The 566th Meeting Report



*** The comment from TMOD ***

The #566 Regular Meeting held on 15th February under difficult condition. I think it was one of the most difficult meeting. I might be very lucky to be a TMOD of the meeting. Thank you for TM R.K. and members to hold and attend the meeting.

One day before the snow piled up record high on the street. Traffic chaos occurred. So we needed hard trials to attend the meeting using public transportation. Finally some members gave up to attend the meeting.

The venue was Bankoku-bashi Kaikan with with beautiful views of Akarenga-Soko.

In this meeting, TM S.I. made a challenge and found the new possibility of Skype meeting. TM N.G., who lives in New Delhi, India, joined the meeting through Skype successfully.

The opening time was postponed fifteen minutes to wait members who come late. TM T.S. arrived 3:15pm to complete his role of Table Topic Master. For his arrival time, Table Topic Session was moved to behind of the Evaluation Session.

We also had to re-arrange the role takers suddenly. Attending members and guest accepted our offers. Thank you for accepting the role arrangement, TM C.S., TM G.M. and TM R.K.

The meeting theme was “Sprig plan”. Every member had spring plan and wanted to achieve his/her plan. My spring plan is to find my new job.

We had a surprise. It’s the comeback of TM T.S. He will enjoy the activity of TM once again.

Best Table Topic Speaker was TM N.G., Best Evaluator was TM T.S. and Best Prepared Speaker was TM N.S..

The meeting was closed successfully at 4:15 pm. We moved to a restaurant for social gathering.

Next meeting will be held on 1st March. See you on the next meeting.

Thank you for your passion.


TM N.G.! from India!!

Award Session!

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