to be your childhood dream comes true. (TM. T) She wanted to be a singer and shared story to be a real singer.
テーブルトピックはTM. Oです。なんと本日の質問はChat GPTに聞いてきたそうです。そして本日のテーマに沿った質問を準備してくれました。今話題のChat GPTですが、ここまでやってくれる時代がきたのですね。

Prepared speech:
1. “Stepping out towards 70% Minimalism” (TM. S.)
 Very interesting story to be a Minimalist.
 Compare with China, her room in Japan is small, but filled with big furniture which she does not need.
 So, she started to be a simplified her room and noticed that she might be a minimalist. She is not 100% minimalist, but 70% she is moving the direction of minimalist.
2. “How should Toastmasters deal with Chat GPT? (TM. N.S.)
 Panel Discussion about Chat GPT with 3 members of Toastmaster.
 TM. S facilitated discussion of favor and unfavorable opinion about Chat GPT.
 Chat GPT is the good tool to develop a speech at this moment. It is similar with Google search, and it is up to speaker how to bring the speech.
3. “Walking with monsters” (TM. N)
 About smart phone game: Pokemon.
 Short story with his colleague to going out for lunch and played game together.

TM. Sは日本の狭い部屋に対応するためにミニマリストになる話
TM. N.S.は25分に及ぶパネルディスカッションのファシリテーションです。ここでも今話題のChat GPTの活用について3人のパネラーの議論をファシリテーションしました。

TM. Nは彼がはまっているゲームについてです。熱中しすぎたエピソードなどを踏まえたスピーチです。
Evaluation Session (TM. O)
1st Evaluator: TM. T
 Use space more!
 More vocal variety!
2nd Evaluator: TM. M
 Paraphrasing is the key for facilitating discussion!
3rd Evaluator: TM. A
 Try to give speech without script!
 Show more emotion!
 Utilize time more!

General Evaluator: TM.O
 Before Evaluation, good to clarify the purpose of speech!
 Use personal experience to give advice during evaluation.
 Them of Table topic is stimulating to inner personality of speaker.
 TMOD: We are very amazed TM. T to have a confidence with small talk!
 YTMC is the club to be able to proceed high level of panel discussion!


AWARD Presentation (TMOD)
BEST Table topic speaker: TM. A
BEST Evaluator: TM. T
BEST Prepared speaker: TM. S

We had 4 guest including former TM member from Mongolia. YTMC is very diverse club, and we are welcome to all guest to enjoy our meeting!


The 784th Regular Meeting Report


The 784th regular meeting report
Date and Time: 14:00 – 16:00, April 15th, 2023
Venue: Hatoba Kaikan and online

Our president TM NS called the 784th meeting to order at 14:00 JST sharp.

There were 21 participants attended the meeting including 3 guests.

First, TM KM presented today’s word of the day as “assume” – he encouraged us to use “I assume“ instead of “I think” to make the speech more professional.

Then The president invited TMOD (ToastMaster Of the Day) – TM YA to the lectern.

She is one of experienced toastmaster of our club and tries to make our meeting more attractive. The theme of the meeting was “True Colors”. She introduced her supporters such as Grammarian, Ah Counter, Vote counter, Timer and Website reporter and showed her image of color of each supporters.

We enjoyed the difference of color TMOD presented and that supporters theirselves in mind.

Table Topics Session was conducted by President, he made a number of questions regarding spring. Questions were as below.

1. Which food do you want to carry for Hanami?
2. Where do you want to go in spring and why?
3. Tell us your favorite Hanami spot and why?
4. Tell us your plan for “Golden Week”?
5. Tell us the memorable moment at the time of your new recruit?

Today’s guest won the best impromptu speaker since she made a wonderful and hilarious memory of Hanami, good stuff.

There were 3 prepared speakers made speeches at this time.

The first speaker was TM TS, she faced a number of difficult audiences during the speech such as the talker, the interrupter, the chatterer, the arguer, the silent type and the electric device enthusiast. She managed these and made an impressed speech.

TM MT delivered a speech how he overcame speech anxiety by experiencing some public speeches at his company and toastmasters.

TM HO experienced toastmaster made an icebreak speech hilariously introduced cats recently adopted. It was informative that there are some criteria for being a foster parent.

TM HO awarded as the best prepared speaker, congratulations.

After a short intermission, session moved to evaluation. 3 evaluators delivered feedback to assigned prepared speakers.

TM YN won the best evaluator, well done.

The meeting was concluded with a photo shoot as usual. Many members came and see in person, I surely feel it is getting back to normal.

It was great for us that 2 guests expressed the intention to join our club from the next month.

The next meeting will be May 6th. Looking forward to seeing all of you.

日時:2023年4月15日(金)14:00 – 16:00

NS会長は、14:00 JSTに厳密に第784回会議を開催しました。


最初に、KMさんが「Assume」を今日のワード・オブ・ザ・デイとして紹介し、「I think」の代わりに「I assume」という表現を使ってスピーチをよりプロフェッショナルにするように促しました。

次に、会長は、TMOD(ToastMaster Of the Day)であるYAさんを講壇に招きました。

彼女は、クラブの経験豊富なトーストマスターの一人で、今回の会議をより魅力的にするために尽力しました。今回のテーマは「True Colors」で、彼女は文法委員、アクアウントカウンター、投票カウンター、タイマー、ウェブサイトレポーターなどのサポーターをイメージするカラーとともに紹介しました。彼女が紹介したカラーの違いや、サポーターが持っている考えを楽しむことができました。






