The 608th Meeting Report


Greetings All,

Our 608th Meeting had the theme of “My Favorite Book” and all role takers did well in sending the TMOD all their interesting books. The Word of the Day was a difficult one “Embolden” which was not used very well throughout the meeting. We have several 1st time guests as well.
We had an induction ceremony for a new member from Vietnam TM Th. She also performed her CC #1 Icebreaker Speech at this meeting. The Table Topics is always interesting and funny when TM Ma. does it and he didn’t disappoint us again with some tough questions.
In our Prepared Speech session, TM Ts. gave us insight into her actual job as an interpreter. TM Fu. explained to us how we can sell our skills online through the crowdsourcing initiative, which was very interesting and a new topic for many.
The General Evaluator TM Fr. took over after the break and reviewed in great detail the meeting even evaluating the Table Topics speakers. We finished with 3 beautiful ladies cleaning up the awards as you can see below.
Thank you all for a great meeting!

VPPR FR on Behalf of the TMOD Im



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