The 561st Meeting Report



The 561st YTMC regular meeting was held on Dec. 7th.

This time, we had 6 guests and I experienced GE of the first time!

TM N.S. also took his first time TMOD. But he was already regal posture.
He differed from me.. Very nice!

Tips Master, TM K.T. introduced some articles.
I got interested in “speed up your speech preparation”. I will read it!

Joke Master, TM H.A. was very powerful. However a little difficult for me.
She said Office is the same as in Prison! I think there is no girl friend in Prison..(^^)

TT Master, TM A.T. chose many people without role takers. Good job!

Additionally, there was three persons’ recognition.

1st is SAA, TM M.T. Thank you for your cooperation at every meeting.

2nd is Immediate Past Area 42 Governor, TM E.Y.
She was commended at the Fukuoka convention the other day, too.

3rd is Current Area 42 Governor, TM H.A.
She is also more making Area42 fine now. (click here)

I think that YTMC has very wonderful members!!

By the way, the next is Joint Meeting with Musashi-Kosugi TMC! Let’ s enjoy~


TMOD of the first time!

Award session!

Souvenir picture!!

If you want to see more photos, please click here!


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