TM MTは、自社やトーストマスターズでの公のスピーチの経験によりスピーチ不安を克服した経験についてスピーチを行いました。

TM HOはトーストマスター経験者であり、最近飼い始めた猫の面白い自己紹介スピーチを行い、フォスター親になるための基準があることを紹介しました。TM HOは最優秀準備スピーカーに選ばれ、おめでとうございます。

短い休憩後、3人の評価者が準備スピーカーにフィードバックを提供しました。TM YNが最優秀評価者に選ばれました。会議は通常通りの写真撮影で締めくくられました。多くのメンバーが直接参加し、いつものように感じられ、徐々に普通に戻っていると感じました。2人のゲストが来月からクラブに参加する意向を表明してくれたことは素晴らしいことでした。



The 783rd Regular Meeting Report


The 783rd meeting was held on April 1st, April Fool’s Day. And of course, TMOD (Toastmaster of the Day) made it a meeting theme. Major role takers shared their most memorable lies they told or told on them on April Fool’s Day. Since April is the beginning of the fiscal year in Japan and everybody’s busy, the meeting was attended by fewer members (16) than usual and we had only one guest.

The Word of the Day was “Two-way”, which means involving movements or communications in opposite(both) directions.

The Table Topics Session was led by our VPM (Vice President Membership) online. She started the session by sharing the funny lie told by BBC, which broadcasted the funny video titled “Harvesting Spaghetti in Ticino”. The four questions she asked were all interesting ranging from “If you already have everything, what would you want to do in your life?” to the theme-related “What’s the difference between a good lie and bad lie?”. The Best Speaker Award was given to TM I who answered the final question.

The fun TT Session was followed by the Prepared Speech Session with three fine speakers. The 1st speaker, TM T, made the second speech that incorporated the feedback received for the first speech. She talked about the spring time years ago when she was fired by the employer. Thus, every time she sees beautiful cherry blossoms, she remembers her bitter experience. The 2nd speaker, TM I, shared the plan of our 35th Anniversary Meeting, which is scheduled to be held on June 3rd this year. The unique point of his speech was the opening. He got the AI translate his Japanese writing into English, and made it read out to us. His speech foretold us the age of symbiosis with AI is coming in the near future. The 3rd speaker, TM N, shared with us his experience as an “Ekiden” runner. He wore a blue Ekiden sash over his shoulder and talked about “behind the scene” interesting story of Ekiden. FYI, “Ekiden” is a long-distance relay race popular in Japan. Thanks to his blue sash or not, TM N received the Best Prepared Speaker Award.

The Evaluation Session was managed by the first-time General Evaluator, TM T. He had prepared his “opening speech” for the session and handled it perfectly. The 1st Evaluator, TM S, made further suggestion to TM T’s speech and requested to make it sound more hopeful. TM K requested TM I to put in personal experiences more into his speech, which would render the audience the excitement of 35th Anniversary Meeting more. TM K said in his evaluation of TM N’s speech that he couldn’t understand how the speech contents (how to win the Ekiden race) and the speaker himself were related. TM S received the Best Evaluator Award for his evaluation.

Today’s Grammarian, TM O, picked up “dimensional”, “drastic change” and “super (something)” as his favorite words.

The meeting was adjourned on time, which showed TMOD’s excellent time management. Congratulations! Lastly, I loved his final April Fool joke…”In the next meeting, I’m going to give a nice speech. It’s not a April Fool lie”. Thanks for a good laugh!

横浜TMCの第783回例会は、4月1日、エイプリルフールに開催されました。TMOD(Toastmaster of the Day)が選んだミーティングテーマももちろんエイプリルフールで、主要なロールテイカーは、各々エイプリルフールについた、もしくはつかれた嘘の中で印象的なものを披露し合いました。年度初めのせいか、通常より少ない16名のメンバー参加で、ゲストも1名だけのこじんまりした例会となりました。

今日の言葉 (ワード・オブ・ザ・デイ)は「Two-way」で、双方向の動きやコミュニケーションを意味する言葉でした。残念ながら会話中に挿入するのが難しく、使うメンバーはあまりいませんでした。

テーブルトピック・セッションは、VPM(メンバーシップ担当役員)のTM Nさんがオンラインで担当し、冒頭にBBCが放送した「ティチーノでスパゲッティを収穫する」というタイトルの面白いエイプリルフールビデオを紹介してセッションを開始しました。「すでにすべてを手にしているとしたら、あなたは残りの人生で何をしたいですか」や、「良い嘘と悪い嘘の違いは何ですか」など、4つの質問はどれもユニークで興味深かったです。ベストスピーカー賞は、最後の質問に答えたTM Iさんに贈られました。

楽しいTTセッションの後は、3人の素晴らしいスピーカーによるプリペアド・スピーチ・セッションです。1人目のTM Tさんは、1回目のスピーチのフィードバックを反映させた2回目のスピーチを披露して下さいました。数年前の春、会社から解雇された時の話です。彼女は美しい桜を見るたびに、その苦い経験を思い出すのだそうです。2人目のTM Iさんは、今年6月3日に開催される35周年記念例会の企画を紹介されました。ユニークだったのは、オープニングです。彼は日本語で書いた文章をAIに英訳してもらい、それをAIに読み上げさせました。近い将来、AIとの共生時代がやってくることを予感させるスピーチでした。3人目のTM Nさんは、駅伝ランナーとしての経験を語ってくれました。青い駅伝たすきを肩にかけ、駅伝の “裏側 “の面白さを語ってくれました。参考までに「駅伝」とは、日本で人気のある長距離リレーマラソンです。青いたすきのおかげでしょうか? いや、実力です、TM Nさんは見事ベストスピーカー賞を受賞されました。

