第739回例会レポート / The 739th Regular Meeting Report


Date&Time: 14:00-16:00, June 5th
Venue: Hatoba Kaikan + Online

The 739th meeting was held at Hatoba Kaikan.












There were 29 participants (Onsite 15/Online 14) including 4 guests.
One of guests was a member of other club to see what YTMC is doing.
We hope there are something he can take back to his club.

TM HM presented the word of the day as “hilarious”.
It means extremely funny and causing a lot of laughter.

TM TN, one of our experienced members, took a TMOD role.
He led the meeting with stable and solid. Nicely done.












Table topics session was facilitated by TM TT, the elderest member of our club.
She gave the straight choice between two to 6 respondents.
They struggled in answering the question but it is the best part of impromptu speech.

In prepared speech session, 4 prepared speakers challenged the objectives of each one.
– TM NS made a fun speech about paper check from the U.S.A and letter from the Whitehouse.
– TM MO explained the benefit of Yoga, she demonstrated some asana.
– TM AI gave us the informative presentation about pros and cons of Brexit.
– TM SI elaborated the negotiation with his family whether buying a new house or a camper
after his compulsory retirement.













TM KI went through the evaluation session as a general evaluator.
She suggested some improvement ideas for the meeting, well done.
Also, 4 Evaluators gave feedback to each prepared speakers from technically and psychologically.














It was a successful meeting since role takers carefully orchestrated well.

The next meeting will be held at Kaiko Kinen Kaikan on June 19th,
it will be the very last meeting for the YTMC cabinet 2020-2021 and a small ceremony of changing club leadership to be held.

We would like to express the sincere appliciation for everything done by the officers!

See you soon.


第738回例会レポート / The 738th Regular Meeting Report


Date&Time: 14:00-16:00 May 15th
Venue: Yokohama City Kaiko Kinen Kaikan + Online

The 738th meeting was held at Kaiko Kinen Kaikan.
29 participants including 2 guests attended the meeting (Onsite 15, Online 14).

The word of the day was “Assertively”. All members tried to use that assertively.














TMOD is taken by TM TM, it was his first attempt for it.
He conducted the meeting very effectively,
it was hard to believe he did not take the role until then.

TM MO took the role of table topics, it was her first attempt as well.
She brought us good questions and the respondents had a fun to answer these questions.














In prepared speech session, there were 4 prepared speakers.
– TM AR explained linguistic characteristics across middle east countries.
– TM TS made a speech about her mentor with full of body language and facial expressions.
– TM AT reviewed the new member acquisition strategy for this term as a Vice President Membership.
– TM HN discribed his remote work experience in this COVID 19 pandemic situation.














Evaluators gave feedback to each prepared speakers both technically and emotionally.

All members had a fun time, much appreciated all member’s efforts on making the meeting good.

The next meeting will be held at Hatoba Kaikan on June 5th.
Let’s make another fun time with us!


第737回例会レポート / The 737th Regular Meeting Report


Date&Time: 14:00-16:00 May 1st (Sat)
Venue: Yokohama City Kaiko Kinen Kaikan + Online














The 737th regular meeting was something irregular since we had the officer election
for the next term (July 2021 – June 2022) at the beginning of the meeting.
7 experienced members raised their hands to take the important roles.
Election was finished with approval by all other members.
Congratulations on being new officers!

TMOD was taken by one of the founders of this club who has over 30 years experience in toastmasters.
His facilitation from online was perfect and brilliant.














Each session was shortened compared with usual because of election.

Table Topics master was TM HI, she is also veteran member.
She asked all respondents to respond questions by adding something exaggerated action or gesture.
TM HM won the best table topic speaker since he elaborated his experience
in watching the ice hockey game live in Canada.
He effectively acted the fight with stick, great job!

Prepared speech slot was 3,
TM ZW performed ice breaker speech by expressing his immigrant experience.
TM KM made a speech about discussion with US military officers.
TM HA explained the power of SNS through her experience in the company.

All of their speech were impressive, it was difficult to select the best one.













TM MK took the role of general evaluator, it was the first attempt as a GE.
3 evaluator gave feedback to each prepared speaker, their advices were not only technical skills
but also emotional thing to make the speech better, excellent!

