第761回例会レポート / The 761th Regular Meeting Report


The 761st Toastmasters Club meeting was held on May 7 at Yokohama Hatoba Kaikan with 23 members and guests.
First, Madam President TM S, who will be participating in the English speech division of the national contest, talked about her wish. Although she is not representing the Yokohama Toastmasters Club this time, but from another club, she has brushed up her speech at YTMC, and we hope that she will win a prize.
Next, we had a ceremony to welcome a new member, O. TM. O visited many Toastmasters Clubs before she finally deciding to join YTMC.

Then there was the election of new officers starting July 1. TM. S., who was elected as the next President, is an experienced Toastmaster. And among the new officers were four relatively new members. I am sure that they will lead Yokohama Toastmasters Club with their flash perspectives. There was also a greeting from TM. O, who is participating in the election for District Director.
For table topic session, TM. I, who is also a school teacher, asked a variety of questions he often receives from children. It was a stimulating topic, although they were quite difficult to answer.
That is becausechildren often ask essential questions.

Three TMs gave prepared speeches.
The first, TM. M, talked about her experience of running a 100-kilometer marathon. She talked about how her feelings changed during the race and how she was determined to try again.
The second TM. M talked about leadership. He talked about the relationship between purpose, means, and vision, citing the actual example of the Tohoku earthquake.
The last speaker, TM. T, talked about the transition of his hobbies. He finished the speech with the wonderful conclusion that he can now say that studying English and the Yokohama Toastmasters Club are his hobbies.
The awards were given to TM. O, who talked about not needing friends as a table topic, and M, who talked about his 100km marathon. And Mr. T for evaluation of TM. M’s marathon topic..
Finally, the next joint meeting was explained. The meeting of the four Area 52 Toastmasters clubs will be held on May 28. We are looking forward to it.

まず最初に全国大会の英語スピーチ部門に出場することなったプレジデントSさんからその抱負が語られました。今回はYokohama Toastmasters Clubの代表ではなく、他クラブからの代表ですが、YTMCでもブラッシュアップしたスピーチですので、ぜひ入賞を目指してほしいです。
次に新しいメンバーをOさんの入会セレモニーがありました。OさんはこのYokohama Toastmasters Clubに入会する前にいくつものトーストマスターズクラブを見学して最終的にYTMCクラブに決めてくださったそうです。
そして7月1日からの新しいオフィサーズの選挙がありました。次期プレジデントに選ばれたSさんは経験豊富なトーストマスターです。そして新オフィサーの中には4名の新人が入りました。フラッシュな視点で今後のYokohama Toastmasters Clubを引っ張ってくれるものと思います。またディストリクトディレクターの選挙を控えるOさんからの挨拶もありました。
最後のTさんはご自身の趣味の変遷を語られました。今は英語の勉強、そしてYokohama Toastmasters Clubが趣味と言えると言う素晴らしい結論でした。


第760回例会レポート / The 760th Regular Meeting Report


2.022-04-16 (Sat) YTMC 760 regular meeting was attended by 18 on-site members and guests, and 10 on-line members and guests. 
Madam President T. S attended on-line, as she will give Division contest speech tomorrow, but she started and closed the meeting very well as usual. TM O, YTMC next term Club Officer Nomination committee chair, announced officer nominees, and also announced the election day is 2022-May-7th.
Toastmaster of the Day, TMOD, was TM T. This was his 2nd TMOD experience.
Table Topic Master was TM. S, who prepared various coins, and she asked the Table Topic speaker to talk about his/her memory about the year shown on the spcific coins, which was the new Table Topic approach. If a Table Topic speaker wanted, TM S gave another question instead. By the way, what does Table Topic session means?
Topics told among the people who are eating around the same table, may be changed from one to others so quickly. And suddenly you may be asked “what do you think of the topic”. You need to give your opinion right away. This session is impromptu speaking training.
Then we moved to the prepared speech session.
The first speaker was TM T, her speech title was “What is My name”. She talked about how women were called by others, and how does a woman want to be called.
The second speaker was TM S, his speech title was “Our Children”. The title was shocking, but he talked about hi-tech animal toys he had.
The third speaker was TM O, his speech title was “For YTMC New Members”, Introduction of YTMC, YTMC presidents.
The fourth speaker was T. S. This was the rehearsal of Division contest speech.
The 2nd and 3rds speeches were overtimed, but these speeches were qualified.
Evaluation session was managed very well by the General Evaluator TM M.
1st evaluator was TM A, who evaluated TM T’s speechl.
2nd evaluator was TM O, who evaluated TM S’s speech.
3rd evaluator was TM A, who evaluated TM O’s speech.
4th evaluator was TM I who evaluated TM S’s speech.
Every evaluator raised 3 good points, and at least one improvement point.
Grammatical report by TM O pointed, instead of Best sample, rather use best practice.
TM N reported voting result to TMOD, and the results were announced by TMOD. 
Best Table Topic speaker was TM M.
Best Evaluator was TM A.
Best prepared speaker was TM O. 
TMOD passed control to the president, who asked short comments from all of the guests.

