第802回例会レポート/The 802nd Regular Meeting Report


The 802th Regular Meeting Report

Date&Time: 14:00-16:00 September 16th 2023/ Venue: Hatoba Kaikan + Online

The second meeting of the year began on a slightly cold and rainy day with 23 members including 3 guests. Our president gave a detailed explanation of the Toastmasters International Speech Contest that will be held from the next month. This year, the national contest will be a hybrid format, which we are looking forward to.

Everyone is encouraged to try out for this once-a-year opportunity!

Today’s word of the day is “desire”, introduced by TM I. He explained that we should use “desire” when we feel stronger than “want”.


本日の言葉は、TM I から紹介されたdesireです。wantよりも強い気持ちの時にdesireを使ってみようと説明されました。

And this time TMOD was served by one of our experienced members, TM. SN. TM S decided on the theme of “how to get over the cold winter. It was perfect for a very cold day like today. The opinions of the members, such as installing underfloor heating (but the family gets mad at him), doing winter sports, wearing clothes like a daruma doll & junihitoe, etc. were introduced in a fun way.

そして今回のTMODは、TM. SNが務めました。大ベテランのSさんが決めた今回のテーマは、“寒い冬の乗り越え方”。今日のようなとても冷える日にはピッタリのもの。メンバーによる意見、床暖房をつける(でも家族には怒られる笑)、冬ならではのスポーツをする、ダルマのように&十二単のように着込むこと、などが楽しく紹介されました。

The Table Topic Session was moderated by TM SH. Today’s question was on the theme of hot pot. It was also a wintery theme, and I felt warmed up just listening to the answers. Since it was a familiar theme, both the speakers and the audience enjoyed the session very much.
1. What is your favorite hot pot and why?
2. What is your favorite ingredient to put into hot pot?
3. If you have no limit of your budget, what hot pot do you want to eat?
4. Which do you prefer for the last dish of hot pot, rice or noodle?
5. If you could go to the moon, what do you want to do?
続いてのTable Topicsは、TM MTの司会で進められました。本日の質問は鍋がテーマです。こちらも冬らしいテーマで、話を聞いてるだけてなんだか温まる気がしました。身近なテーマなので、指名された人達も見ている皆さんも、とても楽しみながらセッションを過ごしていました。

After Table Topic Session, the prepared speech session began. There were three speakers for this session.

The first speaker, TM N, shared about his 30 years of sailing experience. He used slides to explain the world of sailing in an easy-to-understand way that many people may not know.

The second speaker, TM T, shared her resolution for this year. It was wonderful to see TM T, a senior in life, talk about her feelings about entering her 80s this year with a sense of humor. I felt that the best part of Toastmasters activity is to hear people’s thoughts like this.

The last speaker TM H shared a story about her family. Her speech gave me an opportunity to think about the feeling of happiness.

最初のスピーカーはTM Nは30年に渡るセーリングの経験について共有してくれました。知らない人が多いであろうセーリングの世界について、スライドを使ってわかりやすく説明してくれました。
番目のスピーカーであるTM Tは今年の抱負を語ってくれました。人生の大先輩であるTM Tさん、今年80代に入る心境をユーモアも交えながら語る姿は素晴らしかったです。こんな風に人の想いが聴けることがトーストマスターズの醍醐味だと感じました。

After a short break, TM.K. led the evaluation session, in which the three evaluators gave their own feedback. They spoke in accordance with the objectives of the project and made concrete suggestions as well as pointing out areas for improvement. There is so much to learn from the evaluation. Let’s take this feedback and apply it to our own speeches.

As a general evaluation on the meeting as a whole, there was a suggestion to ask more questions on table topics & try to speak as long as possible. Table topic Session is always an issue for our club.

Finally, the best from each session were awarded at the awards session.

Lastly, we moved on to the Award session.
Award winners were as below.
Best Table topic Speaker: TM O
Best Evaluator: TM K
Best Speaker: TM T




I learn something inspiring at every meeting. There are many times when I feel down that I did not do well, but this motivates me to do it again the next time. If you are interested, please come and visit Yokohama TMC.