The meeting was successfully finished as usual,
I would like to express my appreciation for the support all members gave.

The next meeting will be held at the same venue.
Hoping everyone has a wonderful “golden week” and see you in two weeks!


第736回例会レポート / The 736th Regular Meeting Report


Date&Time: 14:00, April 17th
Venue: Hatoba Kaikan + Online
















The 736th meeting was started on time.
There are 28 participants on that day, 14 each for both onsite and online.
It is good for members to join wherever we are as long as internet connectivity here.













TMOD was TM ST, the very first attempt for the role to my surprise.

He did a good job to make it fun during the meeting.


TM KO took the table topics session master.
He performed to make “impromptu” questions according to the previous question.
All the members experienced the thrills of unexpected questions with fun.
















Prepared speech was made by 4 members.
TM HO told the interesting story from the memory with his father.
TM YO completed level 2 program.
The fruit of serendipity by using SNS by TM KT.
TM HM became the 2nd completion member of Level4.

Each 4 speaker did great job except exceeding designated time.
Time management is very important for developing leadership, let’s improve it.

Evaluators adressed both good and bad feedback to speakers.
I am looking forward to listening to the next speech of today’s participants.

At the end of the meeting, the announcement of candidates of officers
for the 2021-22 term of YTMC.
Apparently all candidates are well experienced officers before,
I believe they will bring our club to the best club.

The next meeting to be held on May 1st during “the golden week” in Japan.
Hoping many participants on site and online.

See you real soon!


第735回例会レポート / The 735th Regular Meeting Report


Date&Time: April 3rd, 2021

Venue: Yokohama Kaiko Kinen Kaikan + Online















The first hybrid meeting in this year was held with 25 participants including 1 guest
(Onsite 15, Online 10).

TM W became a YTMC membership after joining our meeting twice.
Let’s learn public speech with us!

TM I conducted the meeting as a Toastmaster of the day, she showed a sense of stability in the meeting.

Firstly TM T introduced the word of the day as “snappy”, most of us could use the word since it was easy to tell.

The Table Topics session was done by TM T, it was very interesting.
Master asked the fiest respondent to tell 3 favorite foods including a fake, then respondents try to detect the fake and tell the reasons why.
The highlight was the spouse of the first respondent assigned to find her dislike food but his answer was wrong.
I believe he knows it but provided wrong answer intentionally.













4 speeches were performed at the prepared speech session.

TM I explained the difference between coaching and mentoring.
TM NM told the importance of patience through his experience.
TM NT icebroke why he joined toastmasters.
TM M made a speech about how to survive in the cross cultural environmnent.

All speeches were fun and informative. Fantastic!

TM A took a General Evaluator role, she observed the meeting and her comment about the meeting was effective.
Evaluators gave them valuable feedback, utilizing vocal variety was touched by multiple evaluators.
















Overall, the hybrid meeting was finished successfully.
It is wonderful for me to meet members face to face and go to pub after the meeting.
Many of us enjoyed both the regular meeting and after session with drink.

The next meeting to be done on April 17th.
Looking forward to meeting more members at the site.


第734回例会レポート / The 734th Regular Meeting Report


Date&Time: March 20th, 2021

Venue: Online


The 734th meeting was held via online with 25 participants including 2 guests.
















TM T took the TMOD (ToastMaster Of the Day).

Table topic speech was conducted by TM T, he made wonderful and challenging questions about health.
Respondents squeezed their ideas to answer his question. Great job!

4 speakers performed at the prepared speech session.

TM A’s speech was how she overcame her setback.
TM K spoke about the importance of finding a mentor.
TM O shared tips for negotiating others successfully.
TM I explained the reasons why typical Japanese do not like to learn English.















Their speeches were fantastic!

Evaluation session was done by TM M.
5 evaluators including an evaluation for evaluator.
I believe all evaluators were able to encourage speakers to improve their speech skills for sure
by delivering effective suggestions.

Overall, the meeting was a great one as always.

The next meeting will be held on March 3rd. We plan to have hybrid meeting (onsite and online)
I am very looking forward to seeing you face to face shortly.

All the best!