YTMC 760 定例会は2022年4月16日メンバー、ゲスト合わせてオンサイト18名、オンライン10名の出席で行われました。
プレジデント、Sは翌日のDivision Contest のリハーサルのためOn-Line で出席でしたが定例会の開会、閉会をいつものように和やかに行っていました。
クラブ役員ノミネーション委員会のTM Oは 当日予定されていた通り 指名委員会としてのnomineeの発表を行い 投票日が5月7日であることを再確認しました。
Toastmaster of the Day, TMOD, はTM Tで これが彼の2回目のTMODの経験です。
Table Topic Master は TM Sでした。彼女は手元のコインを使い, TT Speakerにコインの製造年と同じ年の記憶を話してもらう新しい趣向のTable Topic sessionでした。もしTable Topic speaker が希望すればTM S が別の質問に変えました。
ところで Table Topic session とはどういう意味か説明をしましょう。
同じテーブルで食事をする人々の話題は次から次と変わります。突然 あなたに振られ “あなたはこのトピックにつぃてどういうご意見をお持ちですか” と聞かれるかもしれません。すぐに答える訓練がTable Topic セッションです。
続いてprepared speech セッションです。
最初のspeakerはTで, 題名は”What is My name”です。このスピーチで、女性が他人に何と呼ばれるかの問題、どう呼ばれたいかを議論しています。
2番目の speakerはTM Sで題名は”Our Children”です。題名はショッキングですが、内容はハイテクの動物のオモチャの話です。
3番目の speakerはTM Oで題名は”For YTMC New Members”で, YTMC, YTMC presidentsの話です。
4番目のspeakerはTM S題名は”Quitters Never Win”。当スピーチは、 Division contest speechのリハーサルでしたので Best Speakerの投票候補には入っていません。
Evaluation session はGeneral Evaluator TM Mによってうまくマネージされました。.
1番目のevaluator はTM Aで, TM Tのスピーチの評論を行いました。
2番目のevaluator はTM Oで, TM Sのスピーチの評論を行いました。
3番目のevaluator はTM Aで, TM Oのスピーチの評論を行いました。
4番目のevaluator はTM Iで, TM Sのスピーチの評論を行いました。
TM O はGrammatical reportとして Best sample, よりbest practiceなどといったほうが良いと指摘しました。
TM N はTMODに投票結果を報告、TMODは結果を発表しました。
ベストテーブルトピックspeakerはTM M.
Best Evaluator はTM A.
Best prepared speaker は TM O でした。
TMOD はpresidentにコントロールを戻しました。プレジデントはゲストの皆さんに短いコッメントをお願いしました。



第759回例会レポート / The 759th Regular Meeting Report


On April 2, a pleasant spring breeze blew in Yokohama Harbor, and the 759th meeting of the Yokohama Toastmasters Club was held. The venue was the club’s home venue, Hashiba Kaikan.
There were 8 participants at the venue and 14 participants online, for a total of 22 people.

The theme of the meeting was “Grandma’s Knowledge.
At the beginning of the meeting, the day’s moderator (TMOD), A-san, started the meeting in a friendly atmosphere by sharing episodes related to Grandmas’ Wisdoms collected from each role taker.
The word of the day was “Auspicious” tastefully chosen by newcomer T-san. The new word was put into the members’ heads.

Newcomer P-san was also in charge of the impromptu speech session, and she prepared a variety of life wisdom questions related to the theme of the meeting. What advice would you give to young people? What was the most impactful event in your life? What’s the best thing about being a parent?” What words would you send to your child on his or her coming-of-age day? What did you learn from your parents? Who encouraged you to leave your hometown? Such as. Simple questions, but they elicited a wide range of experiences and thoughts from the respondents. Really, they were all great questions. Awesome!

In the prepared speeches section, four speakers presented their speeches.
The first was A-san, who is a brand manager at a manufacturing company. It was a unique speech that imitated branding training for new employees, and it was impressive that T-san, who was suddenly assigned by A-san to play the role of a new employee, was surprised when he answered the question.

