答えやすい質問だと楽しい♪即興英語スピーチ / 横浜トーストマスターズクラブ第701回例会レポート



Meeting Theme: Typhoons / 今回の例会テーマ:台風


We have experienced many rainy days and typoons, expecially in every weekends since early of August. So many members refered to the things happned in the last few weeks.


■Word of the day / 今日の言葉

Conducted by TM.K.N



1.of extreme beauty
2.delicately beautiful
3.lavishly elegant and refined
4.intense or sharp

e.g. exqusite flowers, exquisite taste in furniture, in exquisite detail, exquisite skill


■Table Topic / テーブルトピックスピーチ(即興スピーチ)

Table Topic Master : TM T.S

Theme: Pros and cons of being someone, something, being in a particular situation or status.


【Q1】The first human stepped on Mars.
Speaker TM. S.G Time:1.43 min.

【Q2】A cat
Speaker TM K.N Time:1.42 min.

【Q3】A father
Speaker TM T.N Time:2.09 min.

【Q4】Dnald trump
Speaker TM H.O Time:1.45 min.

【Q5】A newspaper
Speaker TM H.m Time:2.12 min.

【Q6】A woman
Speaker TM H.A Time:1.51 min.

【Q7】Old (aged)
Speaker TM N.S Time:1.38 min.

【Q8】Old brother
Speaker TM T.M Time:1.02 min.

Speaker Guest: Mr.R.I Time:2.15 min.

【Q10】A man
Speaker TM S.T Time:1.41 min.

Speaker Guest: Ms.A.Y Time:1.12 min.


It looked enjoyable to respond pros and cons on a specific issue. Many members had an opportunity to make a comment on each topic respectively despite they had their own another role in the meeting—amazingly we had no members who has no assignment in the meeting. So even a guest was appointed to answer a question.


■Prepared Speech / 準備スピーチ

【1】Speech title: “My Brotherhood”
Pathways “Innovative Planning”
Level-1 Project 2 <Evaluation and Feedback> 1st speech
Speaker TM T.M Time:6.14 min.

He talked about his younger brother who has it all and relations how to deal with it emotionally comparing with “Space Brothers”, Japanese comic.


【2】Speech title: “What is Simple Life?”
Pathways “Leadership Development”
Level-1 Project 2 <Evaluation and Feedback> 1st speech
Speaker TM H.A Time:6.39 min.

Her speech was about organizing and the way how not to have lots of things. The idea was from Marie Kondo who is a professional.


【3】Speech title: “My ideal leader”
Pathways “Dynamic Leadership”
Level-2 Project 1 <Understanding Your Leadership Style>
Speaker TM K.O Time:8.18 min. (over time)

He was requested to give a speech of his leadership style which was guided by Pathways project.


【4】Speech title: “Skinholic”
Pathways “Team Collaboration”
Level-2 Project 1 <Understanding Your Leadership Style>
Speaker TM S.H Time:5.03 min.

She talked about the way of her skin care which is linked to her job as a teacher and leader.


All the speakers performed well because they seem to have made a preparation satisfactorily. It contributes a good mood in a club meeting and it is no doubt that other members are impresed and encouraged.


■Evaluation / 論評

【1】Evaluation for 1st speech
 Evaluator TM A.I Time:3.17min.

Well organized.
Very understandable to the audience.

Use more vocal variety and gestures.
Conclusion was a bit weak.


【2】Evaluation for 2nd speech
Evaluator TM H.O Time:3.38 min.

The topic was very interesting.
Good opening with asking questions.
Speech structure was simple, opening, body with two rules and conclusion.
Strong statement. Easy to get her message.

How to use the presentation materials.
Maybe it was not necessary to use the visual aid because she has good skill to deliver without it.

《How to improve》
Conversation in a speech could be made as a role playing instead of using the visual aid.


【3】Evaluation for 3rd speech
Evaluator TM Y.A Time:3.11 min.

Conclusion with future oriented

The opeing with explaing his project was not necessary since the audience already knew.
There was no why and how from 5Ws1H which is crucial and essential to a speech. The speech cannot be convincing without them.
Time over for prepard speech cannot be tolerated.


【4】Evaluation for 4th speech
Evaluator TM T.N Time: 3.18min.

