第772回例会レポート / The 772nd Regular Meeting Report


The 772th Regular Meeting Report

Date&Time: 14:00-16:00 October 15th 2022/ Venue: Hatoba Kaikan + Online
There were 22 people including two guests participated in the meeting.

It was a sunny day in late Autumn. Our #772 regular meeting was held in Hatobakaikan. It is gradually getting cool and calm but the meeting was hot and exciting as always.

At the beginning of the opening, the president NS told us about a ten-year diary which his wife brought. It is a nice idea because writing a diary is good not only to look back the event that had happened on the same day for 10 years, but also to improve brain abilities, like prevent from forgetting something like Kanji.


On top of that, this day was a TM.O’s birthday. Congratulations! We all celebrated his birthday by singing “Happy birthday song”.
And then, an award ceremony of the evaluation contest in the previous meeting was held. Congratulations to all the winners and participants!

また、この日は、TM.Oの誕生日。みんなでHappy birthday songを歌って彼の誕生日を祝いました。

After that, the regular meeting started.
The Toastmaster of the day (TMOD) was TM.N who has served as the TMOD for the fourth time. He proceeded the meeting smoothly with a good time management.
The meeting theme was “The most surprising thing this year.” He talked about his surprising story this year which his sensitive coriander censor didn’t work when drinking Coca-Cola. Who knows ingredients of Coca-Cola contain corianders?
Other speakers also talked about their surprising stories this year. They spoke their topics regarding from experiencing great landscape in northern Kanto area, the beautiful sunrise, to being infected with the Covid-19, and also the social issues like former president Abe’s assassination or Ukraine war.

今回の定例のテーマは“The most surprising thing this year.”。 彼の今年一番の驚いたことは、彼の敏感なパクチーセンサーがコカ・コーラで作動しなかったことでした。コカ・コーラにパクチーが含まれているなんて誰も知らないですよね。その他のメンバーからは、北関東の広大な風景や美しい日の出の話やコロナに感染したこと、安部元首相の事件、ウクライナ戦争などの時事ネタまでいろいろなサプライズの話しがありました。

The “Word of the Day” was “eager”. It definitely suited us because we are eager to learn.
Then, we moved on to the Table Topic session led by TM.K. The questions were about “learning”. It sounded like the perfect theme in autumn. There were six questions about a skill they want to get, the benefit of online learning, how to learn the skill, their secret to get a skill, an episode of learning from YTMC and so on. All speakers made their wonderful impromptu answers about their learning ways. Some people said that YouTube has become the best way to learn nowadays.
We noticed that there have been significant changes of learning style.

続いてのTable Topicsは、TM.Kの司会で進められました。本日の質問は、「学習」について。秋にはピッタリのテーマだと思います。身につけたいスキルやそのスキルを身につける方法や秘策、オンライン学習について、さらにはYTMCから学んだエピソードなど、学習に因んだ素晴らしい即興スピーチがありました。

After the Table Topics session, we moved on to prepared speech session. There were four prepared speakers this time.
The first speaker was TM.A, the title was “Last words”. Starting from an emergency scene of calling an ambulance, it sounded like a serious drama. The story was that she met an old smoker in a smoke free café in Kamakura and she listened to his last words before the sudden and shocking accident that happened to him.
It was a surprising experience for her this year, but an unforgettable one.

最初のスピーカーはTM A、タイトルは「Last words」でした。救急車を呼ぶシーンから始まって、まるでシリアスなドラマのようでした。鎌倉のカフェで偶然出会ったタバコを好きの老人のお亡くなりになる前の最後の言葉の話しでした。この出来事は、彼女にとって今年のサプライズであり、忘れられない出来事でした。

The next speaker was TM.A, her title was “Nervousness Control” That was the story that she could overcome her nervousness by practicing repeatedly her regular routine 30 times with her senior friend to acquire the green belt of Karate, and finally she passed the belt examination. It was a short speech but also like an amazing drama. Congratulations on getting the green belt!

次のスピーカーは、TM.A、タイトルは「Nervousness Control」。緑帯の試験に向けて彼女の同僚と30回の同じ練習を繰り返したことで緊張感を克服し、ついに試験に合格したという、これもショートドラマのような興味深いスピーチでした。緑帯の獲得おめでとうございます。

The third speaker was TM.K, the title was “Millennials and Technology”. He researched and analyzed the characteristic and activities of Millennials from technology point of view through a drinking party with his teammates. He felt generation gap between Millennials who can use Social Media well. They are the same human being, but he said that he felt like they are aliens. It was very impressive.

3番目のスピーカーは、TM.K。テーマは「Millennials and Technology」 。チームメイトとの飲み会を通じて感じたSMS好きのミレニアムズとの世代間のGapについて、テクノロジーの観調査と分析に基づいた素晴らしいスピーチでした。同じ人間なのに、ミレニアムがズエイリアンのように感じたという彼の言葉はとても印象に残りました。

The last speaker was TM.M, the title was “What young people face today”. It was his first speech in YTMC. The story was about three comments from students in the university where he has worked as an academic advisor. All of them were very informative and interesting topics. Especially, it was new to us that people in Australia don’t take a shower every day because of the water service restriction. It was a wonderful speech that we felt that TM.M has given the students kindly supports.

