第813回例会レポート/The 813th Regular Meeting Report



The 813th meeting is the first anniversary meeting of the year.


新プレジデントのAさんから今年のスローガン「One day, One Happiness」が発表されました。よい言葉ですね。とくに人との出会いに感じる幸福を説明されました。活発なコミュニケーションで小さな幸福を毎回見つけましょう。

A, the new President, presented this year’s slogan “One day, One Happiness“  It is a good slogan. She particularly explained the happiness when communicating with people. Let’s find a little happiness everyday through active communication.


We will also start our Instagram from this year. Please take a look at our activities through the Instagram as well. We are in the process of finalizing the operation method and will provide more details in our next report.



S was the toast master of the day. He is a veteran and relaxed. The theme was “Plans for this summer. It seems that members have various plans such as Going Hokkaido, Thailand, camping, countryside, sailing, and so on.



N was in charge of the table topic for the first session. The theme was related to current affairs. Everyone tried their best to answer questions related to the Tokyo gubernatorial election, the Paris Olympics, new money, new movies, and so on.



Then came the preparatory speeches. The first speaker was the new YTMC president, TM. A. Her speech was based on the theme of this year’s YTMC. She proposed to incorporate new things while respecting traditions, to increase the number of members, to increase communication, and to feel happiness through these things.  It was an appropriate content for the first speech of the new year.



The second speaker was TM. S. Her speech was like a workshop. We all practiced recitation in pairs of three. We went way over time, but it was a lot of fun. We found out who was a good speech imitator.



The third person was TM. S. She talked about the difficulty of communication, saying harsh things to her own family. Although the topic tended to be heavy based on her own experience, she talked about it with humor as usual.



The general evaluation was given by TM. N, a veteran member. He gave a constructive commentary with a sense of humor.


And finally, a commemorative photo. The first Toastmaster meeting of this year started smoothly. If you are interested, please come and visit us. You are welcome.




第812回例会レポート/The 812th Regular Meeting Report



冒頭では、2021年度のDCPポイント満点である10点を表彰するリボンが届いたことが知らされ、紹介されました。満点は日本の中でもなかなか取ることができない基準です。当時の会長TM Sはじめ、メンバーの貢献は素晴らしく、クラブの充実を感じられてとても嬉しいスタートでした。

The 812th meeting was the last anniversary meeting of the Toastmasters’ year. The rainy season did not arrive and it was a very hot and sunny day. Although the meeting style was hybrid, all 20 participants were able to visit the venue and see each other’s faces. It made the last meeting wonderful!

At the beginning of the meeting, it was informed and introduced that ribbons had been received to award 10 DCP points, a perfect score for the year 2021. A perfect score is a standard that is hard to obtain in Japan. The contributions of the President TM S (at that time) and other members were excellent, and it was a very happy start to feel the club’s fulfillment.


そして、この日の総合司会はTM Oさん。英語力抜群で、落ち着いた進行をしていただきました。テーマは「小さな挑戦」。小さな挑戦を続けることで、きっと大きな力になりますね。自宅のマットレスを売ろうとしている、ベランダで野菜を育てている、今日の初めての役割を頑張るぞ~、など皆さん様々な挑戦を紹介してくれました。

Today’s guest joined for the third time. We are excited to hear that he also expressed his intention to join the club.

And the Toastmaster of the Day was TM O. He has excellent English skills and conducted the meeting in a calm and relaxed manner. The theme was “Small Challenges.” I am sure that continuing to take on small challenges will give us great power. Everyone introduced various challenges such as trying to sell a mattress at home, growing vegetables on the balcony, and doing her best in my first role today!

最初のセッション、テーブルトピックはTM Mさんが担当。テーマに選んだのは「学校」にまつわること。経験したこことのあるテーマについての質問は、みなさん答えやすいですね。スピーカーのみなさんの学生時代にお話が聞けて楽しかったです。みなさん、学ぶことが好きだったからここにあるのかもしれないなとも思いました。質問は以下のような内容でした。

The first session “table topic” was handled by TM M. The theme chosen was related to “school.” It was easy for everyone to answer questions about a topic they had experienced before. It was fun to hear the speakers talk about their school days. I also felt that maybe everyone was here because they loved learning. The questions were as follows.

1. Tell me about your memorable teacher.

2. When you were a student, did you study by yourself or with your friends?

3. What is the merit of boys’ school or girls’ school compare to co-education school?

4. Which do you prefer, “school with uniforms” or “school with casual clothes”?

続いて準備スピーチです。1人目のスピーカーTM Nさんは、YTMCを始めた経緯を話してくれました。そして最近3つのクラブの見学に行かれたことを紹介していて興味深かったです。他のクラブの話を聞くことは刺激になりますね。

2人目のスピーカーTM Oさんは、未来の自分へあてた手紙が過去から届いた話をユーモアたっぷりに話して、100年後の世界に伝えたいことを考えたらそれも難しい、わかることしか書けないんだよねと話してくれました。しみじみと考えさせられました。

3人目のスピーカーはTM Oさん。熊対人間という題目で、3人のパネリストを交えて話し合いました。熊と人間から生まれた合いの子を準備したことが、笑いを誘って、あっという間の時間になりました。

Then came the preparation speeches: the first speaker, TM N, told us how he started YTMC. He also introduced his recent visit to three clubs, which was interesting. It is inspiring to hear about other clubs.

The second speaker, TM O, told a humorous story about a letter he received from the past that was addressed to his future self, and said that when he thought about what he wanted to tell the world 100 years from now, it would be difficult too, and he could only write what he could understand. It made me think deeply.

The third speaker was TM O. She discussed the subject of “bears versus humans” with the three panelists. The preparation of a ligature born of a bear and a human made us laugh and the time passed quickly.

そして、総合論評はベテラン会員のTM Sさん。経験値の高いスムーズな進行で進みました。そして論評するメンバーも的確な内容でさすが!TM Sさんは今日の例会だけでなく、今年度の役員の功績をたたえて語り、心温まる例会となりました。

And the general evaluation was by one of the experienced members, TM S. The session proceeded smoothly, and the members who commented were also very accurate. TM S spoke not only of today’s meeting but also praised the achievements of this year’s officers, making the meeting a heartwarming one.


At the end of the meeting, the president and the VPE presented awards to four members as a summary of the year’s activities. The names of the awards were: the Language Leadership Award, the Master of Ceremony Award, the Behind the Scene Award, and the MVP. Thanks to the efforts of the four members as well as all the officers, we were able to have a fulfilling year. I would also like to thank everyone who helped and supported the club in various situations. Then there was a Installation Ceremony, and finally the next meeting will start with a new organization. As mentioned in the new president’s speech, let’s all make this club, which has been in existence for more than 35 years, a wonderful place to everyone!



第811回例会レポート/The 811th Regular Meeting Report


Happy birthday to you~♪ Happy birthday to you~♫ Happy birthday, Dear YTMC~~♬“

June 1st 2024 is YTMC’s 36th birthday. There were 17 onsite participants, 2 online participants, and 1 guest in our #811 regular meeting.

Everyone sang “Happy Birthday song” and the #811 regular meeting started at 2PM as usual with beautiful weather and happy atmosphere.

