第717回例会レポート – Challenge



Date and Time: 14:00, July 4th, 2020

We were back in Hatoba-Kaikan and hosted hybrid meeting via zoom.








At the beginning, we had an induction ceremony and welcoming 2 new members!

That boded very well for our club!

Then the meeting was conducted based on Roberts rules of order as usual.

Four public speakers and four evaluators colored our meeting. It was fantastic!

Also, our VPE ran a workshop with all participants to determine the educational strategies for this term.



















We are continuously trying to accumulate know-how on methods of hybrid meeting to ensure all participants enjoy the meeting. Please give your feedback if any.







第716回例会レポート – The New Normal











来期オフィサーの就任セレモニーでは、新会長が来期スローガン”Blue Hub”を紹介しました。横浜の”青”、人と人を繋ぐ”ハブ”、私たちが愛してやまない”パブHub(82)”など色々な思いが詰まった素晴らしいスローガンでした。早くも来期が楽しみです。






TMOD and 2019-2020 President




We, Yokohama Toastmasters Club, held a hybrid (online + onsite) meeting on June 20th. At the venue Hiranuma Memorial Rest House there are 19 participants joined the meeting (13 attendees including 2 guests on site and 6 including 1 guest via online)

The day was the last regular meeting of the 2019-2020 toast fiscal year. It means that it was the last meeting for me as a president of this club too. It was a cool idea that I took the role of TMOD on the very last day. Thanks.

The theme of the meeting was “The New Normal”.


We had improvised speeches session with guests and 4 prepared speeches so the meeting was very lively. I felt that everyone’s skills are improved for their one year of efforts by listening to each member’s English speech. I re-recognized the significance of the Toastmasters activity.


At the next term officer installation ceremony, the new president introduced the next term slogan “The Blue Hub!”.  It was a wonderful slogan that has multiple meanings, such as the “blue” of Yokohama, the “hub” that connects people as well as the “82(=Hub)” we love. I’m looking forward to next year’s activities!

We finished the Hybrid Meeting as one of our “New Normal” with great success.


Lastly, all members and officers, thank you very much for your cooperation.

I’m sure our club will be a much better one next term.


TMOD and 2019-2020 President





Meeting #715 June 6th
Theme: “Rainy Season”











by TM Y.A.

Meeting number 715 was held as a hybrid meeting, online and on site for the first time to YTMC.

The emergency declaration was canceled and the on-site regular meeting resumed. There are members who wish to attend the on-site meeting but they cannot due to their anxiety for their health on the other hand. We took it account and decided to hold a hybrid meeting.

Arriving at the meeting room, TM.R.K prepared and set the meeting room with two laptop computers, a portable monitor, a tablet, a smart phone and a special speaker & microphone. He looked engaging spy activity. What is most difficult part of hybrid meeting is to pick up a sound rather than making sound. But the exclusive speaker solved all of the problems.

Today’s TMOD is TM.Y.O who took the role for the first time. He seemed a bit nervous due to the sudden cancellation of speech and changes agenda, also the first hybrid meeting. But it went away soon with smooth operation by all electric devices. He carried the meeting quite well. The meeting theme was “Rainy Season”. How do people spend the humid and annoying season?

The word of the day was “stunning” which means wonderful, attractive and great.

The table topic master was TM.S.I who loves movies. He was also a pinch hitter for the sudden cancellation. The questions were how to spend time at home with movie, videos, music.

The prepared speakers were TM.A.I who was very experienced speaker, pinch hitter TM.R.K and our president TM.K.O. TM.A.I talked about his experiences that he forgot his wallet when he left for his business trip to overseas. The story was so exciting.

The evaluation session was started with on-line participant evaluating on-site speaker. It was real hybrid meeting.

The best table topic speaker was TM.T.S and the best evaluator was TM.A.T. The best speaker was TM.A.I.

The very first hybrid meeting hit a big success. We found some improvement points which was the on-site participants cannot identify the on-line participants. But it run without trouble due to TM.R.K who set up everything.

The hybrid meeting is to be continued. We’re sure to get this better with tackling challenges.

by TM Y.A.







Meeting #714 May 16th
Theme: “Signs & Gestures”

テーマは“Signs & Gestures”です。オンライン例会が恒例になってきた昨今、画面の中で表現をするのにサイン・ジェスチャーがよりキーになってきたと感じてこのテーマを挙げました。








by TMOD Y.A.

The regular meeting on 16th May was held on line.
The meeting theme was “Signs & Gestures”. Given the on-line meeting has been becoming routine recently, “Signs & Gestures” has become more important for expression on a screen. That’s the reason why I brought this up.

The word of the day was the air quotes “” which are virtual quotation marks formed in the air with one’s fingers when speaking. This is typically done with both hands held shoulder-width apart and at the eye or shoulders level of the speaker, with the index and middle fingers on each hand flexing at the beginning and end of the phrase being quoted.

All role takers were requested to introduce sign or gesture which is used in English speaking culture or an episode relating them. They introduced various sings or gestures. Personally, I miss the Hawaiian “V” sign which you learn first when you go to Hawaii.

The table topic master TM.K.T gave us various questions regarding how to spend time at home as a child or how did you spend when you were child.
The prepared speeches today were relating to COVID 19 most. The English teacher on active service gave a speech about the education style for the next generation which was quite interesting.

The evaluation session was also very active. There were lots of advice and points to make note for giving on-line speech.

The best table topic speaker was TM.K.N and the best evaluator was TM.T.S. The best speaker was the English teacher TM.H.A..

We all are getting used to the on-line regular meeting. The speakers may feel a bit nervous since they cannot hear the audience’s reaction. But we all enjoy the meeting as well as on-site meeting.
May the next meeting be on site?

by TMOD Y.A.