第760回例会レポート / The 760th Regular Meeting Report


2.022-04-16 (Sat) YTMC 760 regular meeting was attended by 18 on-site members and guests, and 10 on-line members and guests. 
Madam President T. S attended on-line, as she will give Division contest speech tomorrow, but she started and closed the meeting very well as usual. TM O, YTMC next term Club Officer Nomination committee chair, announced officer nominees, and also announced the election day is 2022-May-7th.
Toastmaster of the Day, TMOD, was TM T. This was his 2nd TMOD experience.
Table Topic Master was TM. S, who prepared various coins, and she asked the Table Topic speaker to talk about his/her memory about the year shown on the spcific coins, which was the new Table Topic approach. If a Table Topic speaker wanted, TM S gave another question instead. By the way, what does Table Topic session means?
Topics told among the people who are eating around the same table, may be changed from one to others so quickly. And suddenly you may be asked “what do you think of the topic”. You need to give your opinion right away. This session is impromptu speaking training.
Then we moved to the prepared speech session.
The first speaker was TM T, her speech title was “What is My name”. She talked about how women were called by others, and how does a woman want to be called.
The second speaker was TM S, his speech title was “Our Children”. The title was shocking, but he talked about hi-tech animal toys he had.
The third speaker was TM O, his speech title was “For YTMC New Members”, Introduction of YTMC, YTMC presidents.
The fourth speaker was T. S. This was the rehearsal of Division contest speech.
The 2nd and 3rds speeches were overtimed, but these speeches were qualified.
Evaluation session was managed very well by the General Evaluator TM M.
1st evaluator was TM A, who evaluated TM T’s speechl.
2nd evaluator was TM O, who evaluated TM S’s speech.
3rd evaluator was TM A, who evaluated TM O’s speech.
4th evaluator was TM I who evaluated TM S’s speech.
Every evaluator raised 3 good points, and at least one improvement point.
Grammatical report by TM O pointed, instead of Best sample, rather use best practice.
TM N reported voting result to TMOD, and the results were announced by TMOD. 
Best Table Topic speaker was TM M.
Best Evaluator was TM A.
Best prepared speaker was TM O. 
TMOD passed control to the president, who asked short comments from all of the guests.

YTMC 760 定例会は2022年4月16日メンバー、ゲスト合わせてオンサイト18名、オンライン10名の出席で行われました。
プレジデント、Sは翌日のDivision Contest のリハーサルのためOn-Line で出席でしたが定例会の開会、閉会をいつものように和やかに行っていました。
クラブ役員ノミネーション委員会のTM Oは 当日予定されていた通り 指名委員会としてのnomineeの発表を行い 投票日が5月7日であることを再確認しました。
Toastmaster of the Day, TMOD, はTM Tで これが彼の2回目のTMODの経験です。
Table Topic Master は TM Sでした。彼女は手元のコインを使い, TT Speakerにコインの製造年と同じ年の記憶を話してもらう新しい趣向のTable Topic sessionでした。もしTable Topic speaker が希望すればTM S が別の質問に変えました。
ところで Table Topic session とはどういう意味か説明をしましょう。
同じテーブルで食事をする人々の話題は次から次と変わります。突然 あなたに振られ “あなたはこのトピックにつぃてどういうご意見をお持ちですか” と聞かれるかもしれません。すぐに答える訓練がTable Topic セッションです。
続いてprepared speech セッションです。
最初のspeakerはTで, 題名は”What is My name”です。このスピーチで、女性が他人に何と呼ばれるかの問題、どう呼ばれたいかを議論しています。
2番目の speakerはTM Sで題名は”Our Children”です。題名はショッキングですが、内容はハイテクの動物のオモチャの話です。
3番目の speakerはTM Oで題名は”For YTMC New Members”で, YTMC, YTMC presidentsの話です。
4番目のspeakerはTM S題名は”Quitters Never Win”。当スピーチは、 Division contest speechのリハーサルでしたので Best Speakerの投票候補には入っていません。
Evaluation session はGeneral Evaluator TM Mによってうまくマネージされました。.
1番目のevaluator はTM Aで, TM Tのスピーチの評論を行いました。
2番目のevaluator はTM Oで, TM Sのスピーチの評論を行いました。
3番目のevaluator はTM Aで, TM Oのスピーチの評論を行いました。
4番目のevaluator はTM Iで, TM Sのスピーチの評論を行いました。
TM O はGrammatical reportとして Best sample, よりbest practiceなどといったほうが良いと指摘しました。
TM N はTMODに投票結果を報告、TMODは結果を発表しました。
ベストテーブルトピックspeakerはTM M.
Best Evaluator はTM A.
Best prepared speaker は TM O でした。
TMOD はpresidentにコントロールを戻しました。プレジデントはゲストの皆さんに短いコッメントをお願いしました。



第759回例会レポート / The 759th Regular Meeting Report


On April 2, a pleasant spring breeze blew in Yokohama Harbor, and the 759th meeting of the Yokohama Toastmasters Club was held. The venue was the club’s home venue, Hashiba Kaikan.
There were 8 participants at the venue and 14 participants online, for a total of 22 people.

The theme of the meeting was “Grandma’s Knowledge.
At the beginning of the meeting, the day’s moderator (TMOD), A-san, started the meeting in a friendly atmosphere by sharing episodes related to Grandmas’ Wisdoms collected from each role taker.
The word of the day was “Auspicious” tastefully chosen by newcomer T-san. The new word was put into the members’ heads.

Newcomer P-san was also in charge of the impromptu speech session, and she prepared a variety of life wisdom questions related to the theme of the meeting. What advice would you give to young people? What was the most impactful event in your life? What’s the best thing about being a parent?” What words would you send to your child on his or her coming-of-age day? What did you learn from your parents? Who encouraged you to leave your hometown? Such as. Simple questions, but they elicited a wide range of experiences and thoughts from the respondents. Really, they were all great questions. Awesome!

In the prepared speeches section, four speakers presented their speeches.
The first was A-san, who is a brand manager at a manufacturing company. It was a unique speech that imitated branding training for new employees, and it was impressive that T-san, who was suddenly assigned by A-san to play the role of a new employee, was surprised when he answered the question.

The second was N-san, a yachtsman who delivered a public speech honoring a star he admired. The star he admires is also a famous yachtsman. The name “Young General” should ring a bell, right? I felt his extraordinary fan spirit.

Third was K-san, an engineer who talked about his hero, Edison, who became an engineer because of his admiration for Edison. He said he became an engineer because of his admiration for Edison, but that admiration led to his company sending him to the U.S., where he was able to realize various ideas he had at work and achieve success. Who is your hero/heroine!”

The fourth speaker, I-san, an active teacher, talked about education, saying that “thinking is more important than crammed knowledge,” and his talk based on his own experiences and real feelings was very convincing. It was an opportunity for us to rethink the importance of “the ability to think” in a world that will become more and more complex in the future. I listened while nodding my head.

Thank you all for your wonderful speeches.

In the evaluation session, veteran members gave thoughtful advice to each speaker: I-san gave advice on how to save time by using slides; K-san gave advice on how to attract interest with an episode that only the speaker knows; M-san gave advice on how to refrain from introducing oneself in a negative light. T-san advised the use of body language in speech assignments.

The best prepared speaker was K-san, the best table topic speaker was guest I-san, and the best reviewer was T-san.

It was another productive meeting.


ミーティングのテーマは「おばあちゃんの知恵袋(Grandma’s Knowledge)」。