The 535th Meeting Report



It was a first day of September, but it was still very hot and humid day.

The 535th Meeting started with a great announcement by President Matsuzaki.
YTMC was given the ribbon of president distinguished club!!!
We had a great honor!! Wow.

The today’s TMOD was TM A.T who is the youngest member in YTMC.
Although he has joined the club about a year ago, he did a great job today
as TMOD and always made us laugh with his joke.   ^^

There are 5 speakers today and there were various topics and message on their
speechessuch as about his and her experiences, hobby, Home countries
and life style.
For the audience (listeners), we are able to learn many things through their speech.
This is the one of the interesting and valuable points on YTMC!
All speakers and evaluators did great job but unfortunately, some of them were
not able to finish within the time limit….

Yes,  time management is always very important in YTMC.

Next meeting on Sep 15th is In-House contest!! We are so excited it!
Please be sure to join Danjyo Kyodo Sankaku Senter Yokohama-minami !!


by TM  K.T

Award session


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