The second was N-san, a yachtsman who delivered a public speech honoring a star he admired. The star he admires is also a famous yachtsman. The name “Young General” should ring a bell, right? I felt his extraordinary fan spirit.

Third was K-san, an engineer who talked about his hero, Edison, who became an engineer because of his admiration for Edison. He said he became an engineer because of his admiration for Edison, but that admiration led to his company sending him to the U.S., where he was able to realize various ideas he had at work and achieve success. Who is your hero/heroine!”

The fourth speaker, I-san, an active teacher, talked about education, saying that “thinking is more important than crammed knowledge,” and his talk based on his own experiences and real feelings was very convincing. It was an opportunity for us to rethink the importance of “the ability to think” in a world that will become more and more complex in the future. I listened while nodding my head.

Thank you all for your wonderful speeches.

In the evaluation session, veteran members gave thoughtful advice to each speaker: I-san gave advice on how to save time by using slides; K-san gave advice on how to attract interest with an episode that only the speaker knows; M-san gave advice on how to refrain from introducing oneself in a negative light. T-san advised the use of body language in speech assignments.

The best prepared speaker was K-san, the best table topic speaker was guest I-san, and the best reviewer was T-san.

It was another productive meeting.


ミーティングのテーマは「おばあちゃんの知恵袋(Grandma’s Knowledge)」。










第758回例会レポート / The 758th Regular Meeting Report


The 758th meeting was held at Pio City in Sakuragi-cho and online. A total of 20 members, including 8 online participants, gathered in an open atmosphere as usual.
The first greeting was given by Mr. M, who had returned from a business trip to Qatar.
Ms. A, the Toastmaster of the Day (TMOD), is always a great speaker, and today she did an excellent job of leading the meeting in an atmosphere that made it easy for everyone to give his/her presentation. It was impressive that she expressed her joy to see everyone, as it had been a long time since she had participated in an on-site meeting.
The theme of this meeting, held in the spring when there are many encounters and partings, is “Graduation. Each participant gave a brief response on the theme of memories of graduation or what they would like to graduate from.
Mr. I presented “warm/warm” as the “Word of the Day” which is a very good word to imagine spring and our meeting. I think it was a great choice that everyone could easily use.

The first “impromptu speech session/Table Topics Session” was led by Mr. O, who is always very good at impromptu speeches with a sense of humor. First, he answered “spicy food” as today’s theme, “what I want to graduate from”. He told the audience about his experience of eating Peyoung’s “Jigoku Gekikara Yakisoba Final” (hell hot and spicy fried noodle, final version), which made the audience laugh.
The question was taken from the book “The Art of Impromptu Speech” by Tomohide Oshima. The first question was a simple one: “What is your favorite animal? to “Why did you buy a 10,000 yen loaf of bread?” “We found a 10-year-old capsule, what did you put in it?” You are a chess master and you have been defeated by an AI. What will you say to the AI?” Each member presented a 1-2 minute speech after being asked imaginative questions.

In the second session, “prepared speech session,” four participants gave speeches. The first speaker was Mr. N, who solemnly spoke about his mysterious connection with the late Mr. Shintaro Ishihara. The second speaker was Mr. I, who vividly described an episode with his English teacher “Professor Takizawa” from his school days. Third speaker was Ms. P, who spoke about “Self-learning”. Ms. S from China gave her first speech as a TM, titled “Sharing my experience in Japan,” with a lot of humor and a high-level speech structure.

The second half of the “evaluation session” was led by Mr. O. Ms. N talked about the good points and presented constructive comments on how to improve them further, Ms. A proposed in fluent English what she thought was good and suggested the Vocal variety by practicing it by herself, and Mr.T gave a excellent feedback with good organization of presentation. Ms. S explained her own analysis of how well the speeches were delivered and made some simple suggestions.
Looking back on this evaluation session, the explanations of the good points and suggestions were very clear and of a high level.
I think it was really impressive.
Presentations from each of the assigned staff members followed.
The Ah counter gave a presentation on habits that he/she was not aware of, the Grammarian gave a presentation on good expressions, and the General evaluator commented on the entire meeting in a calm atmosphere.

The impromptu speech award went to Mr. M, a guest, who dared to show respect to the AI that had defeated him and responded in a gentlemanly manner as if it were a real human being; the evaluation award went to Ms. A, who made a proposal based on her own practicing; and the prepared speech award went to Ms. P, who gave an excellent presentation based on her own experience and was supported by the members.

The meeting went very quickly. Thank you, Ms. A, for a wonderful meeting!

Lastly, TM/Magician. M, who is graduating from YTMC today due to a move, presented his idea for the launch of “Magicians Without Borders Association” and once again impressed us with the scale of his idea. Thank you for your hard work!