President TM KT, thank you for her excellent choice as the answer of the meeting theme, “your favorite song.”

Happy birthday songの歌でスタートした811回目の例会。この日はYTMC36回目の誕生日。例会への参加者はメンバー 17名、ゲスト1名。天気も最高で穏やかな土曜日の午後、みんなで歌うHappy birthday songとともに、幸せな雰囲気で例会がスタートしました。プレジデントKTの今回の例会のテーマ“your favorite song”への素敵な曲の選択に感謝です。


Word of the day was “Greener” which was selected by YTMC new comer TM YI.

May is the month of fresh greenery so it must have been a perfect choice.

本日の言葉は”Greener” 。新緑シーズンの5月にとても相応しい言葉です。TM 新人 YIさんの素晴らしい選定でしたね。

Toastmaster of the day was TM HS, who is called as the Master of Ceremony for anniversary event. His cool and calm demeanor, along with his performance gave us sense of stability and security. It also made our birthday anniversary meeting truly wonderful and amazing.

TMODは、記念例会の司会のスペシャリスト、TM HS。落ち着いた・安定感のある司会進行は流石でした。

Table Topic session

Table Topic Master was TM HK from online. The Theme was “Stay comfortable”.

He proceeded this session comfortably as if he were in the meeting room.

He gave us 6 questions as below.

    1. Do you have any plans to travel this summer vacation?

He wants to go back to his hometown and take care of his parents if he could take a summer vacation in the middle of busy season.(TM RK)

    1. What is your motivation to learn foreign language such as English?

In business occasion using English, to communicate with people from other countries and to go abroad which is one of her hobbies. (TM YI)

    1. In the rainy season, what do you do to stay comfortable?

To watch videos and play in the playroom of her apartment with her sons. (TM HA)

In addition, She announced that she is planning on holding a club party in that playroom in late June. We are looking forward to that party. Let’s participate!

    1. Do you have any favorite summer festivals and why do you like it?

Fireworks, especially it was the best when she went for a private trip in Hokkaido.TM RS

    1. If you wanted to become sushi-master, which did you learn in, sushi-school you could graduate in 3 months or real traditional sushi-restaurant where you couldn’t determine when you could graduate?

Sushi school because of working in a Sushi restaurant in the US and getting a lot of money .(TM MT)

    1. Please imagine, you are very busy both at work and home. Do you have any recommendations to relax shortly on busy days?

Short sleep is the most effective, but he had failure experience that he overslept and skipped a meeting.(Guest U)

 本日のテーブルトッピクスマスターは、TM K。テーマは”快適性“。


    1. 夏休みの旅行の予定は?

仕事が忙しく夏休みがとれるかどうか分からないが、もし取れたら実家の宇和島に帰って両親と過ごしたい。(TM RK)

    1. 外国語を学習するモチベーションは?

仕事で必要なこと。海外の人との会話や趣味の海外旅行(TM YI)


子供とビデオを見たり、キッズルームで遊んだりして過ごす(TM HA)

また、TM Aからは彼女が6月下旬に企画してくれているクラブ パーティの紹介がありました。楽しみですね。みんなで参加しましょう!

4.好きな夏のお祭りは? なぜそのお祭りが好きか?

一番好きなお祭りは、北海道で見た花火大会(TM RS)


寿司の学校で習って、アメリカでお寿司屋さんをやって金儲けする(TM MT)

6. 忙しい日に、短時間でできるリラックス方法は?



Prepared speech session

There were 3 speakers and all of them were experienced members.


1st Speaker: TM NS /Speech Title :“NISA”

TM NS is one of our experienced members and he performed like a professional speaker this time.

NISA” is a timely and high attention in Japan so everyone was very interested in this topic.

He delivered about 20-min long speech, but it was very informative, clear and easy to understand.

Starting from introducing three methods to grow assets: stocks, bonds and real estate, then explaining benefits of NISA, such as “tax exemption” and “diversified investment, as well as the downside of “no guaranty of principal.” with some failure experience. In addition, he advised generational investment methods for workers and the seniors.

Lastly, he recommended, “Decide which one you want to buy using NISA!!”

It was like he was a professional advisor and we participated in a real financial seminar.

Everyone, start NISA to grow our asset for the future!

最初のスピーカーは、経験豊富なTM NS。スピーチタイトルは“NISA”





2nd Speaker: TM KO /Speech Title :“After Big Party”

TM KO is Mr. Entertainer of YTMC! He shared the review about PARTY after District 76 Annual conference 2024 for the first time in 5 years after COVID-19 pandemic. He was a leader of that PARTY project. It was a powerful speech with beautiful PowerPoint slides, covering topics such as his leadership skills, team coordination, tips for entertaining a big party, such as table-seat cards, “Aitai” cards (comment sheets), and how to create excitement of the party using gorgeous game prizes.

Project members “enjoy”, the maximum is very important, it leads project to success!” It is his motto as a leader. It sounded very strong and impressive.

156 participants joined and that PARTY could be fully succeeded. He and his team’s contribution paid off. We are proud of him.

2番目のスピーカーは、エンターテイナー TM KO 。 スピーチタイトルは”After Big Party”





3rd Speaker: TM TT /Speech Title :“My Mentor and I”

TM TT is our mother of YTMC! She provided a wonderful, heartwarming speech about her actual experience of her first mentor’s kind support and advice to her. It was a very dramatic and emotional speech, conveying her love and gratitude towards her mentor. Her final message, “Thanks to my mentor, I have been enjoying YTMC for over 20 years!” . It was a particularly impactful message. Please continue to enjoy YTMC from now on!

3番目のスピーカーは、YTMCの母、TM T。スピーチタイトルは”My mentor and I”


Evaluation session

After the intermission, it was time for our 3 professional evaluators to make an evaluation.


1st evaluator: TM YO for TM NS speech about “NISA”

His evaluation was very excellent and comfortable, demonstrating both professional insights and technical expertise as an experienced member. He also talked about his wife’s recent behavior to be interested in NISA. He lastly said “We should buy NISA!” It may be a message toward himself.

最初の論評者はTM Y. TMSのスピーチに関する論評です。


2nd evaluator: TM TS for TM KO speech about “After Big Party”

She is an experienced and professional member. She wanted to provide many high praises for his speech but focused on three excellent and highlight points, which were ①the use of beautiful and visually appealing slides, ② detailed explanation of meticulous planning and execution, ③ the heartfelt explanation and message as a project leader thought the purpose of this project. Despite being an online review, it was incredible that she gave us the feeling as if we were listening in person at the venue.

2番目の論評者は、こちらも経験豊富なTM TS。今回のスピ―チの多くの高評価のうち、①綺麗で分かりやすいスライドの利用、②綿密な計画と実行の具体的な説明、③今回のプロジェクトの目的に沿ったプロジェクトリーダーとしての気持ちがこもった説明が、特に3つ良いポイントとして挙げられました。今回はオンラインからの論評でしたが、まるで会場で聞いているような感じしたのは流石でした。


3rd evaluator: TM KM for TM TT speech about “My Mentor and I”

He praised not only for the content of her speech but also for the excellence in delivering her speech. He also used “If I were you” suggestion for room for improvement. It was really softly convincing and persuasive expression which was reflected in his developing as a university teacher. I also would like to try using it the next time I’m appointed as an evaluator.

