The 585th Meeting Report


The 585 YTMC Meeting was held Dec. 6 at Seishounen Ikusei Center.
President TM A.T rapped the gavel and opened the meeting with

his remark on time.
We had one gest from other Toastmaster Club.
At the Joke session, I laughed lots and almost every member.
However, Joke Master seriously spoke about how Russian letters
came into being.

There were 4 prepared speakers.
After finishing each speech, I had one minute silence and asked menbers to write
some comments to the speaker.
One of them would participate in the Rookies Speech Tournament 2014 in Kanagawa
as our club representative.
Two speakers chose the same advanced manual “Speaking to Inform #2”,
and delivered wonderful speeches.

The meeting ran soothly and kept good time management.
At the very end, Toastmaster M.T gave out that he was going to move to Okayama
for his business. “Thank you very much, Mr. M.T for supporting our club”

Thank you very much, all role takers !!!
I think this meeting too was successful and fruitful.
President A.T adjourned the 585 meeting of Yokohama Toastmaster club on time.