第758回例会は 桜木町のぴおシティ及びオンラインで開催されました。オンライン参加者8名を含む総勢20名のメンバーが集まり、いつもの様に開放的な雰囲気の中開催されました。
Toastmaster of the Day(TMOD)のAさんはいつも素晴らしいスピーチをされる方で、本日も発表しやすい雰囲気の中、見事に会を仕切られました。オンサイトでの参加は久しぶり、ということで皆さんに会えた喜びを表現されていたのが、印象的でした。

Iさんから「Word of the Day/今日の言葉」として、「warm/暖かい」というまさに春と我々の例会をイメージする良い言葉が発表されました。みなさんが使いやすい素晴らしい選択だったと思います。

最初の「即興スピーチセッション/Table Topics Session」の担当はいつもユーモアを交えた即興スピーチが大得意のOさんでした。最初に本日のテーマ、「卒業したいもの」として、「辛い食品」と回答。ペヤングの「獄激辛 やきそばファイナル」を食べたエピーソードを語りメンバーの爆笑をさそいました。
質問は「即興スピーチ術 大島友秀著」からのチョイス。最初は簡単な質問「好きな動物は?」から「1万円のパンをなぜ買ったか?」「10年前のカプセルを発見、あなたはそれに何を入れていたか?」「将棋名人のあなたはAIに負けてしまった。なんとAIに話しかけるか?」など想像力を駆使する質問があり、各メンバーが1-2分のスピーチを発表しました。

次の「準備スピーチセッション/prepared speech session 」は4名が実施、Nさんは「故 石原慎太郎さんへの追悼」を自分との不思議な縁をもとに厳かに語り、Iさんは自分の学生時代の英語の師「タキザワ教授」とのエピソードを鮮明に語り、Pさんは「自己学習のプロセス」について自分の経験をもとにジェスチャーを交え堂々と語り、中国出身のSさんはTMになって最初のスピーチを「日本での経験を共有」と題して、沢山のユーモアを交えながら、初々しくも実は凄い完成度で語りました。

後半の「論評セッション/evaluation session」はOさんの素晴らしい仕切りでスタート。Nさんは良い点を語ったあとさらに良くする建設的な論評を発表、Aさんは流暢な英語で良かった点とVocal varietyについて自ら実践して見て提案、Tさんは非常に整理した形で良かった点と改良点を提案、Sさんはスピーチの進め方の旨さを独自の分析で解説、簡単な提案もありました。

Ah counterからは自分では気づかないメンバーの癖について発表、Grammarianからは良かった表現を発表、General evaluatorは落ち着いた雰囲気で会全体の論評を実施されました。





第757回例会レポート / The 757th Regular Meeting Report


Let’s sing a song!!
This phrase appeared everywhere during our meeting. TM H.O, Toastmaster of the day, set ”Spring Songs” as a meeting theme. So all role takers introduced their favorite spring song, and someone sung the song!

Table topics session changed singing session in this meeting! TM H.A, Table Topic master, asked all members to sing birthday song to TM N.S. Because he reached his birthday last month! After that, she assigned him as a speaker. That was a thrilling present!

We had 3speakers in a prepared speech session. There were various topics like hobbies work, or daily habits. All speeches had each own character, and they successfully got member’s attention!

Evaluation session started from a beautiful song. TM K.N sung her favorite spring song at the beginning of the session. Actually, she was the first time to take General Evaluator. However she proceeded the session smoothly, and evaluated the whole meeting with concrete descriptions. Beautiful song and good evaluation!

Finally, TM N.S, TM Y.O and TM M.T got the best award! Congrats!!

Songs have the power that people feel more cheerful. Also, to sing songs is good practice for your vocal variety. Your speech skills is absolutely improved!
It would be a wast not to sing songs, wouldn’t it?
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Let’s sing a song together!!





今日は N.Sさん、Y.Oさん そしてM.Tさんがそれぞれベスト賞をもらいました。おめでとうございます!



第756回例会レポート / The 756th Regular Meeting Report



開催日時: 2022年2月19日(土)
会場: Hybrid (ぴおシティ6階第2研修室+オンライン)

The 756th regular meeting of YTMC was held at the meeting room of Pio City, which is located near the JR Sakuragicho Station. The meeting was held in a hybrid style, with 10 members physically attending and 7 members attending online. What surprised us was the mysterious guest from Melbourne, Australia, whose identity no one knew, joined our meeting without notice! We assumed that he found out about our meeting through “EasySpeak”, a Toastmasters online system that allows members of participating clubs to view meeting information of clubs around the world. It was funny that even though no one knew about him, he won the Best Table Topics Speaker award.

