第753回例会レポート / The 753rd Regular Meeting Report


Meeting #753, January 8, 2022

It was the first meeting of year 2022. Even the number of participants was less than usual due to the new year holiday season, 14 members including 2 guests were on site and 9 members via online enjoyed the meeting. The theme of that meeting was “new year’s resolution”, members shared their own goals throughout the year. Also, we welcomed a new member who expressed the intention to join us at the last meeting. Wonderful start we could make.


Toast Master Of the Day (TMOD) on that meeting was TM KM, it was her first attempt as the master of ceremony. Seemed a bit nervous at the beginning but she could go through the meeting very well. Fantastic!

今回のトーストマスターはTM KMが務めました。彼女は今回が初めての司会の役割でした。最初は緊張をしていた感じでしたが、ミーティングを円滑に進めていただきました。素晴らしかったです。

In the table topic session, the theme was “generation” facilitated by today’s Table Topic Master Mr YO, respondents struggled with squeezing the unique answers for the questions;
1: What makes you feel the generation gap?
2: What makes you feel young?
3: What makes you feel “still” young?
4: What makes you feel old?
5: What makes you feel “very” old?
6: What can you do to deal with “the generation gap”?


1: 何によってジェネレーションギャップを感じますか?
2: あなたが若さを実感することは何ですか?
3: あなたがまだ若いと感じることは何ですか?
4: あなたが老いたと感じることは何ですか?
5: あなたがとても老いたと感じることは何ですか?
6: ジェネレーションギャップとどう向き合っていますか?

In the prepared speech session, we had 4 speakers:
1: What is the soul made of? – TM YN raised the scientific question; if teleportation can be done, where will our soul go? The speech came from that. It was a very interesting speech she made.
2: The most enjoyable leadership role in my Toastmaster Journey – TM KT made a speech about the events during her presidency such as the 30 years anniversary ceremony of our club, She demonstrated the importance of taking the officer roles at the non-profit organization.
3: Find your beloved one – It was another humorous speech by TM HO, he advised to try to use “the dating apps” in order to find the best partner without bias.
4: Magic word: Thank you – TM KO presented “Thank you” has the power to make people happy, so everyone must use it frequently.

1: 「魂の起源は?」YNさんはワープができるようになったら魂(意識)はついてくるのでしょうか?という疑問から面白いスピーチをしていただきました。
2: 「トーストマスターズでのリーダーの役割で最も楽しめたこと」KTさんは当クラブの30周年の記念例会のリードなど、会長時代に行ったイベントについて語っていただき、NPOでの役員を引き受けることの重要性をスピーチにしていただきました。
3: 「あなたのパートナーをさがそう」HOさんはパートナーを探すときに先入観にとらわれずマッチングアプリをつかってみてはと提案していただきました。
4: 「ありがとうは魔法の言葉」KOさんはありがとうという言葉は皆を幸せにするので積極的に使っていきましょうというスピーチをしました。

4 evaluators gave constructive feedback to each at the evaluation session. I like this session to develop our critical thinking and provide room for improvement of speakers.


At the end of the meeting, a guest gave us a brief comment and expressed the intention to join our club! Looking forward to having an induction ceremony soon.


The next meeting will be held solely “Online” on January 22th. The in-house speech contest! See you real soon!