The 559th Meeting Report



The 559th YTMC regular meeting was held on Nov. 2nd.

This time, the venue was different from regular room. However 4 guests came at the meeting! And there were the induction ceremony for TM T.S. Let’s do our best together in the future.

How, TM S.I. came to the meeting for the first time in about five months. His job finished. We were glad to see him again.

By the way, I was TMOD and theme was ‘Laugh‘. Of course, all role taker’s comments were very fun.

Additionally, we had recognition to TM N.F. because her contribution for many years. Thank you for her cooperation always.

Finally, TM R.R. leaves YTMC several months for his business trip is foreign country. We are waiting for his return. Good Luck~ Let’s enjoy YTMC!


Induction Ceremony.

Award session!

Welcome back TM S.I, Good luck TM R.R, Always thank you TM N.F.

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