第767回例会レポート / The 767th Regular Meeting Report


The 767th Regular Meeting Report

Date&Time: 14:00-16:00 August 6th 2022/ Venue: Hatoba Kaikan + Online
There were 22 people participated in the meeting.

It was a sunny midsummer Saturday in Yokohama, and many members attended the meeting on-site.

The TMOD (Toastmaster of the Day) for the day was TM RS. It was her first time to be a Role, but as her character suggests, the meeting started in a cheerful atmosphere.

The impromptu speech table topic was moderated by TM TN, one of the most experienced member who had not joined us for a long time.

At the end of the meeting As the General Evaluator pointed out in his general review, all the questions were very good and easy to answer.
Often the questions are elaborate and difficult to answer and very pressuring, but that was not the case today.


この日のTMOD (Toastmaster of the Day / 司会者) はTM RSでした。初のRoleでしたが彼女のキャラクター通り、気負いない明るい雰囲気で例会が始まりました。

即興スピーチのテーブルトピックは、久しぶりに参加してくださったベテランのTM TNの司会で行われました。
例会の最後に 総評でGeneral Evaluatorが指摘なさったとおり、どの質問も簡単で答えやすくとてもよかったと思います。

TM HA, the Best Table Topic Speaker, talked about his recent addiction to camp, and shared her fascination with it in an easy-to-understand manner and with a rich vocabulary.
Fresh from a camping trip the day before, she shared with us how lightweight, compact, and functional camping gear is.
It certainly makes everyone want to collect all sorts of cap goods! I totally agree.

Best Table Topic SpeakerとなったTM HAは、最近ハマッているキャンプについて、わかりやすく豊富な語彙でその魅力を伝えてくれました。

Following a fun impromptu speech session, the preparatory speech session began, with four speakers taking the stage.
TM KT talked about the history of school bags, which she learned through preparing for her child’s entry into elementary school.
She talked about how randoseru (school bags) were introduced to Japan with an easy-to-understand presentation dating back to the Meiji Era. I did not know that the start was from Gakushuin.
I heard that there are very expensive and colorful randoseru (school bags) these days, and I could somewhat guess the parents’ concerns how difficult to choose the one.

TM KTは、お子さんの小学校入学準備を通して知った「ランドセルの歴史」について。

TM NS gave a very realistic talk titled “Experiencs in my US life” about his experiences when he was posted to the US and felt the cultural differences.
In the U.S., first of all, he was driving in the same way as in Japan: if one stops suddenly at a yellow light, one is likely to hit the car following you, so have to go through the intersection quickly.
However, when he did so, a police car followed him and told him to “Raise your hand,” and he was lightly questioned by putting his hand on the back door of the car he stopped.
I did not know that in the U.S. a yellow light is an absolute stop. He admitted his mistake and logically explained the justification for not stopping and escaped the situation in peace. How great!

TM NSは「Experiencs in my US life」というタイトルで米国赴任時に経験なさった、文化の違いを感じた経験を臨場感たっぷりに話してくださいました。
黄色信号は「急に止まると後続車にぶつかるから急いで進む」という日本の認識のまま アメリカでも同様に運転していたら
パトカーが追ってきて「Raise your hand」と言われ 停止させた車のバックドアに手をついて軽く尋問されたそうです。

TM HA, titled “TMOD in the real world,” told us about a trouble she had at a meeting where a company executive was asked to take the stage as an impromptu moderator.
At the beginning of the speech, she called out “Sato san!” “Sato san! Where are you?” I looked around and was drawn in. (By the way, there is no “Sato-san” in our club.)

She was very good at drawing us in for a first few seconds before we realized that she had already started her speech. It was interesting.
It was a speech with a sense of urgency, showing how unexpected happenings occur in real business and how she managed to get out of them.

TM HAは「TMOD in real world」というタイトルで、即興で司会を任された会社役員が登壇する会議でのトラブルを語ってくださいました。
冒頭、「Sato san!」「Sato san!」「Where are you? Sato san!」と連呼なさったので、あれ?佐藤さんっていうメンバーいたっけ?とつい周りを見回して引き込まれました。

TM MT gave a humorous speech titled “My nickname story” about his unique nickname history.
I thought it must be strange for a man to be called “Barbara”. Ironically, that’s why it’s so easy to remember and stick with.
I am glad to hear that his changed his nickname to “Terry” when he was transferred overseas in business, and that he likes this name best, which calmed my bothered feelings. Good for him!

TM MTは「My nickname story」というタイトルで ご自分のユニークなニックネームの遍歴についてのユーモアたっぷりのスピーチでした。
その後 海外赴任時に「テリー」に変わった、この名が一番好き、とのことで、私もモヤモヤが落ち着きました。よかったですね!

After the break, TM HA served as the General Evaluator for the review all the sessions that began after the break.
TM YO, TM YA, TM HO, and TH TP who took the stage as Evaluators, all of them are well experienced who have served as officers before (or this year), and some of them are from overseas.
I was impressed by how YTMC’s members are well rounded and listened to them with great interest.
I participated onsite, and since evaluaters seated both sides, in many meanings it was a bit difficult decision to vote! (LOL)

さてこの後、休憩をはさんで始まった論評セッションでは、TM HAがGeneral Evaluatorを務めました。
Evaluatorとして登壇したTM YO, TM YA, TM HO, TH TP、いずれもofficerを歴任(または今年着任)の超ベテラン、海外の方もいらっしゃるので
英語の運用能力だけではなく構成含めて どの講評も粒ぞろいで甲乙つけがたく、さすがは層が厚いYTMC、とすっかり感心して聞き惚れました。
私はオンサイトで参加して、両脇にどちらもEvaluatorが座っていらしたので、いろんな意味で投票は 苦渋の判断でした!(笑)

The Best Evaluator Award went to TM YO, who presented his commentary in an easy-to-understand manner and with a soft demeanor.
During the Bouquet & Brickbats, TM RS, who was the first TMOD of the day, was presented with a bouquet of flowers for her bright and witty performance.
The first TMOD can be a very nerve-wracking experience for anyone.
Usually everyone tends to make many small mistakes and have advice from other members. then how quickly respond with a humorous remark to ease the situation and move on, makes a big difference.
“TM RS was able to do that, that was really great!” that GE pointed out. Indeed!
One guest joined us onsite and commented on the meeting in fluent Queen’s English.

特にわかりやすい表現でソフトな物腰で論評を披露したTM YOがベスト論評者賞を受賞しました。
ブーケ & ブリックバッツ (花束と酷評) の時間には、今日初めてTMODを務めたTM RSに その明るく当意即妙なパフォーマンスに花束が贈られました。
初めてのTMODは誰でもとても緊張するものです。ちょっとしたミスやアドバイスを受けたときに、パッとユーモアある一言を返して場を和ませて進ませるスキルが大きな差になるのですね。TM RSはそれができていました。

Web site reporter : TM YN