3番目の論評者は、TM KM。

コンテンツの内容だけでなく、スピーチを伝える方法のすばらしさの点などを高評価として挙げられました。また改善点の説明の際に、彼が使った“If I were you,“ の表現は、彼が大学の教師として培われている納得感・説得力がある表現で、とても勉強になりました。私も、論評者に指名された際には、今度使ってみたいと思います。


General Evaluator was our president TM KT.

She made an evaluation about proceeding the whole meeting and 3 evaluators with precise and uniqueness. Especially it was informative and appropriate that she appointed that the meeting room change without a rectum coincidentally helped improve TM YO’s speech attitude better.

総合論評者は、プレジデント TM T。


特に、登壇台がない場所でTM YOのスピーチの姿勢や態度が改善したという指摘は、納得感があり素晴らしかったです。

Award session

The award recipients were as follows:

Best Table Topics: Guest U

Best Evaluator: TM KM

Best Prepared Speaker: TM TT



ベスト即興スピーチ : ゲスト Uさん

ベスト論評者 : TM KMさん

ベストスピーカー : TM TTさん


The next regular meeting will be held on June 15th, which will be the final meeting for current officers. Onsite venue is the meeting room on 1st floor in Hatoba Kaikan.

Please join us as a guest!! See you next time!!!





第810回例会レポート/The 810th Regular Meeting Report


The 810th regular meeting report
Date and Time: 14:00 – 16:00, May 25th, 2024
Venue: Hatoba Kaikan (3F floor) and online

Apologize from Website Reporter

Because of the W-roll with TMOD this time, I was taking notes as I proceeded.

For this reason, I apologize that my report is not as detailed as usual.

I would be happy if you could get a feel for the atmosphere of the meeting, even if it is only a rough sketch.

Website Reporterより】




Today’s meeting was held in a conference room on the third floor of the Hatoba Kaikan. This room was a venue we used to use often before. This may become our main venue in the future…?

We welcomed one guest today! Anyone is always welcomed to visit us! Visiting us does not mean joining, so please feel free to come and visit.




business session

Election of officers for the coming term was held. Candidates, one for each office, were unanimously approved.

The new board of officers will be in place starting in July..




Word of the day

Today’s Word of the Day is “exponentially,” meaning “rapidly, dramatically, and geometrically.

This word was quite advanced. The audience practiced the words individually.



TMOD chose “Your Memory of Exam” as the theme.

Each roll takers shared their episodes, such as “I got a red mark in Chemistry,” “I got 6 out of 100 in Math,” “A friend I lent my notebook to get a better grade than me,” “I submitted my answer sheet blank,” etc.



Table Topic

The theme of this year’s event was “Rainy Season”.

Nominated members answered questions about how they feel on rainy days and what they spend their time doing.

I feel lonely at night,” “I watch movies or recorded NHK’s morning dramas,” or “I was happy that a sporting event I hate was canceled.”

When asked for movie recommendations, TM T.S. listed “Notting Hill,” “Pride and Prejudice,” and “Bridget Jones’s Diary,” and Table Topic Master TM Y.O. was surprised at the speed of his answers.







おすすめの映画を聞かれたTM T.Sは「ノッティングヒルの恋人」「プライドと偏見」「ブリジット・ジョーンズの日記」を挙げ、その回答の速さにテーブル・トピック・マスターのTM Y.Oもびっくりでした。

Prepared speech

We had four prepared speakers today.

The first one, TM I, gave an icebreaker speech for the first time since joining.

She attracted the audience with her imposing behavior and calm appearance, which was hard to believe that it was her first speech.

She talked about her career history and how she joined Toastmasters.

I was touched by her husband’s words, “It’s your life, whatever you decide, I will support you.



1人目のTM Iは入会後初めてのアイスブレイクスピーチ。




The second was TM K. He always seems to be busy, but this time he revealed his schedule for the past month. It turns out that he has been busy with work. At the same time, we also found out that a quarter of the month is spent with a hangover in the morning. Take care of yourself! (I can’t speak for others, but…)

His message was ”By staying in a neutral state, we are able to keep energy and allow us to be more sensitive to others’ feelings.

2人目はTM K。いつも忙しくしている印象ですが、今回は何と過去1か月のスケジュールを大公開してくれました。やはり仕事で忙しくしていることが分かりました。同時に1か月の4分の1は二日酔いで朝を迎えていることも判明。身体は大事にしましょう!(人のこと言えませんが…)


The third speaker was TM N. She talked about the activities of the NPO she is involved with.

She brought a cupcake that was actually made at her workspace, and we were able to pass around and look at it.

It was very effective to have pictures and actual products to help us visualize what they are doing.

3人目はTM N。彼女が携わっているNPOの活動について話してくれました。



Lastly, TM H.S. talked about his “self-image”. He talked about how he realized the difference between the image he has of himself and the image others have of him through a conversation with his wife.

最後はTM H.S。「自分の印象」についてです。自分が自分に対してもっているイメージと他社から持たれているイメージの差について奥様との会話によって気づいた話など、実際の体験を例に挙げて話してくれました。


All of the speeches were rated as “well structured”.

The most frequently points for improvement in each evaluation are eye contact, vocal variety, and body language.

Not only to the speakers this meeting but also to ourselves, these are points that we need to keep in mind when we give speeches in the future.

And one more point: “Memorize the script as much as possible!”








Best Table Topic Speaker: TM H.O.

Best Evaluator: TM N.S.

Best Prepared Speech Speaker: TM H.S.


テーブルトピック:TM H.O

評価部門:TM N.S

スピーチ部門:TM H.S

Comment from guests

We were all very happy to hear him say, “I want to come back again.

He even used today’s word “exponentially” in his speech. How wonderful!!




Yokohama Toastmasters was founded some day in June, so the next meeting will be the last meeting as for the 35th anniversary year. We hope to continue to enjoy our activities in our 36th year.

Anyone can attend up to three visits free of charge, so please feel free to contact us!








第809回例会レポート/The 809th Regular Meeting Report


The 809th regular meeting was held fully online on May 11th.

This was the first full online meeting.

We had one guest, Ms. F from Philippine.

The President’s Remark included some notices for participating in the meeting, such as turning on the camera and muting audio except the speaker.


* Word of the Day: Today’s master was TM I.

He chose the word, “procrastinate” which means Delay or Postpone. Example sentence :

You procrastinate doing something that you ought to because you don’t want to do it.

*今日の言葉:担当はTM I.



Toastmaster of the Day (TMOD)

Today’s TMOD was TM T. having many works as one of important officers.

The meeting theme was “place”.

During Golden Week, he took a family trip to Sendai and saw the wonderful scenery of Matsushima, as well as the Arahama district that was hit by the March 11 disaster. What was a favorite or memorable place for you


担当はTM T. 彼はクラブオフィサーとして色々な仕事をこなしています。



Table Topic session: Today’s Topic master was TM T having an elementary daughter. And she felt that many things related to school changed greatly in her school days.

