The 582nd Meeting Report


YTMC #582 Regular Meeting on Oct.18th Meeting Report by Kahori Takanashi
The YTMC #582 meeting was held on Oct 18th at Free-Flat-Nogeyama with 17 members and 2 guests.
I (TM K.T) enjoyed doing TMOD role today!!
The meeting started with opening remark by our President TM Taketomi.
During Business session, he informed the result of In-House Contest and Area 42 Contest.
After that, TM M.H accepted to take a vacant role, which was Word of the Day and Gracho role as volunteer. Thank you for your kind support!
Today’s Word of The Day represented by TM M.H was ‘wonderful’. I really liked this word!
Timers were our new member TM Y.S and M.Y and Vote Counter was also our new member, TM W.Y.
Even though, it was a very first time and first role for them, they did their job very well!

Today’s Tips Master was TM S.I. He introduced one interesting article from Toastmaster magazine September Edition. And also, he encouraged our members to read the magazine.
Today’s Joke Master was TM T.N and he challenged to introduce some American Joke.
Some of them were difficult to understand for our Japanese. It means the point of Laugh is very different by each country.

Table Topic Session was conducted by TM T.T. She gave us very unique and seasonal questions such as autumn and sports. We enjoyed her questions and listening to the answers of Topic masters.

Today, there are 3 Speakers and 1st speaker was our new member TM M.O. She did a great job as Ice Breaker!! During her speech, she introduced the background of her life in China and Japan and her future vision etc.
Congratulation to complete her very first speech as TM!
Second Speaker, TM R.K made a speech about his experiences in Special Committee on Disasters in his company.
There were many useful information and messages his speech.
Last speaker was TM S.I. The title ‘I love Whisky’ and he started with his body language by drinking Whisky. We all laughed and enjoyed his humorous and unique speech very much. We also learned the history of Japanese Whisky which nobody knew. I felt that Japanese Whisky has very interesting and dramatic history in the past.

We had a special Work Shop session by TM T.S. He made a presentation about how to resolve the conflict with using Power Point slides. The visual aid was very supported and easy to understand his message.

Today’s General Evaluator was our President TM A.T and at the beginning of GE Session, he informed us that the evaluation is the most important part of toastmaster’s activities. With evaluation, we can know what we need to improve, what is our given strength and characters.
3 evaluators (TM M.T, TM T.S, TM N.S) made wonderful evaluation for each speakers according to the manual.
Especially, the evaluation for CC#1 Ice Break Speech is very difficult in a way but TM M.T, he did great job!

TMOD(I, TM K.T) conducted the award session.
Best T.Topic Speaker was TM W.Y, Best Evaluator was TM T.S and Best Speaker was TM M.O.
Best T.Topic Speaker was TM W.Y and Best Speaker was TM M.O.are very new member!! Congratulation!

During the meeting, many members use ‘Word of the day’, ‘Wonderful’ !! The word made us feel happy!
All role takers thank you so much for all your great support!! I really appreciate your kindness.

I believed that not only TM members but also 2 guests enjoyed today’s meeting.
Please come and join our meeting next time. Thank you!!