The Toastmaster of the Day (TMOD) is the most important and challenging role in a meeting, which involves communicating with members to confirm meeting roles, deciding a meeting theme, and finally, facilitating a whole meeting. TM N took this role for the first time and did it diligently with utmost sincerity. The choice of her meeting theme was a timely one, which was the Olympic games. She asked questions about it to members before and in the meeting, and members answered them.

Resonating with the meeting theme, the Word of the Day was “moving”, and the Table Topics questions were about sports as well. This undiscussed, voluntary coordination and cooperation among TMOD, the Word of the Day master, and the Table Topics Master is one of the great features of YTMC. What a fantastic teamwork!

Other than the regular features of the meeting, we had a special workshop by TM O, the Immediate Past President of YTMC and the current Officers’ Election Committee Chair. Since the officers’ election is coming near at hand, he talked about how beneficial it can be for members to take officer’s roles, how it cultivates and improves their leadership skills to motivate members. Officers’ roles explained by him sounded interesting, and I hope many members will raise their hands to become officers in the next term.

Due to the special workshop, we only had three prepared speeches in this meeting.
TM I, the first speaker, delivered his contest speech about Japanese “Anime” passionately. The second speaker, TM K, talked about the importance of doing the right thing without worrying about what others think, and the third speaker, TM O, rehearsed his contest speech for the Area 52 contest he would be competing in. His speech went overtime in a big way and he was advised by his evaluator that he should finish it within allocated time in the upcoming contest.
Although he was assigned to make a speech at the last minute, TM K won the Best Prepared Speaker award, and he thanked the VPE for giving him the role just the day before. Congratulations!

The evaluation session went smoothly with a good facilitation by a spicy General Evaluator, TM A, and TM P, the first-time evaluator, delivered the thoughtful and organized evaluation unlike a new member. The Best Evaluator award went to TM T, an experienced Toastmaster who attended online.

Thanks to the meticulous preparation of the first-time TMOD, TM N, the meeting went smoothly and ended successfully. Thank you very much for your hard work!

Lastly, I’d like to make a happy announcement.
The three contestants, TM K.O, TM O, and TM T, competed in the Area 52 Speech Contests on Feb. 20th, 2022, and EVERYONE won the awards in their respective category!

TM K.O. won the 3rd place in the Japanese Humorous Speech Contest.
TM T won the 2nd place at in the Spring Japanese Speech Contest.
TM O won the 2nd place in the English Humorous Speech Contest.

Congratulations three contestants! You did a great job, we are PROUD OF YOU!

YTMCの第756回例会は、JR桜木町駅近くにある「ぴおシティ」研修室にて開催されました。今回も、対面参加会員が10名、オンライン参加が7名というハイブリッドスタイルの例会でした。今例会での一番の驚きは、オーストラリア・メルボルンから、誰も素性を知らない謎のゲストが、予告なしで参加したことです。おそらく、EasySpeakという、世界中のクラブの例会情報が閲覧可能なトーストマスターズのオンラインシステムで、私たちの例会情報を得たのだと思われます。そして更に面白かったのが、この謎のゲストがなんと、ベストテーブルトピックスピーカー賞まで獲得してしまったことです。これには感心しました (笑)

Toastmaster of the Day (TMOD) は、数ある役割の中で最も重要なやりがいのある役で、会員とコミュニケーションをとりながらミーティングロールを確認し、テーマを決め、最後にミーティング全体を進行する、という難しいものです。Nさんはこの役割を引き受けるのは初めてでしたが、まじめに誠意ある態度で見事にこの重要な役をこなされました。彼女が選んだテーマは、開催中の北京オリンピック。タイムリーな選択ですね。例会前や例会中にテーマにまつわる質問をし、会員は四苦八苦しながら彼女の質問に答えていました。

「Word of the Day/今日の言葉」も、例会テーマに呼応した「moving/感動的な」で、テーブルトピックスもスポーツ全般に関する内容でした。このように、TMOD、Word of the Dayマスター、テーブルトピックマスターが、事前相談もなく自発的に連携・協力する、できるということが、YTMCの大きな力の一つです。なんと素晴らしいチームワーク!


