The 539th Meeting Report



The 539th regular meeting was held at Danjo Kyodo Sankaku Center.
Today’s key word (called `Word of the Day’) which is provided by TM H.S was {Definitely}.

Today’s theme:  “Fashion & Style”  and Ms. H.I of TMOD explained the comments from role takers about Fashion&Style.  Everyone had a different fashion and different view for their styles. That was a very interesting point.
As there are limited attendees for today’s meeting, some members took double roles.
(We-our members are always very helpful and support each other! )

Today, we had a special presentation by TM Y.K and the speech Time was about 45 minutes!!  On his speech, we became a member of the House of Representatives and how to decrease national debt”1,000 trillion JPY “. He effectively handled our member’s various behavioural problems that interfered with the discussion!!  It was a very difficult question and situation, all members enjoyed his speech and discussion.
No regular meeting on Nov. 17th and will be hold District 76 fall conference
Next meeting is Dec. 1st @ Danjyo Kyodo Sankaku Senter Yokohama-minami .


Discussion “How to decrease national debt”

Award session!

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