So the topic theme was “About an elementary school”

*テーブル トピック:今日のトピック担当はTM Tさんです。


*1. “What was your favorite subject in elementary school ? Please share a memory from the class.” TM I

小学校の時、一番楽しかった授業は何でしたか?その授業での思い出を教えてください。→ Iさん
TM I liked History, especially Sengoku, warrior period. And he loves Nobunaga.


*2. “What was the subject you disliked the most in elementary school ? And why ?


小学校の時、一番きらいだった授業は何でしたか?また、それはなぜですか? →Kさん
TM K disliked Art drawing a picture.

If the teacher gave him much more advice, his drawing would improve.


*3. “Can you recount a memory from elementary school sports day?  TM I


TM I had a shocking memory in sport day. Sha was good at running and chosen as short track runner and even more final runner. It was an honor.

But while running, she was told that her underwear was showing. So she became embarrassed and couldn’t run well.

*4. “What was the most enjoyable event or activity held in your elementary school class ? Ms. F from Philippine, our guest.

小学校のクラスで行われたイベントや行事の中で一番楽しかったものは何でしたか?その時の体験を説明してください。 F さん、今日のゲスト。
She introduced events that were not found in Japan, such as field trips, music festivals, and costume days.


*5. “Share a funny or memorable story involving a teacher or principal from elementary school.” TM T

小学校の先生や校長先生との面白いエピソードや思い出を共有してください。 → Tさん

 The teacher in the 5th grade was very strict, giving us homework every day.

And on the Kanji test, if we put the dots in the little wrong place, he gave an X. So I couldn’t get a good mark and didn’t like him.


*6. “What was your favorite menu in elementary school lunches? or any memory about lunch time.”  TM S

小学校の給食で一番好きだったメニューは何でしたか?それを食べる時の思い出              教えてくださをい。 → Sさん
The only thing the school provided was skim milk powder for lunch, and I brought bread from home. School lunches remind me of those poor days.



*7. “Are there any traditions or rules to elementary school that you disliked ?

Please share your experience. TM A
TM A lived in Germany until the early grades of elementary school, in there,

students made a circle around a desk, faced each other and classrooms learned by talking. Back to Japan, I was surprised by the difference in learning and teaching style. Students sat at the blackboard and were quiet and didn’t ask any questions. Now I am a teacher in a junior high school and think Japanese style is better.


*Prepared speech(準備スピーチ):

1st Speaker was TM O.

Speech title was “My Proposal for Education Reform.”

It was a speech to inspire the audience.

He started by saying that I used to like mathematics when a kid. But during High school, he lost interesting in math. So I would make a proposal about education reform, especially mathematics.

He thinks two important aspects for mathematics education.

One is “acquiring knowledge.”

This knowledge is useful and helpful if you make a purchase in a shop.

The second is improving logical thinking ability.

But he doesn’t think it works actually and feels that it focuses on technical calculation side. Therefore his counter proposal is that math education should include the history of mathematics. For example, trigonometric, he heard it was developed along with the advancement of sea navigation in 6th century. This kind of story is very interesting and inspiring to study. He was very frustrating to study math without such essential questions answered.

He’d like to make a proposal again that the history of mathematics should be included in math education in junior and high school.

一番目のスピーカーはTM O.

タイトルは「教育改革について提案」; スピーチ目的は聴衆を鼓舞する。

* 子供の頃数学が好きでしたが高校では興味が無くなりました。よって数学教育についての提案です。数学教育には2つの重要な側面があるとおもいます。ひとつは知識の習得、買い物するときに役にたつ。もう一つは論理的思考能力の向上、しかし実際それが機能してるとは思わないし、そして専門的な計算を重視している。そこで提案したいのは数学史を中学や高校で取り入れる。例えば三角関数、16世紀の航海術の発展と喪に開発された。こういう話は興味深いし啓発されます。なぜ新しい数学概念が生まれたかなど本質的な疑問が解決されないまま勉強するのはフラストレーションがたまった。中学や高校で数学史を取り入れるべきともう一度提案します。

2nd speaker was TM M.

Speech title was “Youth Words”

It was a speech understanding your communication style.

He begun with his story that he was in charge of four English classes at university and it was difficult for him to remember the names of the students and check the tests. But his most interesting was Youth Words.

Words is living things and changing. He introduced some youth words with example sentences.

    1. Yabai” means dangerous /to be in trouble but actually great/wonderful

TM M’s class is Yabai.

The true meaning is TM’s class is great/wonderful.

    1. Gachi,Bari & mecha” means very.

Today’s lunch is mecha delicious. It means Today’s lunch is very delicious.

    1. Disuru” means disrespect.

Classmates started to Disuru him. Classmates started to disrespect him.

Lastly he expressed YTMC in youth words.

YTMC is a Bari & Yabai club with Mecha good people.

YTMC is a good club with many good people.

二番目のスピーカーはTM M.











*Evaluation Session (論評セション):

General Evaluator was TM O.

1st evaluator was TM A who took over a role of TM S who was absent.

TM O is an experienced speaker and she was attracted his speech through his own experience.

    • good points:

Message was clear and repeated sentences were very understandable.

    • Room for improvement:

Making more eye contact.

Voice tone was a little monotonous, so he need emotion to make the speech colorful.

一番目の論評者はTM Aさん。

TM Oは優れたスピーカーです。ご自身の経験を通した話には引付けられました。




2nd evaluator was TM A who had been to the UK during GW.

She introduced harassment words in English.

See it ! Say it ! Sorted it !”

    • Good points:

Transition technique was great and nice.

Speak humorous story with a serious face.

    • Room for improvement:

Use more gesture and vocal variety to make more interesting.

2番目の論評者はM Aさん。

彼女はGWに英国に行ってた。そしてイギリスのスラングを紹介しながらTM Aさんの論評を進めた。



TM O as GE gave accurate and gentle comments throughout the meeting.

*Word of the Day, “procrastinate” was a good choice.

*TMOD started with a good opening, and the meeting theme would do better to introduce it before a role taker’s speech.

*Topic master’s explanation was good and she looked enjoying catch-ball conversation.

総合論評はTM Oさん。







*Award presentation (表彰)

Best Table Topic was TM S  ベスト即興スピーチはTMS

Best Evaluator was TM A evaluated the 2nd speaker. ベスト論評者はTM A

Best Speaker was TM M  ベストスピーカーはTM M

Although this was our first full online meeting, it was a fulfilling and fruitful meeting !



第808回例会レポート/The 808th Regular Meeting Report


Website Reporting: YTMC, Meeting#808
Date: 20th April 2024 at Hatobakaikan

1 Opening オープニング
At the most popular city of Yokohama, many members came to the regular meeting to patriciate to Yokohama Toastmasters club. During the opening, there was announcement of candidate for next terms officers. The election will be held in May.
We had guest from East Kobe TMC, used to be a member of our club. He is temporary working at Yokohama and vising our club.
There was an induction ceremony of new member. New member and she is really motivated to improve English and public speaking skill with our members.


