The 605th Meeting Report


Greetings All,

Meeting #605 was full of many virtuosic performances.  Kicked off again by our President N., we enjoyed a great induction ceremony of our new member Toastmaster N.  She was one very delighted to join our family of Toastmasters and we look forward to her speech and leadership performances to come.
Toastmaster I. cracked some nice jokes to get the atmosphere warmed up.  We were entertained by a great Table Topics session hosted by Toastmaster Y.  She kept to the theme of colors and asked various questions to the audience. 
The prepared speech section had some great performances by our stronger speakers.  Toastmaster Ta. first explained to us how much of a miracle we are for making it into this world and the difficulty of pregnancy.  Toastmaster Ts. did some great research to describe the Yukatsu Program concepts regarding Work Life Balance that the government is trying to introduce.  Finally, Toastmaster M. gave his first advanced manual speech about Breaking our Ducks and learning to engage strangers in conversation. 
Overall, many of the speeches and evaluations were too long so we need to work better on our time management.  Our newest member also won her first table topics session!  Congratulations!
See you back in 2 weeks as the story continues with Meeting #606.

Warm Regards,

Yokohama Toastmasters Club









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