Speech structure was simple.

It’s better to talk more about leadership style.



Each evaluator did a good job and the GE (TM N.S.) gave an overall evaluation without a hesitation to suggeat critical points where necessary. They all were constructive to encourage members continue to attend and enjoy a club meeting.


■General Evaluation / 総合論評

TMOD prepared well.

2.今日のTable Topicのテーマがよかった。答えやすくいい質問だった。
The theme of today’s table topic was good. Easy to answer. Good questions.

Today’s speeches were based on speaker’s experiences so that they became pursuasive.

TM.A.Y pointed out all improvement points. She needed to pick a good point in order to encourage him.


■Grammarian’s report / 文法係のレポート

1.“Pros and Cons” はラテン語からきている言葉。使うと勉強しているなと思わせることができる。“Pros and Cons” は’Advantage and Disadvantage’.と言い換えることができる。
“Pros and Cons” is from Latin language. If you can use it, people think you’re educated. ‘Pros and Cons’ can be said ‘Advantage and Disadvantage’.

2.’I envy him’は’I’m jealous’ が一般的。
‘I envy him’ can be ‘I’m jealous’ which is more common to use.

※envyとjealousの違い by minutes writer.
Envy occurs when we lack a desired attribute enjoyed by another.
Jealousy occurs when something we already possess (usually a special relationship) is threatened by a third person.

3.’a peaceful mind’は’a peaceful state of mind’とも言える。
‘a peaceful mind’ can be ‘a peaceful state of mind’.


■Award / 表彰

【Best Table Topic Speaker】TM N.S

【Best Evaluator】TM H.O

【Best Speaker】TM S.H, TM T.M


Agin I apprecaite so much to those who attended the meeting despite of a rainy day.



祝700回!「伝統」と「挑戦」2つの価値観でYTMCはこれからも進化し続けます! / 横浜トーストマスターズクラブ第700回記念例会レポート



Finally, we reached 700th meeting on Oct.5th,2019!! I was very honored to be Toastmaster of The Day at the memorable meeting. A venue was Sakuragi-cho Pio City. Many member and guests came to our special meeting. The number of participants was more than 40! We could feel special atmosphere to the meeting. However, our agenda remained VERY standard.


■Today’s Guest / 本日のゲスト


The number of guests of this meeting was 17.
(6 non-toastemasters guests and 11 other toastmasters members)



■Word of the day / 今日の言葉

Presented by TM.S.T.


1《口語》 すばらしい,すてきな
a marvelous dinner [suggestion] すばらしいディナー[提案].
marvelous power 不思議な才能

extremely good, enjoyable, impressive etc
類義語 wonderful
e.g.‘How was your holiday?’ ‘Marvellous!’



Presented by TM.M.F.

He brought a Toastmaster magazine and introduced an episode of “influence to others” with using a broccoli. He is one of speakers in YTMC who has humor in his speech and action.



Presented by TM.T.T.

She introduced two jokes. These jokes were so cute and characteristic of her.



■Table Topic / テーブルトピックスピーチ(即興スピーチ)

Today’s table topic was presented by TM.H.O. with no special theme but primary related to Toastmasters.

【Q1】How do you explain Toastmaster to your friend or family who doesn’t know about Toastmasters at all?
Speaker TM. S.G Time:1.20 min.

【Q2】What was your best speech that you ever made? Why you feel so?
Speaker TM H.M Time:2.25 min.

【Q3】What is the moment you feel most, “a table topic session is beneficial”.
Speaker TM.Y.O Time:1.48 min.

【Q4】If you could go back in your time tell younger yourself, what advise do you give him/her?
Speaker TM Y.S (Guest) Time:1.17 min.

【Q5】If you travelled with naked to 200 years ago, how do you prove that you come from future?
Speaker TM.S.A Time:1.41 min.

【Q6】If you want to switch a lives with someone for a day, who it would be?
Speaker TM.H.T Time:1.49 min.



We had Tips, Joke and Table Topics session before a prepared session. That progress is a traditional style that YTMC has been continuing for more than 30 years. After that, 4 speakers and evaluators gave their speech and evaluation with their own character. I’m sure that all participants enjoyed our standard session.