論評セッションは、初めて総合論評者に挑戦するTM Tさんが担当されました。彼はなんと、このセッションのために「オープニング・スピーチ」まで準備しており、完璧に役割をこなされました。第1論評者のTM Sさんは、TM Tさんのスピーチにさらなる指摘を行い、より希望が持てるようなスピーチにするよう要望しました。また、TM Kさんは、TM Iさんのスピーチにもっと個人的な体験を盛り込み、35周年記念例会をもっと感動的に聴衆に伝えてほしいとリクエストしました。TM Kさんは、TM Nさんのスピーチの論評で、スピーチの内容(駅伝必勝法)とスピーカー自身との関係性がよく分からなかったと述べられました。ベスト論評者には、TM Sさんが選ばれました。

本日の文法係、TM Oさんは、「another dimensional (異次元の)」「drastic change (抜本的変化)」「super (something) (超~) 」を好きな言葉として紹介されました。

TMOD Nさんが優れたタイムマネジメント能力を発揮し、例会は定刻での閉会となりました。おめでとうございます! Nさんは最後に、エイプリルフールネタで例会を締めくくってくれました。「次のミーティングでは、素敵なスピーチをご披露します。これはエイプリルフールの嘘じゃないですよ」。これには会場大爆笑! 面白いジョークをありがとうございました!


The 782nd Regular Meeting Report


It was a rainy and chilly day of Yokohama. We had regular meetings at Hatoba-Kaikan.

Word of the day: TM. O, Vibrant  

Table Topic master: TM. O, his last day of YTMC 
テーブルトピックはTM. Oで今日が横浜クラブ最終日でした。

Toastmaster of the day is TM. O,

We had 3 prepared speakers.

1. TM. K: Challenge 挑戦
He talked about his Challenge of his life and he had another 7 minutes for Q&A session!
2. TM. N: Ancient Legend 古代のレジェンド
She talked about the legend of Atlantis! 

3. TM.T: Spring is just around the corner! 春はもうすぐ!
She talked about bitter memory of Spring.

We enjoyed variety speeches from personal story to history of seven wonders.
This is the best point of Toastmasters which we can exchange the knowledge and experiences.

Best Prepared Speaker went to TM. K.
Congratulation and thank you for your wonderful speech.
ベストスピーカーはTM. Kです。



The 780th Regular Meeting Report


Date & Time: 14:00-16:00 / February 18, 2023
Venue: Hatoba Kaikan + On-line
Attendee & Guests:19 members including 7 on-line members and 3 guests

It was a warm day with the scent of plum blossoms and just felt the spring.
I was lightly walking towards the meeting.

The regular meeting started with President S’s calm and natural “Call-to-Order” declaration, and there were three guest introductions.

TMOD is an experienced member, TM T.
He began by explaining the two important roles of TMOD.
One is to conduct the meeting along the agenda.
The other is to work up role takers.
The meeting theme is “Sweets”. Because of February, Valentine month.
He talked thoughtfully, ”I got a lot of chocolates when I was a student. All is Giri-Choco ???”
His helpers, Grammarian, Ah Counter, Vote, Timer were explained their roles smoothly.

TMODは経験豊かなTM Tさん。TMODの大切な2つの役割説明から始め、2月はバレンタインなので例会テーマは”sweets“

The Word of the Day is TM A.
She introduced the word “affectionate” meaning the word synonymous with sweet.
Her answer of the theme: her little daughter debuted to give a choco to a cute boy.

今日の言葉はTM A さん:
例会テーマがsweets”なので同じ意味の“affectionate” を紹介。
Let’s move on the educational session carpeted with sweet scented words, “sweets and affectionate”

Table Topic Session:
Topic master was TM M saying that it was the first time to take this role.
 Today’s questions were about culture and customs concerned about Japan.
Those questions were often asked him from foreigners.

1. Why do Japanese apologize very often ?
TM T: He himself taught his kids to say “Gomen-nasai”.or “Sumimasen”..
Apologize is like Japanese culture to discipline themselves.

2. What is the difference between temples and shrines ?
TM N: Shrines have Komainu at the entrance.
There is a clearly difference of the ways of worship.

3. Which do you like, Japanese-style wedding or western-style wedding ?
Mr. S (guest): He performed a western-style wedding at her request.
He seemed to recall his own wedding.

4. Why do most Japanese go back hometown during summer vocation ?
TM I: Summer vocation is in Bon Festival, so that many Japanese went back their hometown to visit ancestor’s grave and to meet their old parents and old friends.

5. In some Japanese high schools, students are not allowed to bring their smartphones.
What do you think about this?
Mr. O (guest): Students’ job learns some subjects from their teachers.
But he thought they could check their email in break time.
I myself couldn’t explain clearly to questions about Japanese culture and customs.
TM M gave good questions to us.

Table Topic (即興スピーチ)
 トピックマスターはTM M:この役は初めて受けた。今日の質問は日本の文化・慣習についてです。質問は外国の人から良く聞かれたものです。

TM T:私自身子供たちに“ごめんなさい”と言いなさいと言ってきました。

TM N: 詳しくは知りませんが神社の入り口には狛犬がいます。

3. あなたは日本式の結婚式かウエスタン式のかどちらが好きですか。

  TM I:夏休みはお盆の時期で大勢の人が帰省します。そして先祖のお墓参りや年老いた両親や昔の友達と旧交を温めます。



Prepared speech session(準備スピーチ)
1st speaker was TM T.
The speech title was “closing the Gender Gap is another 100 years away”
He started to talk about his daughter to choose her job after graduation and she finally chose a teacher’s road as gender equality.
He indicated various situation and circumstances about the gender gap and closed it would disappear in another 100 years.