2 Word of the day 今日の言葉
Today`s word of the Day is TM. K. He had been in UK for 3 weeks. He chooses the word “Face”. Face has several meanings, so we can use in several situations.
今日のWod of the dayはTM.K.さんが選んだものです。彼は英国に3週間滞在しました。彼は「Face」という言葉を選びました。faceにはいくつかの意味があり、さまざまな状況で使うことができます。

3 Toastmasters of the Day (TOMOD) トーストマスターズの司会担当

Today`s Toastmasters of the day is TM. A, one of our star members of this club. She chooses the meeting theme as “Limit”. Many members shared the limitation of alcohol is getting little and little with getting age.

4 Role of the meeting ミーティングでの役割
◦ Grammarian: TM. S
She talked about Governor” of Tokyo and introduced the book called “Empress”.

• Ah-Counter is TM. S.
He talked about the limitation about how hot he can go with curry at COCOICHI!

• Timer: TM. M
He talked about the experience of DJ. When he was young, he enjoyed DJ of radio. met famous DJ, he felt his limitation!

5 Table Topic テーブルトピック
Table Topic Master: TM. S. He gave the question related Hanami.

1. How do you explain about Hanami to foreign friend. 外国人の友人に花見について説明する方法は?
2. The best place for Hanami.  花見の最高の場所はどこですか?
3. Favorite spring festival.   お気に入りの春の祭りは何ですか?

4. Recommendation of outdoor activity 屋外でのアクティビティのおすすめ?

Dragon boat! He enjoyed this activity in Singapore! ドラゴンボート!彼はシンガポールでこのアクティビティを楽しんでいました!

5. Plan for Golden week. ゴールデンウイークの予定?

6. Explain what GW is to foreign friends. 外国の方にゴールデンウイークを説明して

6 Prepared speaker. 準備スピーチ

• 1st Speaker: TM. T
• Speech Title: Terry’s Tip

This is persuasive speech to encourage people to have more confidence! TM. T. started with the tips by his English teacher while he was in US.
TM. T was very poor of speaking English when he participated in exchanged program at company and visited first time in US. He described himself “3 years old businessman! After receiving a strong message from his English teacher, he started speaking out to people with confidence. He emphasized of taking a risk and challenge with mistakes. Many historical people mentioned that mistakes are essence for improvement of mankind.
これは人々に自信を持つように促す説得力のあるスピーチです!TM. T.は、アメリカにいる間に彼の英語の先生から得たヒントで始めました。
TM. T.は、企業の交換プログラムに参加し、初めてアメリカを訪れたとき、英語を話すことが非常に下手でした。彼は自分を「3歳のビジネスマン!」と表現しました。彼の英語の先生から強いメッセージを受けた後、彼は自信を持って人々に話し始めました。彼はリスクを取り、間違いを恐れずに挑戦することの重要性を強調しました。多くの歴史上の人物が、間違いこそが人類の向上の要であると述べています。



• 2nd Speaker: TM. A
• Title: Resolution for Next 40 Years

It was humorous speech with strong message in the end. TM. A mentioned that becoming age of 40 was the big event for her life. The experience of becoming 30 years old, she was filled with motivation and looking to her bright future. However, the experience of getting 40 years was totally negative since she was very exhausted with 3 children!
TM. A shared the story of coffee shop with the women in the next table. TM. A was surprised to hear this woman was over 80 years old even she was so energetic. This woman taught TM. A tips to stay young, it is communication skill.
Toastmasters club is the best place for communicating with people.
With experience of other elder member of TM club, he was encouraged with her age and ambitious about her future!

最後に強いメッセージが込められたユーモラスなスピーチでした。TM. Aは、40歳になることが彼女の人生での大きな出来事だと述べました。30歳になった経験では、彼女はやる気に満ち、明るい未来を見据えていました。しかし、40歳になった経験は、3人の子供に疲れ切っていたため、完全にネガティブでした!
TM. Aは、隣のテーブルの女性とのコーヒーショップでの出来事を共有しました。TM. Aは、この女性が80歳を超えているにもかかわらず、とてもエネルギッシュであることに驚きました。この女性は若々しくいるための秘訣をTM. Aに教えてくれました。それはコミュニケーションスキルです。


• 3rd Speaker: TM. K
• Title: Power of Humor

He struggled for giving speech in front of people with lack of confidence. He started sharing the story of stress he felt while he needed to give the speech in Toastmasters club on weekend.
However, he met many negative events such as the pain in tooth and his wife went out for camping without him. He was almost fallen in negative side, but he changed his mind set to be positive. Then he saw the humorous speech by Prime minister Kishida in US congress, he felt he needed more humor in his speech. He expressed the laughing is most important factor to be positive.


7 Evaluation session 批評セッション
Today`s General Evaluator was. TM. T, our president of this club.
本日の総合批評は私たちのクラブの会長であるTM. Tでした。

• Evaluator-1: TM. M
She talked about the memory of previous company related “Limitation.” It was so called black company.

Good Point
• Good visual by preparing PowerPoint.
• Good Physical movement and body language
Improvement point
• Need more emotion to persuade others.
• Better to memorize the script.

• PowerPointの準備による良いビジュアル。
• 良い身体的動きとボディーランゲージ。
• 他人を説得するためにはもっと感情が必要です。
• 台本を暗記するとより良いでしょう。

• Evaluator-2: TM. A
Good point
• Title was so amazing! Also well explained about it.
• Good body language with coffee cup. Received many attentions from audience.

Improvement point
• Better to have more “Pause” during the speech when she changed the story.
• Needed stronger conclusion by sharing resolutions of next 40 years.

• タイトルが素晴らしかったです!また、それについてよく説明されていました。
• コーヒーカップを使った良いボディーランゲージ。聴衆から多くの注目を集めました。
• スピーチ中に話が変わる際に、もっと「一時停止」を入れると良いでしょう。
• 次の40年の決意を共有することで、より強力な結論が必要でした。

• Evaluator-3: TM. O
Good point
• Successfully described difficult situations.
• Used many cases like dentist and his wife`s story.
• Good facial express and tone in speech
Improvement point
• Select one case only and expand that story.

• 難しい状況を成功裏に説明しました。
• 歯科医や妻の話など、多くのケースを使用しました。
• スピーチでの表情やトーンが良かったです。
• 1つのケースのみを選んで、そのストーリーを拡大することが良いでしょう。

• General Evaluation by TM. T.
• Table topic master need to repeat the question twice.
• テーブルトピックマスターは質問を2回繰り返す必要があります。

8 The Award session. 表彰
• Best Table topic speaker: TM. T
• Best Evaluator: TM. O
• Best Prepared Speaker: TM. A


9 TMOD Comment
• Very powerful speeches and felt limitless meeting.
• 非常に力強いスピーチで、会議は限りないものと感じられました。

Very smooth time management and professional facilitation skill with humorous. TM. A did fanatic job. She chooses the good theme and all members enjoyed speaking out by her leadership. This is why our club is one of the best in region!

時間管理が非常にスムーズで、プロのファシリテーションスキルとユーモアのある進行でした。TM. Aは素晴らしい仕事をしました。彼女は良いテーマを選び、彼女のリーダーシップで全メンバーが発言することを楽しんでいました。これが私たちのクラブが地域で最高の1つである理由です!


