The 565th Meeting Report



*** The comment from TMOD ***

Yokohama TMC In-House International Speech Contest .was held on February 1.
Our president TM Nirupam is going to leave Yokohama TMC and Japan and will have his new career. Therefore this is the last meeting also last In-House speech contest. He made a speech at the end of the contest. Every audience in the room was moved so much, sorry to miss him, and wanted him to visit us soon. TM H.A. read a letter to express our deepest thanks to President Nirupam.

VPE TM R.K. and I organized the contest, it was harder than expected due to unexpected happenings, such as both PCs don’t work, both health condition were vulnerable, or interviewer’s cancellation and so on. However TM R.K. managed all these problems so well.

In spite unexpected things we can have seven English speakers and three Japanese speakers and the room was filled with a lot of audience from other TMC.  Above all, contents of both English and Japanese speeches were excellent filled with humor and made us think about our lives, every audience enjoyed each speech to their heart’s content.

* International Speech
 Best speaker    TM Taketomi
 2nd  speaker    TM Yamada
 3rd  speaker    TM Takanashi

* Japanese Speech
 Best speaker   TM Marutani
 2nd  speaker   TM Takanashi
 3rd  speaker   TM Taketomi


International Speech Contest, Award Session!

Japanese Speech Contest, Award Session!

Souvenir picture, TypeA!

Souvenir picture, TypeB!

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