The 573rd Meeting Report



*** The comment from TMOD ***

The YTMC #573 meeting was held on June 7th at Seishonen-ikusei Kaikan.

In spite of heavy rain and 16 members joined today’s meeting. Also, we had 3 guests. The meeting started with VPE R.K.(acting President)’s opening remarks and at the beginning of today’s meeting, we had an officers Election! Nominating Committee members (TM T.M and TM S.I) and VPE R.K conducted the election and it run smoothly.  Then…. new offices from this July were all elected!! I believe that new officers will build more attractive club and make all members more fun!!
<New Officers>
President :TM Taketomi, VP Education : TM Sato, VP Members : TM Takanashi,
VP Public Relations : TM Saito, Secretary : TM Sakai, Tresurer : TM Nakanishi, Sergeant-AT-Arms : TM Koganei

After the officers election, the meeting control was passed to today’s TMOD, KT(‘me’!). Today’s my meeting theme is “Rainy Season”. As I hate the rainy season,
I had asked all role takers ‘how do you enjoy rainy season?’ All role takes gave me very unique idea and good advisements to enjoy the rainy days.
For example, in rainy season, someone said that he will enjoy watch World Cup Soccer game, and someone said that he will visit Kamakura area as middle of Jun is the best season for fireflies watching in Kamakura area. That was sound great !

Today’s Table Topic Master was TM S.I. At first, he showed one scene from cartoon film. Then, he gave us some questions about our imagination of next story and next scene of the cartoon film. It was a very new and unique way for all members!

After that, we had 3 speech sessions. One of the speakers, TM T.Y gave us his speech about how to get DTM award! He showed 2 DTM award plates and explained about his effort and episode about them. Through his speech, we all knew and learned how difficult it is and how much he did hard work during his Toastmasters club activities.

At the evaluation session, TM T.S gave us a great feedback to each role takers even it was a short time. Also, today’s Gracho, TM T.M, gave us sound advices.
It is not easy to find the mistakes of grammar and use of sentences but he pointed out those errors and explained us correctly. Thank you for giving us advicements!!

Although today’s agenda was a tight schedule, all role takers conducted their roles on time. In today’s meeting, one of our new members, TM M.F took his first role as Vote Counter, and he did a great job without any issue, congratulation!

We will have a #574 regular meeting on June 21th @Yoshino-cho Plaza Meeting Room ( See you then!!


New Officers!

DTM award! Congratulations!

Award Session!

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