第807回例会レポート/The 807th Regular Meeting Report


Website Report on April 6th, 2024


Memories of fresh experiences in April” was today’s meeting theme. We had one online guest and two on-site guests. One of the online guests expressed her intention to become a member of YTMC (Yokohama ToastMasters Club). Wow, great! There were four announcements at the beginning.


(1) TM (Toastmaster) NS reported that Yokohama Toastmasters Club received “2022-2023 Select Distinguished Club Award” from Toastmasters International. Congratulations!

(2) Vice President Education, TM MT, explained the overview of new Pathways (our education system) which will be in effect in the first half of this year.

Also, he explained:

(3) The regular meeting in May will be held on 2nd and 4th Saturday to avoid conflict with District Speech Contest.

(4) Treasurer, TM YA, reported that 27 members payed the fee for the next half term.

Today’s Toastmaster of the Day was TM HK, who is a very active member. He coordinated the meeting very well and conducted the meeting smoothly. TM HA announced today’s Word of the Day, which is “exquisite”. This means graceful, very beautiful, artistic, etc.

Today’s Table Topic Master is TM AI, who came back to YTMC this January. He is a school teacher and asked five questions related to education.

  • What kind of leader is a good leader?   Someone who makes things happen and listens to his/her subordinates (TM TS)
  • What kind of leader is a bad leader?   Someone who thinks of him/herself in the very first place (Guest YI).
  • What kind of school is a good school?   School that focuses on individuals and independence (TM HS)
  • Where do you choose as a place of school excursion?  Kyushu, Hokkaido or Okinawa (TM NM).
  • If you were to build a school, what kind of school?  School which promotes to go out of Japan and to communicate with variety of people in the world (Guest NY). Guest NY won the Best Table Topic Award.

Next session is prepared speech. We had three speeches today.

The first speaker was TM RS. Speech title is “Character Evolution”. She talked about the difference between English speaking culture and Japanese speaking culture. They tend to self-assert in English, while they cannot say No in Japanese. She concluded her speech that “Character evolves depending on the spoken language”.

The second speaker was TM TS with her speech title “15 years in 12 minutes”. She explained her history and endeavor since she joined Toastmasters Club 15 years ago. Her English level evolved from “へ”, “ぺ”, “ペッ” to “ペラ” during her 15 years. She concluded her speech saying “My English level may come to “ペラペラ” if I finish 100 speeches in Toastmasters Club. She has completed “Presentation Mastery” of Pathways with this speech and she won the Best Prepared Speaker.

The third speaker was TM KT. Speech title was “Be a member of the team”. This speech was the second half of her previous speech, where she explained how to make the contest successful. She emphasized that key success factors are minimum member / best contest chair, being helpful and supportive, and utilization of best IT tool.

The last session is the Evaluation session. Today’s General Evaluator is TM YA. She is one of the experienced members and speaks fluent English. The evaluators were TM HN, TM KO and TM MT. Each evaluator pointed out the good points and areas for improvements to each prepared speaker. After the evaluations, each support member gave his/her report, and the General Evaluator summarized the entire meeting and closed the regular meeting. After the meeting, we enjoyed a drink at the nearby “82” (Scotch bar) as usual.


今日の例会のテーマは「4月の新鮮な経験の思い出」でした。オンラインゲスト1名、会場に2名のゲストがいました。オンラインゲストの1人がYTMC(横浜トーストマスターズクラブ)のメンバーになりたいという意向を表明しました。素晴らしい! 例会の冒頭には4つのお知らせがありました。


TM(トーストマスター)NSが、横浜トーストマスターズクラブがToastmasters Internationalから「2022-2023選択優良クラブ賞」を受賞したことを報告しました。おめでとう!


教育副会長のTM MTが、今年の上半期に導入される新しいパスウェイ(私たちの教育システム)の概要を説明しました。また、彼は次のように説明しました。




会計のTM YAが、次の半期の費用を支払ったメンバーが27名いることを報告しました。

今日の例会進行役はTM HKでした。彼は非常に活発なメンバーです。彼は例会をうまく調整し、スムーズに進行させました。 TM HAが今日の「Word of the Day」を発表しました。「exquisite(絶妙な)」という言葉です。これは優雅で、非常に美しい、芸術的などを意味します。

今日のテーブルトピックマスターはTM AIで、彼は今年1月にYTMCに戻ってきました。彼は学校の先生で、教育に関連する5つの質問をしました。

  • 良いリーダーはどのようなリーダーですか?→物事を実現し、部下の意見を聞く人(TM TS
  • 悪いリーダーはどのようなリーダーですか?→自分自身を第一に考える人(ゲストYI)。
  • 良い学校はどのような学校ですか?→個々人や独立性に焦点を当てる学校(TM HS)。
  • 修学旅行の場所はどこを選びますか?→九州、北海道、沖縄(TM NM)。
  • もし学校を建てるとしたら、どのような学校ですか?→日本を出て、世界中のさまざまな人々とコミュニケーションを取ることを促進する学校(ゲストNY)。



最初のスピーカーはTM RSでした。スピーチのタイトルは「性格の進化」です。彼女は英語を話す文化と日本語を話す文化の違いについて話しました。英語圏の人は自己主張する傾向がありますが、日本語圏の人は「いいえ」と言うことを躊躇します。彼女はスピーチを締めくくり、「話される言語によって性格が進化する」と結論づけました。

2番目のスピーカーはTM TSで、スピーチのタイトルは「12分で15年間」です。彼女は15年前にトーストマスターズクラブに入会してからの自分の歴史と努力を説明しました。彼女の英語レベルは15年間で「へ」「ぺ」「ペッ」から「ペラ」に進化しました。彼女はスピーチを締めくくり、「トーストマスターズクラブで100スピーチを終えると、私の英語レベルは「ペラペラ」になるかもしれません」と述べました。彼女はこのスピーチでパスウェイの「プレゼンテーションマスタリー」を修了し、最優秀準備スピーカーに輝きました。

3番目のスピーカーはTM KTでした。スピーチのタイトルは「チームの一員になる」です。このスピーチは、以前のスピーチの後半であり、コンテストを成功させる方法について説明しました。彼女は、最小限のメンバー/最高のコンテストチェア、助け合いと支援、そして最高のITツールの活用が鍵となる成功要因であることを強調しました。

最後のセッションは評価セッションです。今日の総合評価者はTM YAでした。彼女は経験豊富なメンバーの1人であり、流暢な英語を話します。評価者はTM HNTM KOTM MTでした。各評価者は、各準備スピーカーの良い点と改善点を指摘しました。評価の後、各サポートメンバーがそれぞれの報告を行い、総合評価者が例会全体を要約し、定例会を終了しました。例会後はいつものように近くの「82」(スコッチバー)で飲み会を楽しみました。


第806回例会レポート/The 806th Regular Meeting Report


Our 806th regular meeting was held on a warm spring day at the seaside venue, Hatoba Kaikan, in Yokohama. Although the meeting opened on schedule, there were some technical glitches that disabled the online participants to hear us, and the meeting ran overtime by 10 minutes. However, thanks to the fabulous effort of TMOD (Toastmaster of the Day, a MC) TM M, the meeting proceeded smoothly.

