The 617th Meeting Report


Greetings All,

The beautiful season of cherry blossom has come! Did you have any cherry blossom viewing party in this year? On this day, we could enjoy a wonderful meeting while viewing a pretty cherry blossom that one of our members brought for this meeting! And the theme of the table topics was also “spring” and “cherry blossom”! We could enjoy “Spring” with many wonderful speeches.

 Anyway at this meeting we had 5 speakers and a special guest speaker from Yamanote TMC. Two members delivered ice-breaking speeches and two veteran members delivered beautiful personal stories of Toastmasters and interesting topics that let members think about “Vitalize Japan.”

In addition this, a special guest speaker from Yamanote TMC joined our meeting and delivered a powerful speech. He will join next division contest as a contestant. We do hope he will win!!

See you in 2 weeks!




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