The 570th Meeting Report



*** The comment from TMOD ***

April 19th YTMC #570 Meeting Report

Our 570th meeting was held on April 19th at Hatoba Kaikan. After we had a wonderful walk under the beautiful sun, we started the meeting at 14:20:-).
It was so nice to have 5 guests, and surprisingly, 4 were non-Toastmasters!

The meeting started with VPE R.K.(acting President)’s opening remarks, and
he smoothly passed the baton to the Toastmaster of the Day (TMOD, me!).

Because each members have their own goals of what they want to achieve in Toastmaster activities, I decided to have this theme “I AM A TOASTMASTER!
I asked all role takers how they would describe Toastmaster in 1 word. We were able to learn different perspectives that we wouldn’t come up by your own. FRIENDS, POIZON, CROSSROAD, TESTING etc… I liked SODA the best!

I, TM T.S., was so pleased to take the TMOD’s role before our Officers’ election.
It was a great opportunity to rediscover what we can benefit from both Competent Communication and Competent Leadership programs. We practiced public speaking in our regular session (Joke, Tips, Table Topic, Prepared Speeches, and Evaluation), and also we practiced building leadership skills in Workshop session which was based on Successful Leader series, hosted by TM T.Y.. In this workshop, we were able to learn the Club Officers ‘ duties and discuss the effective way to operate our club.

I think the best part of TMOD is that you can do whatever you want (to the extent that it does not interfere with the members’ welfare)! For instance, you can assign 3 Evaluators for 1 Speaker (lucky Speaker TM O.M.). But again, no matter how you plan the meeting, it is always important that the meeting agenda is tailored to the members’ benefit. I was so glad that my meeting was successfully adjourned, everybody being happy to be there.

Thank you all for joining the meeting.


Lucky Speaker!

Leadership skills Workshop!

Award Session!

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