Also, two guests added the extra energy to our meeting. One was an ex-member who visited us after 7 years absence, long time no see! and the other was a first-time visitor.

In the beginning of the meeting, the Area D2 contest chair, TM K, presented the 2nd place award to the Japanese contest winner, TM T, who challenged the official contest for the first time in his Toastmasters journey. Congratulations, TM T, for your great achievement!


Following the award presentation, the Word of the day ‘promising’ was introduced by an online-participant, TM T, and many people used it during the meeting.

Table Topics Session was so much fun! The Table Topic Master, TM T, took the hint from the currently popular TV Drama called ‘Futekisetsunimo Hodoga-aru’, which is about the man who lives in the 1980s and travels time to the year 2024. He does some super inappropriate things in 2024 which were widely accepted in the ‘80s, and cause commotion. The questions TM T came up with were as follows,

  1. What do you think about harassment?
  2. What do you think about the entertainment in the Showa era and Reiwa Era?
  3. What do you think about high school uniform in each era? Which uniform do you want to wear?
  4. What do you think about the education in each era?
  5. Which do you like, Showa era or Reiwa era?

Since many members have lived in both eras, some talked about their memories in the Showa era with longings and nostalgies, and with some self-deprecation.

The ex-member who visited us won the Best Table Topics Speaker Award by talking about the difference in education between Showa and Reiwa eras.

We had three prepared speeches on this day, but the funny thing is, although they were supposed to be ‘PREPARED’ speeches, no one in the three had prepared their speeches!

The 1st speaker, TM S, talked about the Big Bang and Universe followed by an interesting Q&A session. Since he explained the basics of the emersion of universe in laymen’s terms, the audience was truly intrigues and able to understand the complicated theory relatively easily. His speaking attitude was casual and friendly, which enhanced the understanding of the audience who were charmed by his speech.

The 2nd speaker, TM A, presented her knowledge about ‘Professional Conference Organizations’, one of which she worked for in the past. Again, the audience was intrigued by her stories and deepened their understanding of these organizations.

The 3rd speaker, TM O, talked about what he’s been into lately, which is…a Boat Race! He passionately explained how interesting it is to anticipate the winner of the race, how handsome and pretty boat racers are these days, etc. We had a lot of fan listening to his ‘Oshi (highly recommended)’ activity.

The evaluation session followed the prepared speech session. It was facilitated by the first-time General Evaluator, TM S, and he smoothly controlled the whole session. In the general evaluation part, he covered every aspect of the meeting in a sincere and amicable way and amazed us. Three Unprepared speakers!? were evaluated by experienced evaluators, and TM S, who evaluated the 1st speaker’s speech amicably with smart observation won the Best Evaluator Award. The 3rd evaluator gave her evaluation online while feeding milk to her baby, which made everyone smile and happy.

The Grammarian, TM O, shared an interesting information with us. He explained the difference among Expect, Anticipate and Forecast. According to him, they all mean the same, but the difference is the probability and the amount of hope. When you ‘expect’, there is a higher probability that something will happen, and also there’s a hopeful thinking here. When you ‘anticipate’, you have a lower probability with a wishful thinking. When you forecast, no emotion is involved. There’s no hopeful thinking. It’s just a fact-based, scientific prediction. For further information, please refer to your dictionary!

The meeting successfully ended with an award presentation to the three winners. Congratulations! And thanks TMOD M for your professional facilitation!



横浜トーストマスターズクラブ第806回例会は、春を思わせる温かな日差しの中、横浜港内のホームグラウンド波止場会館で開催されました。例会は予定通りに始まりましたが、技術的な問題 (Zoom) により10分程度中断し進行が遅れました。しかし、TMODToastmaster of the DayMCTM Mの渾身の努力のおかげで、その後はスムーズに進行しました。 また、2人のゲストの存在も、例会にパワーを与えてくれました。ゲストのうちの1人は7年ぶりに訪ねてくれた元メンバー、もう1人は初めての訪問者でした。

例会の冒頭、エリアD2コンテストチェアのTM Kが、初めて公式トーストマスターズコンテストに挑戦したTM Tに日本語部門2位の賞状を授与しました。TM Tさん、素晴らしいご活躍おめでとうございます!

この日の「言葉」は「promising/有望な」で、オンラインで参加したTM Tが紹介してくれました。使いやすいことから、多くのメンバーが例会中に使用できました。

さて、この日のテーブルトピックセッションは猛烈に楽しかったです!テーブルトピックマスターであるTM Tは、現在人気を博している民放テレビドラマ「不適切にもほどがある」からヒントを得て質問を考えたそうです。このドラマは、1980年代に生きる主人公がタイムスリップして2024年にやってきて、不適切発言、行動を連発し大騒動を起こすというストーリーです。TM Tが考えた質問は次のとおりです。

  1. ハラスメントについてどう思いますか?
  2. 昭和と令和のエンターテインメントについてどう思いますか?
  3. 各時代の高校の制服についてどう思いますか?どちらの制服を着たいですか?
  4. 各時代の教育についてどう思いますか?
  5. 昭和と令和、どちらの時代が好きですか?


この日は準備スピーチが3つありましたが、面白いことに、「準備」スピーチを行うはずのスピーカーは3人とも未準備! 1番目のスピーカーのTM Sは、ビッグバンと宇宙について語り、その後興味深い質疑応答セッションが続きました。宇宙誕生の基礎を素人にも分かりやすく説明してくれ、私たちは複雑な理論を比較的簡単に理解することができました。彼のカジュアルでフレンドリーな語り口に聴衆は魅了されました。2番目のスピーカーであるTM Aは、過去に働いていた「プロフェッショナル会議団体/PCO」に関する知識を披露してくれました。知らない組織について理解を深める機会が得られたスピーチでした。3番目のスピーカーTM Oは、彼の最近のいち押し、ボートレースについて熱く語ってくれました。レースの勝者予測がいかに楽しいか、いまどきのボートレーサー達がどれほどイケメン、または美女であるかなどをとうとうと説明してくれました。

準備スピーチセッションに続いて、評価セッションが行われました。初めて総合評価者に挑戦したTM Sは、セッション全体をスムーズにコントロールしてくれました。総合評価の部分では、例会のあらゆる場面を誠実で親しみやすい態度でカバーし、論評してくれました。3人の未準備?!スピーカーは、経験豊富な論評者からの評価を受け、親しみやすい雰囲気でスマートな評価を行った1番目の論評者TM Sが最優秀論評者賞を受賞しました。3番目の論評者は、赤ちゃんにミルクを飲ませながらオンライン評価を行い、皆を笑顔にしてくれました。

論評セッション中、文法担当のTM Oが興味深い情報を共有してくれました。「expect/期待する」「anticipate/予期する」「forecast/予報する」という言葉の違いを説明し、彼によれば、それらはすべて同じ意味だが、違いは確率と期待値だとのこと。何かが起こることを「expect」するとき、それが起こる確率は高く、ここには期待感が含まれています。「anticipate/予期する」場合、確率は低いが、ここでも願望があります。「forecast/予報」するときに感情は一切ありません。希望的な考えもありません。Forecastは事実に基づく、科学的な予測です。なるほど! 勉強になりますね。詳細については、みなさんそれぞれ辞書を参照してください!