一人目のIさんは、日本の「アニメ」について語ったコンテストスピーチを再び披露してくれました。二人目のスピーカー Kさんは、人目を気にせず正しいことをすることの大切さを語り、三人目のOさんは、出場予定のエリア52コンテスト用のスピーチのリハーサルをしました。スピーチ時間が大幅にオーバーしてしまい、評価者から「コンテストでは時間内に終わらせるように」とアドバイスを受けていました。

評価セッションは、ピリッとした総合評価者 Aさんのファシリテーションでスムーズに進み、初めて評価者にチャレンジした Pさんは、新メンバーらしからぬ丁寧でよく整理された評価をされました。ベストエバリュエーター賞は、オンラインで参加したベテラントーストマスタのTさんが受賞されました。


この例会の翌日、2022年2月20日(日)に行われたエリア52スピーチコンテストにYTMCの代表として出場したTM K.Oさん、TM Oさん、TM Tさんの3名が、それぞれの部門で入賞を果たしました!

TM K.O.さんは、日本語ユーモアスピーチコンテストで3位。
TM Tさんは、春の日本語スピーチコンテストで2位。
TM Oさんは、英語ユーモアスピーチコンテストで2位を獲得されました。

3名の代表コンテスタントの皆さん、おめでとうございました、素晴らしいご活躍でした。みなさんを誇りに思います! ありがとうございました。


第755回例会レポート / The 755th Regular Meeting Report



 開催日時: 2022年2月5日(土)

会場: Hybrid (ぴおシティ6階第2研修室+オンライン)

The 755th regular meeting of YTMC was held at Pio City in Sakuragi-cho for the first time in years. 24 members including 7 online participants got together and enjoyed it.

In this meeting, the workshop about the upcoming officers’ election was scheduled to be held, but the instructor couldn’t make it due to his sudden stomach ache caused by his eating too much spicy food the day before.

TM I, the TMOD of the meeting, rose to the occasion and conducted the impromptu session in which each officer of the current term explained their respective job descriptions and responsibilities. It was such a last-minute happening, but remember, Toastmasters is a place where people learn how to rise to this kind of occasions and make impromptu speeches, isn’t it? So, of course we handled it without problems and made presentations beautifully!

Since the Valentine’s Day was coming soon, the meeting theme was “The memories of chocolate”, and speakers talked about their memories related to chocolates.

The Word of the Day was “conscience / conscientious”. The reason for this choice of word was interesting. The Word of the Day master said that she had asked her American colleague what word she rarely uses in daily life, and his answer was “conscience/ conscientious”. I guess his answer was truly “conscientious”!

The Table Topics Master asked questions about the Olympic Games, which was fun and especially, looking at the struggles of speakers was entertaining!

We had three prepared speakers in this meeting. The first speaker was TM M, a new member, who talked about her injury and how she overcame it and achieved her dream-come-true job.

The second speaker is an experienced TM T, who made his ice-breaking speech for the 3rd time? in his Toastmasters journey. The third speaker was TM S, our president, who rehearsed her speech for the in-house contest scheduled to be held the next day.

The evaluation session was facilitated by the experienced Toastmaster, TM I, from his home online, and three evaluators gave a series of beneficial feedback to their respective speaker. The Best Speaker award was given to our president, TM S, and her mentee, TM K.N., received the Best Evaluator award.

Although the meeting went overtime in a big way due to the impromptu officers presentations, the meeting was again the fruitful one and the big success.

See you again soon!

YTMCの第755回通常例会は、久しぶりに桜木町のぴおシティで開催されました。オンライン参加者7名を含む総勢24名のメンバーが集まり楽しく始まった例会ですが、実は最初からかなりバタバタしました。当初、次期役員選挙に関するワークショップが予定されていたのですが、講師役のメンバーがなんと前日に辛いものを食べ過ぎてお腹を壊し、まさかのドタキャン。TMOD(司会役)のIさんが急遽、今期の各役員が自分の仕事内容や責任について説明するセッションを企画し、ぶっつけ本番で行ったのです! しかしトーストマスターとは、そもそもこのような突然の状況でも即興でしゃべることができる技術を磨く団体ですよね。もちろん全員が何の問題もなくスラスラとこなしましたよ!


「今日の言葉/Word of the Day」は「conscience/conscientious : 良心/良心的な」でした。この言葉を選んだ理由が面白い。「今日の言葉」のマスターがアメリカ人の同僚に「普段私があまり使わない言葉は何?」と尋ねたところ返ってきた言葉が「conscience/conscientious : 良心/良心的な」だったそう。彼の答えは、まさに良心的ですね!


