第665回例会レポート“Start” #665 TMOD Meeting Report











The #665 regular meeting of YTMC was held at Hatoba Kaikan on April 21.
The venue was by the sea and we could see the beautiful scenery of Minato-Mirai area.
The weather was fine and we felt good.

The meeting theme was “Start”, and many members gave their comment about it.
Every comment was unique. Especially TM O’s following comment was impressive,
“I’ve started to go to the gym. My goal is to get six packs, but I only have one pack so far.”

At the Table Topic Session, TM O took the role of the Topic Master.
He asked questions and called on some members to answer them.
The appointed members made short impromptu speeches which usually last for around two minutes.
He asked a variety of questions regarding “Journey” and we enjoyed the session.

At the Prepared Speech Session, four speakers gave us their unique speeches.
TM S made a speech about the ”Rookies’ Speech Contest” amusingly.
TM N.T. delivered a folktale of “The emperor’s plum tree” with deep expression and feeling.
TM M gave us a speech about “Hokke Incident” that happened in his family in Hokkaido enjoyably.
The last speaker TM N.M. rendered a speech on “Useful rope knots” with the actual demonstration.
All speakers entertained us with their attractive speeches.

At the Evaluation Session, four evaluators made evaluations for each speaker respectively.
Each speech has predetermined speech objectives and evaluators would evaluate each speech from the viewpoint of each project’s objectives.
All evaluators got to the point and they were useful not only for the speakers but also for my study.
And then, General Evaluator TM S pointed out pros and cons of the whole meeting. I’m also grateful to her for her accurate advice on my performance as a TMOD.

At every meeting, we vote for the best speaker for each session.
The Best Prepared Speakers were TM S and TM N.T. (they had tied score).
The Best Table Topic Speaker was Mr. K (guest).
The Best Evaluator was TM A.

Although I took the TMOD role for the first time in a year, as this was the 5th TMOD role for me I was relaxed the best of all time. I enjoyed every speech from my heart and this time I was relaxed enough to see faces of the audience during the meeting.

When I first started Toastmasters activity I had no confidence, I stood at the podium like a stone statue with my heart beating so fast that it almost exploded. However, thanks to Toastmasters activity and YTMC members’ kind support, I’d made a progress and was confident enough to stand there relaxed and smiling.

I’m looking forward to taking the next TMOD role with further progress.
Thank you.



第664回例会レポート“Renascence” #664 TMOD Meeting Report


“Renascence” #664 TMOD Report

今回のWord of the day はTM NがSupercalifragilisticexpialidociousというメリー・ポピンズの劇中で歌われる楽曲が語源の長大語を選び、すべてのスピーカーがどうにかこの単語を使おうと悪戦苦闘していました。

テーブルトピックは春から新しく始めた事というお題に対して、入会式を行ったばかりのTM Hが指名され、トーストマスターズへの意気込みを語りました。ベストスピーカーはTM Aが受賞しました。

TM TとTM MはともにProject #2で構成立てを意識したスピーチをそれぞれの視点で行いました。
TM Kは新しいプログラムであるPathwaysに則った初めてのスピーチで、ご自身の名前について紹介して見事にベストスピーカー賞を受賞しました。TM Kはストーリーテリングマニュアルの最終プロジェクトを完了させました。

論評ではGeneral EvaluatorとしてTM Aが初めて司会を担当しました。初めてとは思えない堂々たる進行で役目を果たし、全体への目配りを欠かさず、アドバイスも的確かつ批評的精神に溢れた素晴らしい仕事ぶりでした。皆さん素晴らしい論評でしたが、ベストエバリュエーターはTM Mが受賞しました。

全体としてみなさんが難易度の高いWord of the dayを使おうとして、多くのスピーカーが正しく読めず新たな単語を創作するといった創造性が発揮され、いつにも増して活発で笑いが絶えない例会となりました。 参加者の皆さん、サポーターの皆さんありがとうございました。

The #664 YTMC meeting was held at Yokohama City Port Opening Memorial Hall. The theme of the meeting was chosen as “Renascence” since the 1st week of April this year was Easter holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The word of the day was very interesting and challenging. TM N gave us “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”, which was taken from a song in the movie “Mary Poppins”. All speakers struggled to use this super-long coined word.

In the Table Topic Session, TM H, who had newly joined our club, gave us a speech showing enthusiasm for Toastmasters as her new challenge. TM A won the Best Table Topic Speaker award.

Four prepared speakers performed their speeches in the Prepared Speech Session.
TM T and TM M made speeches based on the project #2 of CC manual from their own perspective.
The speech of TM K was the very first one based on Pathways, and he introduced his very rare family name and how to use his name to remember him. He earned the Best Prepared Speaker award at his first challenge on making a public speech in the club. Congratulations! TM K completed a storytelling advanced manual as a veteran. Great job.

TM A took the General Evaluator’s role for the first time and conducted the session as if she had done this many times and provided critical views to all participants. All evaluators performed wonderful speeches, and TM M was given the Best Evaluator award.

The meeting was filled with more laughter than usual since everyone tried to use the word of the day but most of them did not speak it correctly and created innovative words instead.
Finally, I would like to express my appreciation towards participants, especially to supporters.