2012 Division D Fall Contest Report



Division D Fall contest was held on Nov. 4th near Yokohama Chinatown. There are 5 areas (I mean 22 clubs) in Div. D, and TM M.H joined this contest as a contestant from YTMC.

Fall contest is Table Topics contest in 2012. Today’s question was difficult. The question is like this
” The time has come that human being can live on the moon. You are elected the mayor for a city of the moon. But there are no constructions and public institutions. What do you want to build?”

I thought she answered this question well. But unfortunately, she couldn’t win the prize. I felt Div. D level is very high! We should practice more and more in YTMC!

In addition, I got TM M.H comment about joining the contest. Her comment is below.

It is the first time to join the contest for me.
I seemed the atmosphere of division table speech contest is quite difference from the area contest.
I could not catch all of the question due to tension and I caught just a few words, “Mayor” and “Moon”.
On this contest, I could answer this question because I had strong supporters of Yokohama Toastmasters Club.
Thank you for all of encouragement.

I would like to practice more and more to improve my speech skill.



All contestans of Engilish contest
YTMC members!!

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