一番目のスピーカーはTM Tさん:娘さんの卒業後の仕事選択の話と娘さんは男女対等の職種として教師の道を選んだ話から始めた。

Recently gender problems are becoming a social issue.

2nd speaker was TM O: This was his first speech in our club, Ice Break speech.
The speech title was “Another challenge”
Started with a story of his backpack trip to the U.S. for about 2 months by a stand-by ticket just before graduation.
He used the projector to show photos, a ticket and some certificate from that time.
In his picture at that time, he said the word, “before & after”. That made us a big laugh.
At the closing, he said he wanted to improve English and “never too late” , and then entered this club.

2番目のスピーカーはTM Oさん:初めてのスピーチ、自己紹介です。
プロジェクターを使用し、当時の自分の写真では“before & after”と会場を笑わせました。
スピーチの終わりに英語を改善したい、“決して遅くない“ だからこのクラブに入会しました。

What a strong message, “never too late!!!”
He used the word of the day, ”affectionate” during delivering his speech and really looked confident. He did a wonderful speech introducing himself.


3rd speaker was TM A:
The speech title was “ I deserve it “
Her first voice, “Show me your wrist, Oh! Older members wear a watch !”
The audience laughed a lot. Then she went on talking the next word, “I’m going to quit my job, so I challenged to take some test for a next job.
On the day of the test, it was not allowed to bring your smartphone.
She struggled to get a watch before entering the exam hall but she failed.
So that she was restless and had difficulty concentrating on the exam.
She didn’t receive the result of the test but I’m prepared.

3番目のスピーカーはTM Aさん:

She always told a touching story through her own experience.
At the opening, she started with a question that made us a laugh and grabbed our attention.
Then started a serious story struggling to get a watch and challenging the test.
True-to-life speech with gestures was marvelous.


4th speaker was TM M: This was his last speech in our club because of graduation.
The speech title was “Hi, Bing!“.
He introduced what Bing was, and chatted with Bing, artificial intelligence.
He asked Bing what his communication style was, and started, “Question-and-Answer session” with Bing. Lastly he got the answer that hit him exactly.

4番目のスピーカーはTM Mさん:この春卒業でMさんの最後のスピーチ。

I didn’t know “Bing”, AI-search engine and was interested in Bing.
After the meeting I asked members how to search it and gained one new knowledge for getting smarter.


Evaluation session:
General evaluator was TM N:
His answer to the theme was “I got a valentine’s chocolate from his vital partner, rather enemy. But she might be my type”
There were 4 evaluators, TM I, TM S, TM T, TM T.
Each evaluator positively and constructively described the strengths and improvements of the Speech to the prepared speaker.
Evaluation session(論評)

GE(総合論評)はTM Nさん。

In this meeting, all role takers talked about their sweets and many speakers used the word “affectionate”.
Today’s regular meeting was adjourned in a sweet atmosphere.


The 778th Regular Meeting Report




Getting big chilly here in Yokohama, but it was full of energy in the town!




Today’s TMOD is TM. N.

Representing YTMC, she had just attended Toastmasters training. She said that adjective vocabulary is important!

今日のテーマは”New Year`s Resolution”. 一月も中盤に差し掛かりましたが、まだまだ今年の目標を立てる時期ですね。

Today’s theme is “New Year`s Resolution”.

It’s time to set goals for the year.

面白かったのがGrammarianのTM. Mがロール紹介の際、「New Year`s Resolutionを作らないのがNew Year`s Resolution」ですといって会場を沸かせていました!

It was interesting when Grammarian TM.M introduced the roles, he excited the audience by saying, “My new Year’s Resolution is not making New Year’s Resolution.”

皆さんお待ちかねのテーブルトピックの担当はTM. Mです。

Smart Phoneがupdateするように、自分自身もいつもアップデートしていきたいとポジティブなスタート。

Today`s table topic master is TM.M. She mentioned that her new year`s resolution is the to update herself like smart phone!

また、彼女は”Die with Zero”という本のコンセプトに則った質問を考えてきました。





She prepared her questions based on the concept of the book “Die with Zero”.

What’s your life’s bucket list? What can you do now? “If you can do anything, what do you want to do?”

The good thing about Toastmasters is that we can know this kind of knowledge at the meeting. I was impressed the concept of the book and just purchased this book from Amazon.

Also, this time, two of the guests were pointed for table topic speech.

Both answered so confidently that I couldn’t believe they were guests.

本日のPrepares Speakerは4人

最初のスピーカは「難しい聴衆をマネージメントする」という課題の TM.O。まるで寸劇みたいで、大笑いしました。

We had 4 prepared speakers at this meeting.

The assignment of TM.O was how to manages difficult audiences.

There were several members who interrupts his speech, but he managed nicely.

It was a great entertainment show and we all enjoyed.

ご自身のリーダーシップ体験を語ったTM.KのLeading by example.


TM.K gave a speech about leadership, title was “Leading by example”, talking about his own leadership experience. What do you do to motivate people? It was very helpful.

