第805回例会レポート/The 805th Regular Meeting Report


The 805th regular meeting

Date&Time: 14:00-16:00 March 2nd 2024

Venue: Sakuragicho PioCity 6F

Theme – What Turns You on? (from “Inside the Actors Studio” Questions)

There were 2 guests who wants to learn public speaking at the workplace.

TM MT presented the word of the day as “memorable”

as well as he expressed appreciation for 2nd prize on area speech contest.

The contest was memorable moment for him since he realized improvement of public speech skills through the contest.

TM ST took the role of Toast Master of the Day, she successfully facilitated this meeting by using questions from

“Inside the Actors Studio”, an American talk show. There are 10 questions in the one-on-one interview.

What is your favorite word?

What is your least favorite word?

What turns you on?

What turns you off?

What sound or noise do you love?

What sound or noise do you hate?

What is your favorite curse word?

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

What profession would you not like to do?

If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Found many of our members feel excited in playing and listening music.

Table topics master was TM RS took the role at the last minute since the member who originally assigned became sick.


It was great to take cover absence of someone else.

1. What activity makes you lose track of time? – Cooking for family.

2. Are you still holding on something you think let it go? – Books bought more than needed.

3. Who do you sometimes compare with yourself? – No one to compare, focus on the self.

4. What would you do if you know somebody would judge you behind the back? – Don’t care about gossips.

Then 4 members performed the prepared speech on this meeting.

TM NM “What plan do you wanna TRY? – Committed to lose weight by performing some diet methods from the internet and report the status on the next speech.

TM AT “Essence of Learning” – Explained mentors through changing life stage – Club members, Colleagues at work and a daughter.

TM HN “Hidden Handedness” – Elaborated the typical struggles for lefthanded people.

TM KT “Be a contestant? OR Supporter?” – Introduced tips for Toastmasters international speech contest and encouraged to be a contestant.

4 evaluators gave feedback to each prepared speech, hope all prepared speakers take their voice and reflect on the next speech.

TM SS evaluated the first prepared speech, +Prepared visual aids, body languages,structure of speech. -Vocal variety.

TM HK +Sence of humor, strong messages were delivered, -Weakness of closing.

TM NS +The speaker presented his own story, Impressive humor made. -Eye contact, speech without script,

TM TT +The speaker chose a timely topic, Structure was well organized, Effective eye contact and visual aids. -Vocal variety since the speech was monotone.


Even 3 members could not attend due to sick, the rest of us cooperated to make the meeting enjoyable. I think that was fantastic.

The next meeting will be held on March 16th, 2023 at Hatoba Kaikan, we are looking forward to seeing you all.


日時:2024年3月2日 14:00~16:00
会場 桜木町ピオシティ6F



TM MTは、今日の言葉を「記憶に残る」と発表。

乾杯の音頭をとったTM STは、『Inside Actors Studio』(邦題『アクターズ・スタジオの裏側』)の質問を使いながら、この会をうまく進行した。
アメリカのトーク番組 “Inside the Actors Studio”。1対1のインタビューは10問。


即興スピーチマスターはTM RSさん。

1. 時間を忘れてしまう活動は?- 家族のために料理をすること。
2. 手放したはずのものをまだ持っていますか?- 必要以上に買った本。
3. 誰と自分を比べることがありますか?- 比べる相手はいない。
4. もし誰かがあなたを陰で批判すると知っていたら、どうしますか?- ゴシップは気にしない。

TM NM「どんなプランに挑戦しますか?- ネットで調べたダイエット方法を実行し、次回のスピーチで報告する。
TM AT 「学びの本質」 ライフステージの変化を通して、クラブメンバー、職場の同僚、娘など、メンターについて説明。
TM HN “Hidden Handedness” – 左利きの典型的な苦労を詳しく説明。
TM KT “Be a contestant? それともサポーター?- トーストマスターズ国際スピーチコンテストのコツを紹介し、出場者になることを勧めました。

4 人の評価者が準備された各スピーチにフィードバックを提供しました。準備されたスピーチ全員が声を上げて次のスピーチに反映することを願っています。
TM SS は、最初に準備されたスピーチ、準備された視覚補助、ボディランゲージ、スピーチの構造を評価しました。 -ボーカルのバラエティ。
TM HK +ユーモアのセンス、強いメッセージが伝わってきた、 -クロージングの弱さ。
TM NS +講演者は、印象的なユーモアを交えて自身のストーリーを発表しました。 -アイコンタクト、台本なしのスピーチ、
TM TT +講演者はタイムリーなトピックを選択し、構成はよく整理されており、効果的なアイコンタクトと視覚補助が行われていました。 -スピーチが単調だったので、ボーカルの多様性。