最後のスピーカーはTM.M、タイトルは、「What young people face today」 YMTCでの最初のスピーチとなります。彼の大学での仕事を通じた3人の学生からのコメントについて、情報に富んだ興味深いスピーチでした。特に、オーストラリアの不便なシャワー事情については初めて知りました。TM.Mが学生の皆さんに親切なサポートをしていることを感じることができた素晴らしいスピーチでした。

After the intermission, General Evaluation session started led by TM. N. There were four evaluators, and they gave constructive and valuable feedback to each prepared speaker.
Then, we moved on to the Award session which was our main event.
The result of Award session was following.
Best Table topic Speaker: TM.T
Best Evaluator: TM.O
Best Speaker: TM. A

休憩をはさんで、TM.Nの進行でGeneral Evaluatorがスタートしました。4人の論評者からそれぞれの発表者に対する適切で素晴らしい論評がありました。
Best Table topic Speaker: TM.T
Best Evaluator: TM.O
Best Speaker: TM. A

We enjoyed it and learned a lot from this meeting. This meeting will become the first topic which President NS will write down on this day’s page in the ten-year diary. The next regular meeting will be held at Hatoba kaikan on November 5th.
Please feel free to join us as a guest if you are interested. We look forward to having you! See you at next meeting. Thank you!



第771回例会レポート / The 771th Regular Meeting Report


The 771th Regular Meeting Report

Date&Time: 14:00-16:00 October 1st 2022/ Venue: Hatoba-Kaikan + Online
There were 17 people participated in the meeting.

Today is October 1, and the weather is clear.
The temperature was still hot at nearly 30 degrees Celsius,
but the air was dry and pleasant. The venue was Hatoba Kaikan.

Today’s theme was “Evaluation Contest,”
so we started the day a little differently than usual.

The order of the contest was as follows by strict rock-paper-scissors-scissors.

The order of the English contest is
1. TM K
2. TM N
3. TM A
4. TM O
5. TM A

The order of the Japanese contest is
1. TM O
2. TM A
3. TM T
4. TM N

The contest was opened by the President, TM S.
TM S. He said that several of the scheduled reviewers had problems today and that he was busy coordinating replacements for them.

The contest chairs were introduced by TM S.
She thanked TM N and TM K for their willingness to fill in for them.

Then, the roles of timer, Vote counter, and web site reporter were explained.
After that, the rules of today’s contest were explained.
As for the flow of the contest, there will be a test speech first,
followed by the commentary by the commentary contestant.

The English contest begins.
The English test speaker will be TM K from Atsugi-Zama TMC.

In contrast to the glamorous Tokyo Olympics,
the work of the network administrator as a sober
and unobtrusive behind-the-scenes worker.
She talked about how she was able to revamp a system that was not working properly and make it work again, how she was moved when her boss recognized her importance,
and how it was a gold medal for her.
I was also moved by her wonderful speech about recognizing each other.

Next comes the Contestant Evaluator.

The first Evaluator is TM K.
Vocal Variety, gesture is also excellent.
I felt that the background of the speech was very well organized with a commentary that there was room for improvement.

The second contingent was TM N.
He spoke about the use of the camera and good facial expressions.
He said that the vertical movement of the camera used for the online speech was correct,
but the horizontal direction was not used effectively,
and that more could have been done about the vocal variety.
The evaluation level was very high.

The third contestant was TM A.
I was pleased with her preparation, body language, and the content of her speech.
In particular, the storyline was good, starting with the Olympics,
followed by the behind-the-scenes story about herself,
and finally, the recognition of her importance and the conclusion that drew the audience in.
On the other hand, the title of the speech could have been improved a little.
I felt it was also well organized.

The fourth contestant was TM O.
There were three good points.
First, the contrast between the glamorous Tokyo Olympics
and the behind-the-scenes work of the Olympics,
but being recognized by one’s superiors was good.
Comments were also made on areas that could be improved.

The fifth contingent was TM A.
She started off calmly.
It was noted that simple phrasing and speed were appropriate.
Second was the effective use of gestures.
Third, the message was clear.
It was emphasized that it was good that she was talking to the audience rather than giving a speech.

Next was the timer’s report, all of whom were in 3-3.5 minutes,
which was appropriately timed.

Moving on to the interviews. The interviewer was TM T.
Interview with test speaker TM K.
She had an interesting story about how she came up with the speech.
As for how she learned gestures and facial expressions,
she said she practiced using ZOOM.

Next, we interviewed TM K.
He said he was a little nervous because the contest was decided on short notice due to circumstances,
but he enjoyed it.
He answered humorously that the waiting room was on the 4th floor, so it was difficult to move around.

Next was an interview with TM N.
He also said that he had a hard time because the contingent was decided on this morning on short notice.

Next, an interview with TM A.
The speaker’s speech exceeded her expectations, and she expressed her gratitude.

Next, an interview with TM O.
He told us that he was a little nervous, although he is not usually nervous.

