The 562nd Meeting Report


*** The comment from GE ***

(YTM = Yokohama Toastmasters Club / MTM = Musashi-kosugi Toastmasters Club)

The 562nd YTM regular meeting was held on Dec. 21th.
Today’s meeting was the last meeting in 2013 and special meeting, which was Joint Meeting with Musashi-Kosugi Toastmasters Club!!

It was a very big meeting and there were more than 50 people in the meeting room with some guests.

The meeting was started with Call to Order by President of MTM.
For Today’s supporters as Grahco, Timer Vote Counter, 2 members were assigned in each role, 1 for YTM and 1 for MTM.  Many of them haven’t met before but they worked together very well during the meeting.

Today’s Word of the day was [feast].(ご馳走・御馳走する)Feast!! What’s a great word during this holiday season!! The word made me hungry in the meeting….

Before a regular session, we had a small workshop hosted by TMOD. We made small groups with 4~5 members and introduced ourselves and ask questions about memory of 2013 and own vision and objective of 2014 etc. Through this workshop, we were able to relax and know the member of MTM. That was a great session!

Joke Master was conducted by TM N.S and he picked up some characters from Star Wars movie and gave us very unique lines of those characters in the movie story. Good job!

Table Topic Session was conducted by TM T.T and she gave us 5 very interesting questions related to our own memory and experience of 2013, New Year and Christmas.
After her Table Topic session, there was Table Topic Evaluation Session’, which is original session of MTM.  Table Topic Evaluator of MTM gave great evaluation for both TM T.T and five table topic masters.
For YTM members, it was good experiences to have ‘Table Topic Evaluation Session’!

Today, we had 6 prepared speakers, 3 from YTM and 3 from MTM. All speeches were well-prepared and each speaker gave us very interesting and inspiring speeches!  TM T.N’s speech was about the love history of Kamakura Era.  TM A.T finished his last speech on CC manual, which is project #10. Congratulation TM A.T!!  He gave us a wonderful speech about his experiences with his parents. TM H.A delivered an inspirational speech about her experience in high school and how to overcome her bad experiences. We all enjoyed very much their individual well-organized speeches!!
Unfortunately, two of six speakers were ineligible due to time excess.  We also learned again that time management is very important for TM club!!

General Evaluation Session was conducted by TM K.T (‘I’) and six evaluators did great evaluation for each speaker. Each Evaluator explained both positive comments and room for improvement. Unfortunately, two of six speakers were ineligible.  After that, I gave the general evaluation about TMOD, all supporters, Joke Master, T.T Evaluator, Speech Evaluators. As there were many Role takers which I had to evaluate, it was a big challenge but it was a great experience for me to be GE in big event!! 

Finally, we had Award Presentation and TMOD made announcements for award winners.
The best T.T master was TM B (MTM), the best Evaluator were TM O (MTM) & TM S.I (YTM), and the best Prepared Speaker was TM H.A (YTM)
Congratulation to all award winters!!

Lastly, today’s meeting was closed with Adjournment by President of YTMC.
He gave us very positive feedback about today’s meeting.
Overall, Joint meeting of MTM #229 and YTM #560 was finished successfully.
Thank you for organizing the wonderful joint meeting, thank you President and VPE!
I really hope that we’ll have a chance to have a joint meeting with MTM again in the future!

Next Meeting will be held on Jan 4th but it is TM member only.
So, for guest, please come to visit the meeting on Jan 18th!

Best wishes for the holidays and New Year!!


Joint Meeting with Musashi-Kosugi TMC!

a small workshop!

Award Session!

Souvenir picture(ver.A)!

Souvenir picture(ver.B)!

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