3人の受賞者に賞を贈り、例会は無事成功裏に終わりました。受賞者のみなさん、おめでとうございました!そして、プロフェッショナルなファシリテーションをして下さったTM M、ありがとうございました!


第805回例会レポート/The 805th Regular Meeting Report


The 805th regular meeting

Date&Time: 14:00-16:00 March 2nd 2024

Venue: Sakuragicho PioCity 6F

Theme – What Turns You on? (from “Inside the Actors Studio” Questions)

There were 2 guests who wants to learn public speaking at the workplace.

TM MT presented the word of the day as “memorable”

as well as he expressed appreciation for 2nd prize on area speech contest.

The contest was memorable moment for him since he realized improvement of public speech skills through the contest.

TM ST took the role of Toast Master of the Day, she successfully facilitated this meeting by using questions from

“Inside the Actors Studio”, an American talk show. There are 10 questions in the one-on-one interview.

What is your favorite word?

What is your least favorite word?

What turns you on?

What turns you off?

What sound or noise do you love?

What sound or noise do you hate?

What is your favorite curse word?

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

What profession would you not like to do?

If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Found many of our members feel excited in playing and listening music.

Table topics master was TM RS took the role at the last minute since the member who originally assigned became sick.


It was great to take cover absence of someone else.

1. What activity makes you lose track of time? – Cooking for family.

2. Are you still holding on something you think let it go? – Books bought more than needed.

3. Who do you sometimes compare with yourself? – No one to compare, focus on the self.

4. What would you do if you know somebody would judge you behind the back? – Don’t care about gossips.

Then 4 members performed the prepared speech on this meeting.

TM NM “What plan do you wanna TRY? – Committed to lose weight by performing some diet methods from the internet and report the status on the next speech.

TM AT “Essence of Learning” – Explained mentors through changing life stage – Club members, Colleagues at work and a daughter.

TM HN “Hidden Handedness” – Elaborated the typical struggles for lefthanded people.

TM KT “Be a contestant? OR Supporter?” – Introduced tips for Toastmasters international speech contest and encouraged to be a contestant.

4 evaluators gave feedback to each prepared speech, hope all prepared speakers take their voice and reflect on the next speech.

TM SS evaluated the first prepared speech, +Prepared visual aids, body languages,structure of speech. -Vocal variety.

TM HK +Sence of humor, strong messages were delivered, -Weakness of closing.

TM NS +The speaker presented his own story, Impressive humor made. -Eye contact, speech without script,

TM TT +The speaker chose a timely topic, Structure was well organized, Effective eye contact and visual aids. -Vocal variety since the speech was monotone.


Even 3 members could not attend due to sick, the rest of us cooperated to make the meeting enjoyable. I think that was fantastic.

The next meeting will be held on March 16th, 2023 at Hatoba Kaikan, we are looking forward to seeing you all.


日時:2024年3月2日 14:00~16:00
会場 桜木町ピオシティ6F



TM MTは、今日の言葉を「記憶に残る」と発表。

乾杯の音頭をとったTM STは、『Inside Actors Studio』(邦題『アクターズ・スタジオの裏側』)の質問を使いながら、この会をうまく進行した。
アメリカのトーク番組 “Inside the Actors Studio”。1対1のインタビューは10問。


即興スピーチマスターはTM RSさん。

1. 時間を忘れてしまう活動は?- 家族のために料理をすること。
2. 手放したはずのものをまだ持っていますか?- 必要以上に買った本。
3. 誰と自分を比べることがありますか?- 比べる相手はいない。
4. もし誰かがあなたを陰で批判すると知っていたら、どうしますか?- ゴシップは気にしない。

TM NM「どんなプランに挑戦しますか?- ネットで調べたダイエット方法を実行し、次回のスピーチで報告する。
TM AT 「学びの本質」 ライフステージの変化を通して、クラブメンバー、職場の同僚、娘など、メンターについて説明。
TM HN “Hidden Handedness” – 左利きの典型的な苦労を詳しく説明。
TM KT “Be a contestant? それともサポーター?- トーストマスターズ国際スピーチコンテストのコツを紹介し、出場者になることを勧めました。

4 人の評価者が準備された各スピーチにフィードバックを提供しました。準備されたスピーチ全員が声を上げて次のスピーチに反映することを願っています。
TM SS は、最初に準備されたスピーチ、準備された視覚補助、ボディランゲージ、スピーチの構造を評価しました。 -ボーカルのバラエティ。
TM HK +ユーモアのセンス、強いメッセージが伝わってきた、 -クロージングの弱さ。
TM NS +講演者は、印象的なユーモアを交えて自身のストーリーを発表しました。 -アイコンタクト、台本なしのスピーチ、
TM TT +講演者はタイムリーなトピックを選択し、構成はよく整理されており、効果的なアイコンタクトと視覚補助が行われていました。 -スピーチが単調だったので、ボーカルの多様性。



第804回例会レポート/The 804rd Regular Meeting Report




ミーティングテーマは 「ガチャ」。





②リタイアした後どこに住むか? 故郷に戻るか、いま住んでいる横浜か。



ベスト即興スピーカー: Nさん、
ベスト論評スピーカー: Oさん
ベストスピーカー: Oさん


How is everyone doing today with the temperature fluctuating wildly every day?
Today’s meeting started with 21 members including 3 guests.

The word of the day is “try”.
TM. T presented the word with the idea of actively trying everything.

Today’s Toastmaster of the day was TM. K.
The meeting theme was “Gacha”.
Gacha is a toy that comes in a capsule.
The theme was chosen because February 17 is the foundation day of the company that makes Gacha.

Gacha…it makes me nostalgic for my childhood.
What memories do you have of your childhood ?

The table topic was chosen by TM. A.
Today’s topic is one of the most common table topics: “Gossip”.
Four topics were selected from the current topics.

(1) Weekly magazine reports on big-name comedians’ gossip.
(2) Charismatic ice skater’s sudden divorce.
(3) Gossip by a major talent agency.
(4) Accidents caused by elderly drivers.

And next are the Prepared speech session.
Four high-level and interesting speeches were presented today.

(1) TM. I, who has returned to our club, spoke passionately about the charm of our club.
(2) Where will she live after she retires ? Returning to her hometown or to Yokohama where her lives now ?
(3) My favorite movie quotes. –  movie lines tells a lot.
(4) An American TV program, “The moment of truth”. Would you grab the big money even if your secret comes out !?

Who could have been the best speaker?
I am sure everyone was wondering who to vote for.

After a short break, we moved on to the Evaluation session.
Today’s General evaluater was TM. S, who always creates a pleasant atmosphere in the hall.
Each evaluaters also gave an accurate review within the limited time.

Today’s award winners are as follows
Best Table topic Speaker: TM. N
Best Evaluater: TM. O
Best Speaker: TM. O

The next meeting will be held on March 2 (Sat.) at a another location, Sakuragi-cho Pio City.
See you there!