The 568th Meeting Report



*** The comment from TMOD ***

Meeting#568 was successful and finished mostly on time with 14 members and 5 guests at our home Venue Hatoba Kaikan.

We had four prepared speakers who were all skillful performers. They delivered quite organized and meaningful speeches, so we were not only enjoying them, but also learned a lot form them. They showed us how to harmonize body language with speech and to emphasize their objectives.

Evaluation session was also to be a good lecture for us. Evaluators gave speakers around three positive feedbacks and pointed out their challenging points to level up to next stage.

Table Topic Theme was “About color” relating to the day’s Theme, so it was smooth for speakers to answer. Table topic Master who was TM A.T. had very good job because he assigned variety types of speakers, so we had a chance of listening to different impromptu speech manners.

TM S.M. took the role of Evaluator for the first time though, she did good job and advised challenging point to her speaker who spoke rather flat. TM A.S. also did good job. She was Gracho of the day, the word of the day was “Rekindle” which quite suited yearly end. She corrected several grammatical errors. TM T.Y. kindly took the role of GE even though I asked him at mid night of the day. He evaluated whole meeting and gave us several room of improvements.

Although It was the very first time for me to taking the role of TMOD that I thought it was one of tough roles before, I could finished my role, I’d like to say thank you to all members who supported and encouraged me.


the word of the day was “Rekindle”

TMOD for the first time!

Award Session!

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