第749回例会レポート / The 749th Regular Meeting Report


Meeting #749 Nov. 6th at Hatoba Kaikan 1F.
The meeting theme today was A “favorite place?” Since we are YTMC, 2 members replied “Yamashita Park”.
“It was our toastmaster of the day, TM N. He could not join as Onsite since his lovely dog is now hospitalized.”
TM. N. introduced himself as Rain man and that is why we had a fine day for onsite meeting! (He stayed at his house).

Today, we had 3 guests in onsite. Most of guests wants to improve his/her English skill and public speaking skills.
Toastmasters is the best place to enhance those skill with FUN!

Today`s World of the Day was “Forthright” prepread by TM. N.
It has same meaning of “Frank” means directly and without evasin.

Today`s table topic master is TM. N. (Same last name of TMOD!).
She choose today`s theme from most popular events of Japan today “Difficult Marriage!”.
“Based on this theme, she asked various questions that really entertained all members.”

Questions are followings.
1. What who you do if everyone surrounding you are against your marriage?
2. Will you follow with your fiancé to move NYC?
3. If you are the loyal family member and your daughter want to marry which you are not approve. What would you do?
4. If you can invite anyone from celebrity in your dinner, whom you want to invite?
5. If you can receive one talent from the heaven, what kind of talent you want to be gifted?

1. もし周りの人があなたの結婚に反対していたら?
2. あなたの婚約者がNew Yorkにいくといったら?それでも結婚しますか?
3. もしあなたが皇室のメンバーで、あなたの娘が言うことを聞かないで結婚しようとしております。 どうしますか?
4. もし、有名人をだれでもディナーに招待できるなら、誰にしますか?
5. どんな才能も天から与えられるとしたら、どんな能力が欲しいでしょうか?

We had 4 prepared speaker today. There were so diverse speakers from experienced ones to first speaker as Toastmasters. “Also, most of speakers are from foreign counties.”
今日は4人のプリペアードスピーカーが発表しました。 経験豊富なスピーカーから今日がトーストマスターズとして初めてのスピーカーなど多岐にわたっていました。

Speech 1: “Is School uniform essential? ” by TM. T
Japanese core value: Harmony.
TM. Tさんは日本の文化の本質をスピーチし
Speaker 2: “Who am I” by TM. N.
His deep analysis of value by defining questions.
Speaker 3: “Independent” by TM. P
Her own story to be independent with responsibility.
Speaker 4: “My life with English” by TM. K.
To communicate with people, grammar and memorizing vocabulary is not that best way! Speaking skill is the most relevant!

Evaluation Secession.
Toastmaster has systematic approach of enhancing speaking. We evaluate each other to lean for improvement of speech.
Today, we had many experienced evaluators and they gave concrete suggestions to each prepared speakers.
トーストマスターズにはスピーチを向上させるためにとてもよい仕組みあります。 評論セッションで改善点をシェアし次のスピーチ向上をめざします。

TM.N to TM. T: Be aligned with speech them “Leadership style”. More eye contact and make conclusion more strong!.
TM. K. to TM. N: Slow down of pace in order to make it easy for audience to follow and understand.
TM. S. to TM. P:Tone of speaking is too flat. Emphasize more for conveying important message!
TM.O. to TM. K: It is better to add story of how you want to do with good English skill. More guestures!

Finally, Toastmaster of the day announce the Awards.
Best Table Topic spaeker: TM. A
Best Evaluator: TM. S
Best Prepard Speaker: TM. P

During Bouquets & Brickbats, TM. N suggested 3 things which is really relevent for YTMC.
1 Do not put “San” even you call him/her TM. (like TM. 〇〇san)
2 Most of speaker gave speech behind the lectern. Sometimes, it could be impactful if you can make speech in front. 
3 Time judgement is getting loose. Time management is one of the important aspect Toastmasters, so be strict.

1 TM.●●さんの「さん」はいらない。TM自体が敬称。
2 ほとんどのスピーカーがレクターン(発表台)の後ろで発表をしている。たまに前に出てスピーチするとインパクトがでる。
3 時間制限が甘くなっている。タイムマネジメントもトーストマスターズも重要な項目なので厳しくすべし。

Also, we awarded TM. K as 1st place of Rookie’s contest of YTMC!
He will go to Kanagawa Rookie’s contest, so please cheer him up!

Overall, it was very frindley and fun event.
Very well prepared by TM. N as TMOD and it was really engated meeting.
See you next time!
TMODのTM. Nのよい準備のおかげで、皆をうまく巻き込んだものとなりました。