The 571st Meeting Report



*** The comment from TMOD ***

The YTMC #571 meeting held on May 3rd at Seishonen-ikusei Kaikan. The day,
May 3rd was in the middle of Golden Week and also the International Costume Procession Festival was held on the main streets in Yokohama. So the street along our way of the venue was very busy with spectators to see the cheerful scene.

The meeting started at 14:00 in a joyous mood with 10 guests. We were first planning to have an induction ceremony for 2 persons, but happily 3 persons
in the end. How gorgeous we had the meeting with 3 new members !
On top of that, one of them made a speech, “Ice Break Speech.”

The theme of the meeting: What’s your one more step forward in TM ?
I think a member joins this club to be a better speaker, but we don’t have any teachers. So we support one another by making a speech, evaluating a speech or taking any roles including an officer’s role to serve members and the club, that is, we learn by doing. Every member is asked to act one more step.

The meeting was a regular one with Table Topic and 4 Prepared- Speakers.
At the topic session, the theme was timely, “Golden Week”. All speeches were
great and full of variety.

And an officer’s election for the next term is close at hand, so that we had
a special session by nomination committee. The title was “ What is club officers ?
Each current officer introduced his/her responsibility and role explanation.
They inspired members to become a candidate for the next officer.
On June 7th we will have an election.

The meeting was very vivid, fantastic and a full program.


3 new members!

What is club officers?

Wow, our President!?

Award Session!

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