TM.Aは”New year`s resolutions: Too much of a good thing”


タバコの止め方Cold Turkeyなど面白い話を交えたプレゼンでした。

TM.A gave a speech “New year`s resolutions: Too much of a good thing”

Educational content using PowerPoint presentations.

It was professional presentation with interesting stories such as Cold Turkey, how to stop smoking.

最後のTM.IはBreaking free from the dependence of scolding



The last TM.I gave a speech, “Breaking free from the dependence of scolding”.

A very sensitive topic from his experience as a schoolteacher.

This is a common problem for ordinary people!

論評ももちろん4名でした。中でもBest EvaluatorをとったTM. Oは明確なポイントを指摘しておりました。本日のゲストもEvaluationが最も感銘を受けたというくらいです。


Of course, there were 4 evaluators. Among them, TM.O, who won the Best Evaluator, pointed out a clear evaluation points.  Today’s guests commented that one of the most impressed things about toastmaster was Evaluation secession.

Evaluator gave useful feedback to the speaker in a limited time, and we are so proud as toastmasters!

General EvaluatorはTM. O,

これは例会全体の論評です。 プロジェクターの光加減から、例会でのメンバーへの話す機会をどのように割り当てるのか?など、改善ポイントをたくさん指摘しました。


General Evaluator was TM. O.

General evaluation is the evaluation for the entire meeting. TM. O pointed out many improvements point such as how we allocate the spacers at the regular meeting and suggested the set up or projector in order to all audience able to see clearly.  By this kind of general evaluation, we can enhance and improve the operation of the meeting!

今回の表彰です。Best speakers of this meeting!

Best Table topic speaker: TM. O

Best Evaluator: TM. O

Best Prepared Speaker: TM. K


It was a wonderful meeting, and we all enjoyed the meeting lead by TOMOD, TM. N. Well Done!!


We all see you in the inhouse contest!!


The 777th Regular Meeting Report


また、今回からYTMCに新たな仲間TM. Oが加わることとなり、インダクションを行いました。

Happy New Year to all readers of the Regular Meeting Report. Today’s meeting was our first meeting of the year and, what a lucky number, our 777th meeting. This year’s meeting was very lively, with most of the participants attending on-site and 6 guests.
We also had an induction of a new member to YTMC, TM. O.

さて、今回のTMODはエリアディレクターのTM. T。テーマは”Be Confident in yourself!”。新年を迎えて、去年自分が自信を持てなかったことに関して、今年はそれを良くしていくぞという心意気を感じさせるテーマとなっていました。今日の言葉は”fresh”、「新鮮味のある」といった汎用性の高い言葉です。

Now, this year’s TMOD is Area Director TM. T. The theme was “Be Confident in yourself!”. The word of the day was “fresh”.

テーブルトピックマスターはTM. O。テーブルトピックは、質問に対して即興のスピーチを行うという、とても楽しいセッションです。今回は、「始めたいまたは止めたい習慣はなにか」や「誇れる習慣」、「意外に思われるだろう習慣」など、それぞれの「習慣」に関する質問をしてくれました。全般的に皆さんは健康と整理整頓への関心が高い傾向にありました。

The Table Topic Master was TM. O. The Table Topic is a very enjoyable session, with impromptu speeches in response to questions. This time, they asked questions about different ‘habits’, such as ‘What is a habit you want to start or stop’, ‘Your habit that you are proud of’ and ‘Your habit that would surprise others’. Overall, everyone tended to be very interested in health and tidying up things.

Next up was the Toastmasters’ main event, the Prepared Speech. This is a session where speakers listen to speeches that speakers made previously. This time, three speeches were given.

(1) 最初のスピーカーはTM. A。タイトルは”Be Positive and Ask for Help!”でした。昨年は夫婦共々、病院に行くことが多かったとのこと。夫が入院した際には、普段の日常がどれほど有り難いものかを実感したようです。また、周りのサポートのすばらしさに感動したとも。病院に行くことが多いなど、ネガティブなことが多かった昨年ですが、なんと最後に喜ばしいニュースが!12月に通院したところ、双子を身ごもっていることが発覚。ご懐妊おめでとうございます!
(1) The first speaker was TM. A. The title was “Be Positive and Ask for Help!” She said that she and her husband went to a doctor a lot in the last year. When her husband was hospitalised, she realised how grateful she was for her normal everyday life. She was also impressed by the wonderful support she had around her. Last year was full of bad things, but at the end of it all, there was a good news! When she went to a doctor in December, the doctor said that she was carrying twins. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

(2) 次のスピーカーは、TM. S。タイトルは”Start where you are”でした。このスピーチは、個人的な今年の目標についてのもの。その目標とは、「恋人を作ること」。どうやら、母親から「結婚しろ」という圧力があるとのこと。また、前回の例会後の飲み会で、「どのような恋人がよいか」ということを、メンバー同士と長時間の議論を交わしたようです。そのためか、スピーチの間、会場は絶えず笑いに囲まれていました。
(2) The next speaker was TM. S. The title was “Start where you are”. This speech was about personal goals for the year. The goal was to have a boyfriend. Apparently, there is pressure from her mother to get married. It also appears that she had a lengthy discussion with other members about what kind of boyfriend she would like to have at the drinking party after the last meeting. This may be why the audience was constantly surrounded by laughter during the speeches.