■Prepared Speech / 準備スピーチ

【1】Speech title: “Picture your audience naked?”
Pathways “Presentation Mastery” 5-7 min.
Level-1 Project 2
Speaker TM Y.A Time:7.04 min.

She talked about five terrible speaking tips to ignore.




【2】Speech title: “Did you meet Yokota?”
Pathways “Innovative Planning”
Level-1 Project 2
Speaker TM A.I Time:6.46 min.

His speech was about an incident occurred due to pronunciation in two different languages with his humor.




【3】Speech title: “Let’s grab a coffee!”
Pathways “Dynamic Leadership”
Level-2 Project 3
Speaker TM R.K Time:7.26 min.

He gave a speech about a communication method between mentor and mentee which is very helpful to Toastmasters club.



【4】Speech title: “700”
Pathways “Dynamic Leadership”
Level-1 Project 2

Speaker TM T.S Time:8.21 min. (over time)
She showed science how to fall in love and analyse the steps of love.

He introduced that the pathway to the 700th regular meeting of YTMC with photo and history.



We celebrated the anniversary with TM.H.M handmade cake cut by the current president TM. K.O, TM.S.I who contributed to YTMC long time and TM.H.M who made the cake and TM.S.O as representitive of guests.



■Evaluation / 論評

【1】Evaluation for 1st speech
 Evaluator TM K.T Time:3.36min.

Happy anniversaryと初めの挨拶で聴衆の注意を引いた。
Good opening with a greeting “happy anniversary!” and drawing attention of the audience.
Contents with triggered by the actual incident happening in the regular meeting and quoting the expression that the native English speaker actually use.

Not only intorducing five terrilble speaking tips but also talk about her experience may makes her speech better and persuasive.
Send the evaluation sheet in advance.


【2】Evaluation for 2nd speech
Evaluator TM W.Y Time:3.37 min.

How he talked made the audience picture the situation easily without any visual aid.
Keywords “Yokota” gave the audience imagination how’s the story going on.
Smooth delivery with his style.

Make a pause during the speech, the audience has difficulties to follow due to smoothness of his speech.


【3】Evaluation for 3rd speech
Evaluator TM M.N Time:3.07 min.

Opening with confidence and drawing the audience attention.
Comfortable way of his talking.
The speech contents had a perfect match to his project.

Time management. There was not enough time for a conclusion.


【4】Evaluation for 4th speech
Evaluator TM N.S Time: 3.08min.

The speech content are matched with the 700th anniversary with a visual aid of the very first regular meeting of YTMC and also story of the pot.

Tendency of fading out his voice at the end of sentence.



■General Evaluation / 総合論評

1.TM M.FのTipsは生のブロッコリーを掲げて、聴衆の注意を引いた。大勢の前でジョークを披露したTM T.Tの勇敢さに感謝。
Tips presented by TM M.F with row brrocoli was good to draw the audience attention.
TM T.T were brave to take joke roke

Good conduction of the table topic.

3.TM K.Tの “good!” というときのジェスチャーに説得力がある。
TM W.Yの行儀のよい整理された論評。4つの良い点を挙げるのはなかなかできないこと。
TM K.T, her gesture when she said “good!” is persuasive.
TM W.Y, well-organized and well-mannered and picked four good points which is usually hard to do.

4.TM M.Nが行った二つの利点というフレーズは、通常良い点というのに比べてスマート。
TM N.Sはリラックスしており、ネガティブなコメントもシリアスにはならず、スピーカーの気分を害さないコミカルな話し方がよい。
TM M.N, he said two advantages, not good points which sounds smarter.
TM N.S, he looked relaxed, he gave a negative comment but sounds not too serious and very comical which did not make a speaker offended.


■Grammarian’s report / 文法係のレポート

The sequence of tenses.

Pronounciation. Unclear pronounciation may cause a massage undelivered.


■Award / 表彰

【Best Table Topic Speaker】TM H.T (Guest)

【Best Evaluator】TM N.S

【Best Speaker】TM S.I



YTMC is one of traditional clubs in Japan. There are tons of valuable things which former members had created. Our club still keeps some of them like the standard agenda. On the other hand, we try to do something new and welcome new members actively. What our attractive thing is that members join meetings with accepting both sense of values.Now, YTMC will take one step from the next meeting again!