第773回例会レポート / The 773rd Regular Meeting Report


The 773rd Regular Meeting Report
Date&Time: 14:00-16:00 November 5th 2022/ Venue: Hatoba Kaikan + Online
There were 21 people including two guests participated in the meeting.

Our #773 regular meeting was held in Hatobakaikan as usual. Even the weather was cool and calm, our meeting was very active exciting since diversified generation from early 20s to around late 70s.
A small award ceremony of the evaluation contest was held at the beginning. Congratulations award winners!

The Toastmaster of the day (TMOD) was performed by TM.N from online. He went through the meeting smoothly with a good time management.
The meeting theme was “What books have you been reading recently?”.
Role takers for this meeting introduced variety of books such as novels, business readings, self-development etc.

今回のTMODは、TM. Nが務めました。スムーズな進行で会議運営をしました。

The “Word of the Day” was “enlighten”. It was a bit difficult to use in the speech, but everyone tried to use it during the meeting.
Then, we moved on to the Table Topic session proceeded by TM.A. The questions were based on the books which she read with her daughter.
Two guests joined the session and enjoyed making speech inpromptuly.
1. Do you prefer playing the park or stay home in your childhood?
2. Tell us tips for a good sleep
3. Have you ever wet the bed?
4. What would you like to spend upcoming holiday season?
5. Where is your favorite place to swim?
6. Where do you want to go if you can fly?

続いてのTable Topicsは、TM.Aの司会で進められました。本日の質問はTM Aが娘さんと読んでいる本を題材としていました。2名のゲストも即興のスピーチをして楽しみました。
1. 子供時代は公園で遊んでいましたか?それとも家にいましたか?
2. 安眠の秘訣をおしえてください。
3. おねしょしたことがありますか?
4. 今度のホリデーシーズンはどうすごしますか?
5. どこで泳ぐのが好きですか?
6. もし空を飛べたとするとどこにいきますか?

Then we moved on to prepared speech session. There were four prepared speakers lined up.
The first speaker was TM.A, he explained the benefit of being an Area Director of toastmasters.
The second speaker was TM S. he shared a story of having been placed the catheter in the heart a couple of weeks ago with humor.
TM M made a speech about the experience she succeeded in reducing 8kg in accordance with the book published by RIZAP.
The fourth speaker was TM N. she told us lessons learned from organizing the reunion party.
最初のスピーカーはTM Oがトーストマスターズのエリアディレクターになることのメリットを説明していました。
2番目のスピーカーであるTM Sは数週間前に受けたカテーテル手術のことをユーモアたっぷりに話していました。
TM MはRIZAPの本に従って8㎏の減量に成功した経験を話してくれました。
4番目はTM Nは同窓会を企画したときに学んだことを語ってくれました。

General Evaluation session started by TM N after 10min intermission. Four evaluators gave valuable and constructive feedback to designated speaker. We expect prepared speakers will make better speeches by taking evaluator’s feedback.
Lastly, we moved on to the Award session.
Award winners were as below.
Best Table topic Speaker: TM. YA
Best Evaluator: TM. AN
Best Speaker: TM. M

休憩をはさんで、TM.Nの進行でGeneral Evaluatorがスタートしました。4人の論評者がそれぞれの発表者対して価値のある建設的なフィードバックをしました。今回の準備スピーチをした方々がフィードバックを受けて次回以降よりよいスピーチをされることを期待してます。

Best Table topic Speaker: TM. YA
Best Evaluator: TM. AN
Best Speaker: TM. M

We were not only practicing speech in English but also learning a lot from all participants in that meeting as always. Also we went to the pub near Kannai Station and deepen our friendship by giving further feedback could not be shared in the meeting.
YTMC meeting is held on the first and third Saturday of every month, we welcome guests who are interested in developing public speech in English and leadership skills.
The next meeting will be on November 19th at Sakuragicho PioCity. Looking forward to seeing you!