(3) 最後のスピーカーは、ベテランYTMCメンバーTM. T。スピーチタイトルは”If you make a wish”でした。なんとTM. Tは、今回が初めてスライドを使用したスピーチとのこと。高齢ではありますが、Tの挑戦は終わりません。スピーチの内容は、「七福神」に関するもの。七福神のそれぞれの役割等について語られました。
(3) The last speaker was veteran YTMC member TM. T. Her speech was entitled “If you make a wish”. This was TM. T’s first speech using slides. Despite her advanced age, TM. T’s challenge is not over. The content of the speech was about Shichi-huku-jin, or “the Seven Gods of Good Fortune”. She talked about the roles of each Gods.

今回のジェネラルエバリュエーターは、プレジデントのTM. Sでした。彼の下、ユーモアを交えたエバリュエーションが実施されました。
The last session is the evaluation session. This is the very session that is enlightening and makes Toastmasters Toastmasters. Members can learn from each other through feedback in the session.The Evaluator notes what is good and what needs improvement with regard to the prepared speaker’s speech. The General Evaluator then evaluates the Evaluator and the meeting as a whole.
This time the General Evaluator was President TM S. Under his leadership, the evaluations were carried out with a sense of humour.

The meeting was then concluded with a photo shoot. Due to the large number of people, it was very lively and convivial, and YTMC looks to be well on its way in the New Year!


The 776th Regular Meeting Report


Date&Time: 14:00-16:00 December 17th 2022/ Venue: Hatoba Kaikan + Online
There were 25 people including two guests participated in the meeting.

On a sunny day at the end of the year, the 776th regular meeting was held at the Hatoba Kaikan. The room was decorated for Christmas. Participants also wear Christmas props such as headdresses. At the beginning of the meeting, TM. A, who participated in Area C2’s evaluation contest and won first place, was presented with an award.

室内はクリスマスの飾りつけです。参加者も、頭飾りなど、クリスマスの小道具を身につけています。冒頭にArea C2の評論コンテストに参加して1位になったAさんの表彰がありました。Aさん、おめでとうございます。その後、定例がスタートしました。

The regular meeting then began. The TMOD for this meeting was TM.I. He conducted the meeting smoothly. The theme of this regular meeting was “Final Gift of 2022 which I want. This topic is appropriate for Christmas and the end of the year. Before each participant gave a speech, he or she announced the gift he or she would like to receive. We shared our wishes such as going back to their hometown or going to a hot spring.

今回のTMODは、TM.I。スムーズな会議を進行されました。今回の定例のテーマは“Final Gift of 2022 which I want”。2022年の最後に欲しいプレゼント。クリスマスそして年末にふさわしいトピックです。それぞれの参加者がスピーチの前に自分が欲しいプレゼントを発表しました。故郷に帰りたい、温泉に行きたい、などです。

The word of the day was “Dubious. It is a word that we do not usually use. TM. I, a veteran TMOD, repeated it and confirmed it for everyone.


The next Table Topics was moderated by TM.S. She herself collected questions she wanted to ask the members. ‘What is your own dark side, but one that you actually enjoy?’ What is an event that seemed like a loss at the time but turned out to be a good thing in the end?” How do you calm an angry person? How do you make someone over 25 cheerful? These were all interesting questions that were a bit philosophical. And the answers were all wonderful. I was amazed at how they were able to improvise such answers, and it was a table topic that really showed the high level of YTMC.

続いてのTable Topicsは、TM.Sの司会で進められました。彼女自身がメンバーに聞きたい質問を集めたそうです。「自分自身のダークサイドではあるが、実は楽しんでいるものは何ですか?」「その時は損失だと思ったが、結局はよかったと思った出来事は?」「怒っている人をどうやってなだめますか?」「25才を過ぎた人を陽気にする方法は?」など、少し哲学的で面白い質問ばかりでした。そして回答者が皆さん、素晴らしかった。よく即興でこんな回答ができるなと感嘆しました。YTMCのレベルの高さを実感するテーブルトピックでした。

Following the impromptu speech session, the preparatory speech session began. There were three speakers.

The first speaker was TM O, whose title was “Support Someone who wants to support others. He spoke about his experience of volunteering with his company colleague in a flood affected area. His speech was very persuasive because of his real-life experience on how to gather and motivate people. His speech was casual yet confident.

The next speaker, TM.S, titled “Shame on you, Takako. “ It is a story about how he responded to a person who suddenly posted a fight on the notice board at Toastmasters. It was a fun speech with serious anger, yet humorously put together, and a great summary of how to use SNS.

The third speaker, TM.N., spoke on the theme of “Lost with Translation” and talked about the strange English writing in Japan. He took pictures of strange English signs in various places and showed them to the audience. It was a good reference for me even while laughing.


最初のスピーカーはTM O、タイトルは「Support Someone who wants to support others」でした。洪水被害にあった地域を会社の有志でボランティアした体験を話されました。どうやって人を集めて、やる気にさせるか、実体験だけに説得力がありました。カジュアルでありながら自信を感じるスピーチでした。

次のスピーカーは、TM.S、タイトルは「Shame on you, Takako」。トーストマスターズでの告知板に突然に喧嘩を売るような書き込みをしてきた人への対応の話です。真剣な怒りがありながら、ユーモラスにまとめて楽しいスピーチでした。SNSの使い方のまとめも素晴らしかったです。

3番目のスピーカーは、TM.N。テーマは「Lost with Translation」 。日本にある変な英語の表記について話をされました。たんねんにいろんな場所で変な英語表記の写真をとってそれを見せながらの解説でした。笑いながらも他人事ではないと参考になりました。

After the intermission, General Evaluation session started led by TM. N. There were four evaluators, and they gave constructive and valuable feedback to each prepared speaker.
Then, we moved on to the Award session which was our main event.
The result of Award session was following.

