The 560th Meeting Report


*** The comment from TMOD ***


The comment from TMOD #560 meeting

With a beautiful Minato-Mirai view under the clear sky from the window, the YTMC #560 meeting started. The venue on that day was not the one we are usually getting together. And on the same day, the district contest was holding in Fukuoka and some members were gone there. In spite of these conditions, some members and guests were gathering and the atmosphere was as FABULOUS and cheerful as we usually do and the word of the day showed.

The meeting began with our VPE R.K’s opening remarks. He took the triple roles at the meeting. He was a today’s key person! Then the induction ceremony of TM A.S was followed. She was a new member but with a lot of talents and brilliances, she also took the main roles from a panelist under the TM R.K’s facilitator speech to the best Table Topic speaker.

I, TM H.I am the TMOD. The theme of the meeting is “Music”. I was eager to know what kind of music YTMC members listen to. Me? I love Japanese young boys’ pop songs!

The meeting was wrapped in a lot of laughs. TM K.T’s joke and TM H.S’s Table Topic Session were all humorous and unique. TM T.S’s prepared speech was thrilled with surprise and laugh. Then TM R.K’s facilitator speech was serious theme but thanks to three panelists and TM R.K’s handling, it turned excited and interesting one.

We don’t forget TM R.K’s mini-seminar about how to evaluate speeches, and evaluation sessions. They are also important parts of Toastmasters and taught us a lot.

Overall, the YTMC #560 meeting was finished successfully. YTMC members showed potential even with some officers and members’ absence.

Thanks, YTMC members— for your solidarity and cooperation!


under the clear sky

Award session!

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