Finally, an interview with TM A. Since it was the last contestant,
she talked about what she was thinking while she was waiting with a sense of humor.

The English contest is now complete and we are going to take a break.

The Japanese contest begins.

The Japanese test speaker will be TM M.

This speech is about avocados.
That although avocados are tasty and popular,
there are negative information about them such as environmental destruction,
being a source of income for gangs, etc.,
and that they have become the “avocado of fear.
By looking at the news a little differently, she has learned that tomatoes,
which are produced more than avocados, use more water,
and that production is increasing in Asia,
where gangs have less influence, in addition to South America.
The speech was about learning that we need to look at the news more broadly.

The first Evaluater was TM O.
Three good points.
The title was interesting, the atmosphere was good with natural smiles, and the speech was persuasive.
The improvements were that it felt like he was reading a manuscript, which she may not have read, the way she compared the water usage of tomatoes and avocados,
and the fact that he was a little hard to follow
when he changed from talking about avocados to social speeches.

The second Evaluater was TM A.
He made three good points.
Three good points: first, the title;
second, the honesty was well conveyed;
and third, she learned the beauty of changing perspectives.
The only thing that could be improved was the overall monotone of the presentation,
which could have been better with a few more changes.
Also, there was a suggestion that it would have been more memorable
if the main focus had been on her own personal experience
rather than what she had researched.
Finally, she made a comment about the avocados stored in her freezer,
which made me laugh, and I felt that it was a commentary that made a difference.

Third was TM T.
What was good was the speed and tone. The story line was also good, starting with the food, then the health and social aspects, the fear of avocados, the research done and the generalization of it.
Suggestions for improvement were that the food should be viewed in a more positive light.

Fourth, TM N.
There were five good points:
1) the title,
2) the development of the story.
3) The addition of specific figures to the explanation.
4) Explanation of the importance of another viewpoint by generalizing at the end.
5) Daring to reduce the number of movements,
which made the story easier to understand.
As for points to be improved, it was suggested
that actual avocados and fewer movements would be acceptable,
but that it would be better to change the facial expression
from happy to sad during good news stories, and darker during scary news stories.
The suggestion was persuasive, as it was about the power of expression that TM N is usually good at.

Next was the Timer’s Report, and everyone was on time.

Moving on to the interview section. TM T was in charge.
TM M, the test speaker,
commented that being a test speaker for an editorial review contest was more nerve-wracking than she had imagined, which I felt was very raw.
The four contestants were also a little less nervous now that the commentary was over,
and they continued to make pleasant comments in the interview corner.

As for the final ranking

<English Contest
1st Place = TM A (3rd reviewer)
2nd Place=TM O
3rd Place=TM A (5th reviewer)

<Contest in Japanese
1st Place=TM O
2nd Place=TM N

The first place winner will move on to the Area Contest on November 20.

In this commentary contest, I heard various comments on one speech, and I learned that people evaluate speeches in different ways, and some of the comments were very impressive.
I listened as a reporter and learned a lot.
Thank you very much.


本日のテーマはEvaluation Contestということで、いつもと少し違った感じでスタートしました。
1. TM K
2. TM N
3. TM A
4. TM O
5. TM A
1. TM O
2. TM A
3. TM T
4. TM N

開会はPresidentのTM Sからスタート。

コンテストチェアはTM Sが紹介されました。
TM N、TM Kが代役を快く引き受けて頂いたことへの感謝の言葉がありました。

そして、タイマー、Vote counter、WEB site reporterの各役割の説明を実施。

英語のテストスピーカーは厚木座間TMCのTM Wが行います。



最初のEvaluatorはTM Kです。
Vocal Variety, gestureも素晴らしい。

2番目のコンテスタントはTM N。
vocal varietyについて、もっとできたのではないか?という求めるレベルが非常に高いEvaluationであると感じました。

3番目のコンテスタントはTM A。

4番目のコンテスタントはTM O。

5番目のコンテスタントはTM A。

インタビューに移ります。インタビュー担当はTM T。

テストスピーカTM Kにインタビューです。

次にTM Kにインタビューです。

次にTM Nへのインタビュー。こちらも急遽今朝コンタントに決まったので大変だったと言う話がありました。

次にTM Aへのインタビュー。スピーカのスピーチが予想以上で、感謝の言葉がありました。

次にTM Oへのインタビュー。いつもは緊張しないが、少し緊張していたという話がありました。

最後にTM Aへのインタビュー。最後のコンテスタントであった為、待っている間何を考えていたか、



日本語テストスピーカは、TM Mさんが担当します。


一番目の論評者はTM O。

二番目の論評者はTM A。

三番目はTM T。

四番目は、TM N。
普段のTM Nが得意としている表現力について提案があり、説得力がありました。


インタビューコーナーに移ります。担当はTM T。
テストスピーカのTM Mさんが、論評コンテストのテストスピーカは想像以上に緊張した、というコメントが生々しいな、と感じました。


1st Place =TM A(3番目論評者)
2nd Place=TM O
3rd Place=TM A(5番目論評者)

1st Place=TM O
2nd Place=TM N