今回の例会では、3人の準備スピーカーによるスピーチが披露されました。一人目は、新入会員のTM Mさんで、大怪我をしたこと、そして怪我を克服して念願の仕事を手に入れたことを話してくれました。

二人目は、経験豊富なTM Tさん。長いトーストマスターズ歴の中で3回目となるアイスブレーキングスピーチを披露してくれました。3人目はYTMC現会長のTM Sさんで、翌日出場予定の他クラブでのコンテストに向けて、スピーチリハーサルを行いました。

評価セッションは、経験豊富なTM Iさんが自宅からオンラインで進行し、3人の評価者がそれぞれのスピーカーに有益なフィードバックを行ってくれました。ベストスピーカー賞は会長のTM Sさんが、ベストエバリュエーター賞は彼女のメンティであるTM K.N.さんがそれぞれ受賞しました。





第754回例会レポート / The 754th Regular Meeting Report


第754回例会レポート / The 754rd Regular Meeting Report

The Yokohama Toastmaster’s 754th meeting was SPECIAL.
Because, one…we had an In-house Contest!
Two…it was held fully online without government’s “Stay-at-home” order! to adjust to the International Contest’s rules.
Three…we had Four contests in one day! Because this year, the District 76 (Japan) decided to have Humorous Speech Contest with the annual International Speech Contest.
Therefore, we opened the meeting an hour earlier than usual at 13:00 o’clock and had
1. English Humorous Contest
2. Japanese Humorous Contest
3. English International Contest
4. Japanese Spring contest
till 16:30.

Despite the long hours and tough schedule, around 25 people got together and enjoyed the contest.

The Contest Chair, TM N, facilitated the contest smoothly in an orderly manner. He took this major role for the first time but didn’t seem nervous at all and did a great job.
In the English Humorous Contest, the first speaker, TM I, began his speech by singing a song, and unfolded the story of his honeymoon humorously. The second speaker, TM A, used a white stuffed bear as her little daughter, and talked about the struggle in raising her comically. The last speaker, TM O, described his series of long and lonely weekends hilariously and won the first place in this category.

Here, the Contest Chair switched into Japanese, and started the Japanese Humorous Speech Contest.
The first speaker was also TM I, the same one who spoke first in the English contest. He talked about how wonderful Anime is by using his entire body, singing, dancing, etc., and made us laugh a lot. The second speaker, TM K, delivered his episode in which he almost died in a bike accident like a Kurohige (black beard) game in a very comedic manner. The third speaker, TM O, talked about how he is conceived as NOT ordinary by people around him. His speech was hilarious, unexpected and thorough, which resulted in his victory in this category.

After the intermission, the contest continued. In the International English Speech category, we had four contestants who competed one another. First speaker strongly suggested that we follow our instinct in a desperate situation by talking about her childhood memory. The second speaker told us about his dreams with an anecdote of his business trip to the U.S. The third speaker said communication is a gift to you, and his closing remark was so impressive that he won the second place in this category. The fourth speaker delivered the touching story in a comedic manner and gave us a fabulous idea of being our own godfather. He grasped our hearts and won the first place.

The last contest, the Japanese Spring Contest, opened with the first speaker’s story about his lisp. The story about his physical lisp as well as his emotional lisp in communication was very interesting. The second speaker talked about his addiction to get points (mileages) on his credit cards. The third and last speaker’s speech was about how important to take a deep breath, physically and emotionally, especially in a trying time like this. His speech sunk in our disturbed minds and gave him the first-place award.

The interview session was facilitated by the first-time interviewer, TM P. She managed the long interview session in a calm, professional, and cheerful manner and we learned a lot about the contestants thanks to her smooth and interesting questions.

Awards presentation was a fun time that we all enjoyed and we learned from guests’ comments that although the contest was long, they enjoyed it immensely.

As you can see, although having four contests at the same time in one day was a challenge for all of us, we did it successfully without mishap, which proves anew how talented, trained, prepared, disciplined, and united we are and today made me proud of ourselves once again. Atta boys and atta girls, you did a great job! And winners, congratulations to you all!

3つ目は、1回の例会中に4つのコンテストを同時開催したからです。今年は、District 76 (日本支部)が、毎年恒例の国際スピーチコンテストにユーモアスピーチコンテストを併催することを決定したのです。
1. 英語ユーモアコンテスト
2. 日本語ユーモアコンテスト
3. 英語インターナショナルコンテスト
4. 春の日本語コンテスト


コンテスト委員長のTM Nさんは、整然とした態度でスムーズにコンテストを進行されました。初めての大役でしたが、緊張する様子もなく、素晴らしい仕事をされました。
英語ユーモアコンテストでは、最初のスピーカーであるTM Iさんが、歌を歌いながらスピーチを始め、新婚旅行の話をユーモラスに展開しました。二人目のTM Aさんは、白い熊のぬいぐるみを娘さんに見立て、子育ての苦労をコミカルに語りました。最後のTM Oさんは、長く寂しい週末の連続をユーモラスに語り、この部門で1位を獲得されました。