第733回例会レポート / The 733th Regular Meeting Report


Date&Time: March 6th 14:00-16:00
Venue: Online via zoom

The 733th meeting was done with 26 participants (Member: 24, Guests: 2)!
TM O facilitated the meeting
















TM NS went through the Table Topics Session.
He asked us to tell about the social issues like hyper aging society, COVID 19 and others.
Some members struggled with respond to the question, but it was good to think about such touchy issues.

4 members did prepared speeches for this time.

TM N broke the ice as a new member. She explained the reason why she started toastmasters.
TM RK also did a 3rd time of ice breaker speech. He explained why he is dedicated to the supporter roles.
TM MK explained the great depression and TM M humorously told the science of ranking.

Some evaluators gave critical feedback to speakers. I think it is very good for speakers to make a better speech going forward.
Great job!















The next meeting will be done on March 20th via online because the state of emergency has been extended in Tokyo area.

See you soon.


第732回例会レポート / The 732th Regular Meeting Report


Date&Time: February 20th 14:00-16:00
Venue: Online via zoom














The 732th online meeting was held via online since the state of emergency of COVID 19 continues in grater Tokyo area including our area.

Even in such situation, 29 participants (Member: 25, Guests: 4) joined the meeting. That was fantastic! 

TM I took MC role (a.k.a TMOD in Toastmasters), it was very hard to believe that she was the first attempt. She performed master of ceremony flawlessly.

Table Topics Session was conducted by TM K.
He prepared questions and did like lucky draw. the members picked number and respond question in the paper.
It was very interesting trial, thanks.

For Prepared speech, 4 prepared speakers performed.

TM N did an ice breaker speech as a new face, she expressed the reason why she decided to join toastmasters.
TM IN also told his story when he joined the club.
TM IM explained Demon slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) to elderly people.
TM T spoke about the best joy on his travel.

Evaluators gave valuable feedback to each speaker.

The meeting was closed successfully thanks to TMOD and supporter’s work.


Right after the regular meeting, we had a special practice session for area contestants to win at the area contest.

All the best!
















The next meeting will be done on March 6th via online.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2 weeks.


インハウススピーチコンテスト / YTMC In-house Speech Contest


Date&Time: 14:00-16:00 February 6th, 2021

Venue: Online





















We had a special event, in-house speech contest.

This is held once a year, speech competition begins with club contests and winners compete upward through the area, division, district, regional and international.


YTMC is normally conducts the meeting in English, however, we have both English and Japanese at the contest.

There are 4 contestant in English, 2 in Japanese.

I should not mention the details of the contest since some of them proceeds to upper stream but each of them made a great speech.

Two each for both English and Japanese advanced to the area 52 contest which will be held on March 7th. 


Congratulations four of us and all the best!



第729回例会レポート / The 729th Regular Meeting Report


Date&Time: January 23th 14:00-16:00

Venue: Solely Online via zoom
















We conducted the online meeting because of continuing the state of emergency in Tokyo and Yokohama.

25 participants (Member: 23, Guests: 2) joined the meeting virtually. 


Induction ceremony was held 3 consecutive meetings, one members joined our meeting twice.

She took a step forward to be our member in order to have courage to make a speech in public.

All the best!


TMOD (ToastMaster Of the Day) role was taken by TM M, that was the first attempt for him.

He did a wonderful job to facilitate the meeting even he faced some troubles in that meeting.

Also, he prepared to make participants fun, Fantastic.


Table Topics Session was conducted by TM K.

He used this session to make new members understand the toastmasters meeting roles since we acquired 11 new members in half a year.

New members expressed worries at taking particular roles, experienced ones give tips and advices to them.

I think it is a good idea to use time effectively since we have many members who want to speak out, good job!


All 4 prepared speeches were interesting.

TM O who became our member from the last meeting performed an ice breaker speech, she expressed the reason why she decided to join toastmasters.

TM IH made a speech about streaming drama she is into, she succeeded in convincing us to see it by acting a scene from that.

TM IA told an experience in air travel with humor.

TM IM tried to introduce a blockbuster movie “Demon Slayer” however, it is regrettable that the speech was postponed due to network trouble at speaker side. We are expecting the next opportunity.


The meeting came to a successful conclusion as always.

Everyone helped TM M to make a smooth process, guests were enjoyed like us.


The next meeting is our in-house speech contest, am looking forward to seeing wonderful speeches.

See you soon!