Best Table topic Speaker: TM.M
Best Evaluator: TM.A
Best Speaker: TM.S


最優秀テーブルトピック・スピーカー TM.M
ベストエバリュエーター TM.A
ベストスピーカー TM.S

Finally, we sang “Jingle Bells” while looking at lyric’s cards brought by TMOD I. It was the first time for me to look at the lyrics of “Jingle Bells” and it was a good way to end the meeting.

The next meeting will be held on January 7 at Hatoba Kaikan.
If anyone is interested, please join us as a guest. We look forward to seeing you there.
See you at the next meeting. Thank you!




第775回例会レポート / The 775th Regular Meeting Report


The 775rd Regular Meeting Report
Date&Time: 14:00-16:00 December 3rd 2022/ Venue: Hatoba Kaikan + Online
There were 20 people including 1 guest participated in the meeting.

Time flies like an arrow. We only have two meetings left this year including one of today. “The year end” is today’s meeting theme. We had a guest, TM MW, from the other club. Today’s Toastmaster of the Day is long awaited TM TT, who is among the most experienced member in our club. Word of the Day is “Magical”, which is familiar and easy to use.

(1) 今年のトーストマスターで思い出深い経験は何ですか? → コンテストに初チャレンジ(YOさん)
(2) トーストマスターコンテストの思い出は何ですか? → 2011年のエバリュエーションディストリクト大会で2位になったこと(MWさん)
(3) 今年一番高価な買い物はなんでしたか? → 新車(HAさん)
(4) 年末までに済ませないといけないことは何ですか? → 家の大掃除(MTさん)
(5) 今年、家族で楽しんだ出来事は何ですか? → 悪い出来事は病気(NSさん)
Today’s Table Topic Master is TM KT, who is the Director of Area C2 and is also an experienced member. She asked five questions related to today’s theme. All these questions were aligned toward the end of this year.
(1) What is your most memorable experience in Toastmasters activity this year? → My first challenge to Contest (TM YO)
(2) What is the memorable magical experience about Contest? → Won the 2nd place in 2011 District Evaluation Contest (TM MW).
(3) What was the most expensive shopping this year? → New car (TM HA)!
(4) What is the stuff that you need to complete by the end of this year? → House cleaning (TM MT).
(5) What kind of enjoyable family event did you have? → A few diseases in my family (TM NS)

(1) 最初のスピーカーはATさんでした。彼は “あ~、またやってしまった!” からスピーチを始めました。このスピーチのために十分な準備をしなかったそうです。その理由は、時間がない、など3つ挙げていました。結論は“準備が肝心”。
(2)2人目は、HNさん、スピーチのタイトルは「My favorite building」。ドラム式洗濯機のような外観の中銀カプセルタワーを紹介しました。この建物には以前から興味があったそうです。取り壊される前に、この建物の観光ツアーに参加できたことを喜んでいました。
(3) 3人目は、HKさん。今日のスピーチの目的は、難しい聴衆の扱い方を練習することでした。そのため、このスピーチでは、聴衆の中に、おしゃべりな人、口をはさむ人、議論する人などの役割を演じる人がいました。そして、そのような聴衆が、彼のスピーチを妨害するのだが、彼はそれをうまく処理した。実に面白かった。
(4)最後のスピーカーは、ベテランのTNさんです。彼は、”I decide, NOT you “と言って、スピーチを始めました。そして、リーダーの3つのレベルについて説明しました。低レベルのリーダーは、自分ですべてを詳細に決定する。中堅のリーダーは、目標達成のために努力するように指示する。トップレベルのリーダーは、適切な権限委譲を行い、メンバーに力を与える。とても説得力のあるスピーチでした。

Next session is prepared speech. We had four speeches today.
(1) The first speaker was TM AT. He started his speech with “Oh, I did it again!” He did not prepare enough for this speech. He listed three reasons, like not enough time, etc. He concluded his speech that “Preparation is very important”.
(2) The second speaker was TM HN with his speech title “My favorite building”. He introduced the Nakagin Capsule Tower, which looks like drum style washing machine. He has been interested in this building for long time. He was happy to be able to participate the sightseeing tour of this building before it was demolished.
(3) The third speaker was TM HK. His speech objective today was to practice how to manage difficult audiences. Some of the audiences played the role of chatter, talker, interrupter and arguer. These role players disrupted his speech, but he successfully managed these interruptions. It was really fun.
(4) The last speaker was TM TN, who is also the experienced member. He started his speech saying “I decide, NOT you”. He explained three leader levels. Low level leader decides everything in detail. Medium level leader tells the members to work hard and achieve the goal. Top level leader empowers the members with proper delegation. Very convincing speech!


The last session is the Evaluation session. Today’s general evaluator is Ms. TS. She is also an experienced member. The evaluators were Ms. KO, Mr. MN, Ms. YO, and Ms. YN. Each evaluator pointed out the good points and areas for improvement in the target speeches. The interesting one was Mr. YO. First he asked the speaker, “Do you prefer the dry version or the gentle version?” he asked the speaker. After this, each member in a supporter role gave his/her report, and the General Evaluator summarized the entire meeting and closed the regular meeting. After the meeting, we enjoyed a drink at the nearby “82” (Scotch bar) as usual.


第774回例会レポート / The 774th Regular Meeting Report


Date&Time: 14:00-16:00 November 19th 2022/ Venue: Sakuragicho Pio city + Online
There were 23 people including two guests participated in the meeting.

