The 588th Meeting Report


January 17th #588 Regular Meeting Report Regular Meeting Report Our 588th regular meeting was held on January 17th 2015. We came back to our home ground “Hatoba Kaikan” after a big renovation! It was a special occasion for me to perform as Toastmaster of the Day (TMOD) because I first visited Yokohama Toastmasters Club just 6 years ago! I brought the agenda of January 17th 2009 479th meeting to introduce OB/OG members in the good old days. Small tips session and Table Topic session was held at the beginning. I hope members learned some useful ideas of making good impromptu speeches (①Listen→②Pause→③Confirm→④Tell →⑤End). 4 members made speeches in the Prepared Speech session. Since the meeting was held in January, their topics were seasonal (holidays in Malaysia, the 7 Gods of Good Fortune). Also, some members made freshman / good leader’s resolutions. 4 well-experienced Toastmasters performed as Evaluator. They all encouraged 4 speakers by giving wonderful feedback. And finally, the session was concluded by Evaluation Session Master (General Evaluator). I always like her style of making through but crisp comments, especially the way she made fun with my past involvement:-) It was a fruitful meeting as usual. I hope members enjoy great meetings in Hatoba Kaikan as well as I do!