最初のスピーカーは、英語コンテストの第一スピーカーと同じTM Iさん。歌やダンスなど、全身を使ってアニメの素晴らしさを語り、大いに笑わせてくれました。二番手のTM Kさんは、自転車事故で死にかけたエピソードを黒ひげゲームにかけて、コミカルに語ってくれました。三人目のOさんは、いかに自分が周囲から「普通じゃない」と思われているかについて語ってくれ、この部門で優勝されました。



インタビューセッションは、この役初挑戦のTM Pさんが進行役を務め、長時間のセッションにもかかわらず、落ち着いた様子で、プロフェッショナルに、かつ明るくこなし、その滑らかで興味深い質問のおかげで、出場者についてもっと深く知ることができました。


1日に4つのコンテストを同時開催することは、私たち全員にとって初挑戦でしたが、大きな問題もなく、大成功に終わりました。これは、YTMCメンバーの底力、私たちの日ごろの鍛錬、才能!?、準備万端ぶり、規律や団結力のあらわれだと思います。今日改めてYTMCの一員であることを誇らしく思いました。みんな、よく頑張りました! そして、受賞者のみなさん、おめでとうございました!


第753回例会レポート / The 753rd Regular Meeting Report


Meeting #753, January 8, 2022

It was the first meeting of year 2022. Even the number of participants was less than usual due to the new year holiday season, 14 members including 2 guests were on site and 9 members via online enjoyed the meeting. The theme of that meeting was “new year’s resolution”, members shared their own goals throughout the year. Also, we welcomed a new member who expressed the intention to join us at the last meeting. Wonderful start we could make.


Toast Master Of the Day (TMOD) on that meeting was TM KM, it was her first attempt as the master of ceremony. Seemed a bit nervous at the beginning but she could go through the meeting very well. Fantastic!

今回のトーストマスターはTM KMが務めました。彼女は今回が初めての司会の役割でした。最初は緊張をしていた感じでしたが、ミーティングを円滑に進めていただきました。素晴らしかったです。

In the table topic session, the theme was “generation” facilitated by today’s Table Topic Master Mr YO, respondents struggled with squeezing the unique answers for the questions;
1: What makes you feel the generation gap?
2: What makes you feel young?
3: What makes you feel “still” young?
4: What makes you feel old?
5: What makes you feel “very” old?
6: What can you do to deal with “the generation gap”?


1: 何によってジェネレーションギャップを感じますか?
2: あなたが若さを実感することは何ですか?
3: あなたがまだ若いと感じることは何ですか?
4: あなたが老いたと感じることは何ですか?
5: あなたがとても老いたと感じることは何ですか?
6: ジェネレーションギャップとどう向き合っていますか?

In the prepared speech session, we had 4 speakers:
1: What is the soul made of? – TM YN raised the scientific question; if teleportation can be done, where will our soul go? The speech came from that. It was a very interesting speech she made.
2: The most enjoyable leadership role in my Toastmaster Journey – TM KT made a speech about the events during her presidency such as the 30 years anniversary ceremony of our club, She demonstrated the importance of taking the officer roles at the non-profit organization.
3: Find your beloved one – It was another humorous speech by TM HO, he advised to try to use “the dating apps” in order to find the best partner without bias.
4: Magic word: Thank you – TM KO presented “Thank you” has the power to make people happy, so everyone must use it frequently.

1: 「魂の起源は?」YNさんはワープができるようになったら魂(意識)はついてくるのでしょうか?という疑問から面白いスピーチをしていただきました。
2: 「トーストマスターズでのリーダーの役割で最も楽しめたこと」KTさんは当クラブの30周年の記念例会のリードなど、会長時代に行ったイベントについて語っていただき、NPOでの役員を引き受けることの重要性をスピーチにしていただきました。
3: 「あなたのパートナーをさがそう」HOさんはパートナーを探すときに先入観にとらわれずマッチングアプリをつかってみてはと提案していただきました。
4: 「ありがとうは魔法の言葉」KOさんはありがとうという言葉は皆を幸せにするので積極的に使っていきましょうというスピーチをしました。

4 evaluators gave constructive feedback to each at the evaluation session. I like this session to develop our critical thinking and provide room for improvement of speakers.


At the end of the meeting, a guest gave us a brief comment and expressed the intention to join our club! Looking forward to having an induction ceremony soon.


The next meeting will be held solely “Online” on January 22th. The in-house speech contest! See you real soon!