The 577th Meeting Report



imageYTMC meeting #577,8/2 at Seishonen Kouryu center

Dearest all officers and members

First af all, Thank you very much for all of your warm supports, cooperations and great efforts. How diligent your coming to the meeting steaming hot wether was!!

According to theme,
some members were wearing Summer wears like Yukata, Happi ,Aloha etc ….
( Thanks for TM T.Y, TM S.I , TM E.Y, TM K.T)
We enjoyed Bon dance after the meeting.

It was relaxing , unique ,resorted enjoyable atmosphere.

Individually, President A.T kindly gave summer prizes to winners , which were Hanabi , Sense,/drink sweets.
TM T.S took unique Auditorial physical methods as CD with dance in his speech.
I really appreciate his hard work as VPE.

TM Y.T tried to take dual roles voluntarily as response of notice in
short of attendants and TM Y.S positively took her first role as VC.

I ‘d sincerely like to praise and thank their whole heart./ work

All members , all roletakers, guests, Thanks again,