The 567th Meeting Report



*** The comment from TMOD ***

The YTMC meeting #567 on March 1st.

The meeting was held at Hatoba Kaikan in Kannai where it is our club’s primary venue.

With the opening remarks by VPE, the meeting started on time and a guest was introduced. He was a native speaker living in Yokohama and was very interested in our club.

At the business session, the participation to Area 42 speech contest was encouraged.

Then, the induction ceremony of TM T.S. was held, and he used to be a key member of our club, and came back to our club again. Every members welcomed his return to our club.

I conducted the meeting as TMOD and the theme was “Spring has come”. Word of the Day was “Commencement” or “Commence”. It was a timely selection of word.

TM T.N. conducted Table Topics session for the first time, and 5 questions about Sochi Winter Olympic were also timely topics since the Olympic games were just over last month. Then, three speakers delivered speeches and one of them practiced it for the Area 42 contest.

The meeting was finished on time, and the time management was well done.
All in all, the meeting was successful and fun. I would like to say “Thank you” to everyone.


TT Master for the first time!

Award Session!

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