TMODは熟練メンバーのTM T.N.さんです。

Like the today’s meeting theme “ Autumn”, it was clear and fine autumn weather.
The meeting started with introduction of fun guests.
Toastmaster of the day isTM T.N. who is one of very experienced YTMC members.
The word of the day is enthusiastic. I don’t like the word because its hard to pronounce! But it requires to practice in order to use smoothly. Good choice!

テーブルトピックは熱心なメンバーのTM M.N.さん。

The table topic master TM M.N. is very eager to learn and very enthusiastic member like the word of the day. Aligning to the meeting theme, the table topic is regarding “food”.
What is good to eat for breakfast? what’s your best Japanese food ever? what’s your best foreign food ever? where is the best to eat out on a weekend? Any food to eat but embarrassing. If you open a restaurant, what do you serve? Any embarrassing memory at a restaurant.
These topics were for YTMC, because many of us love to eat. All of the tables topic speakers talked so fluently. Everyone enjoyed the session.
Following the table topic, the prepared speech session starts.

トップバッターは、身長152センチのTM K.T.さん。自分の背が低いことに対してのメリット、デメリットを比較し、高いところに届かない、ズボンの裾上げにエクストラ料金がかかる!
2番目のスピーカーは我がクラブで最も若いTM K.M.
3番目のスピーカーはTM M.T.さん。人前にでることが苦手だったのを(そうは見えない)克服した経験を話してくれました。会社のプレゼンのトレーニング受講に手を上げ、部を紹介するスピーチに選ばれたこと。虎穴に入らんば虎子を得ず。挑戦することの大切さを教えてくれるスピーチでした。
4番目のスピーカーはTM N.A.さん。心の安心について。誰もが求める心理的なの安心についてそのメカニズムや不安を取り除く方法を教えてくれました、スピーチクラブという特性に合ったとてもよいトピックだったと思います。学ぶことが多いスピーチでした。

First speaker TM K.T. talked about her height. She is short (152cm), but there are pros and cons for being short. Hard to reach to higher place in her daily life, always required to get a pants short by paying an extra fees, easy to get through a crowd, get a kid’s size cloth, and so on. Whatever you like your hight or not, just accept it, that was her closing which hit me because I didn’t like my 167cm hight.
The second speaker was TM K.M. who is the youngest member in our club. He introduced a bo-taoshi game which is a traditional game in Japanese militarily. He showed us a video of the game that I never seen before. It seemed fierce and violent! He explained the rule and how to play the game including the player’s role with beginners−friendly words. It was like a rugby game but get a pole held by players to win. Very interesting.
The third speaker was TM M.T. He said he had a stage fright, he doesn’t seem so though,. He talked how he overcame the stage fright he used to have. He voluntarily took a presentation workshops at work and accepted to introduce his department at his workplace. No venture, no gain. We all learnt importance to keep challenging.
The 4th speaker was TM N.A. He talked about psychological safety. He thought us mechanism of psychological safety which all people is seeking for and how to remove anxiety. The topic was great for us because it was matched our speciality saying speech club. We also learnt a lot.

GEは副会長のTM H. O.さん、論評セッションとはをゲストに優しい分かりやすい説明で始めてくれました。
最初の論評者はTM N.S.さん、良いポイントをたくさん挙げてくれ、スピーカーのモチベーションを上げてくれる論評でした。
2番目の論評者は次の日論評コンテストへクラブ代表として参加するTM H.A. さん。スピーチタイトルを上達ポイントにあげましたが、指摘も笑いを取ってくれるH.A. さんの手法はさすがです。論評者をビビらせないように!というコメントが個人的にはツボでした。
3番目はTM T.K.さん。よいポイントとアドバイスを的確にあげ、お手本のような論評でした。
4番目の論評者は、TM T.K. さん。洗練されたスピーチを、かっこよすぎる!と表現したT.K. さんの論評も、役立つアドバイスがふんだんに含まれていてスピーカー本人のみならず、学ぶことの多い論評でした。
TM H. O. さんが最後に総括を順番にしていきましたが、冒頭から一つ一つ丁寧にピックアップしてくれコメントしてくれました。一人一人の論評者のコメントも、みんなが思っていることを代弁してくれ、笑いのある総括でした。クラブのムードメーカーですね。

The general evaluator today was Vice President TM H. O. He started with giving us guest-friendly explanation of what the evaluation session was.
The first evaluator was TM N.S. He gave a very motivational evaluation for the speaker by raising many good points.
The second evaluator was TM H.A. who would be attending the area evaluation contest next day as a contestant. She picked a speech title for an improvement point. She used humor to point out what would be better which was quite technical. Personally, it was fun that she said “please do not scare the evaluator”.
The third evaluator was TM A.T. His evaluation could be an example of “THE” evaluation by raising good points and sound advice.
The 4th evaluator was TM T.S. She expressed TM N.A’s sophisticated speech “too sophisticated”. Her evaluation contained lots of usual advices not only for a speaker but for all of us. We could get a lot from her.
TM H. O. evaluated a whole meeting at the last. He went back to the begging and picked point by point carefully. He also gave a feedback to each evaluators by representing the audience’s minds with a humor. He always lift the mood of members.

Results of Today’s awards
The best table topic speaker: TM Y.A.
The best evaluator: TM T.S.
The best prepared speakers: TM K.T.

We are genderless, ageless and multinational club. Very friendly, kind and homelike. Should you have any interests, please come and visit us!