The 620th Meeting Report


YTMC regular meeting was held at Hatoba-Kaikan.
Then we had a special event
That was Rookie’s Mini Contest!!!
This contest was the last event that I give members as VPE.
Why did I plan such an event?
YTMC got many new members recently.
And they have a high motivation for giving speech.
I wanted to react their needs, but it was difficult to make it come true at a normal speech session.
That’s why, I planned this event.

Though three rookies couldn’t join this contest, four rookies gave their own speech with their own characters.
And TM T.N got first place with her favorite food “Spaghetti Meet Source”
TM N.W was second place. She got into tour guide of Sri lanka during her speech.

After the contest TM K.T gave a special tips session to us.
The theme was “Why YTMC?”
We chose YTMC among others.
More over many members belong to only YTMC
TM K.T asked members some questions about “Why YTMC?”
We could think of “Why YTMC?” each other.
That was a very nice session to know why members choose YTMC.

And I asked members the following question as TMOD.
“If you express YTMC in one word, which word is your best?”
My answer is “Serendipity”
YTMC attracts various people, and give us opportunities to meet them.
And members enhance their own skills eachother at YTMC.
What a wonderful club, isn’t it!!
I’m really glad I could find this club.
In the future, whom I can meet at YTMC? And what I can learn at YTMC?
I get excited when thinking about that!

The next meeting will be held on Jun 4th.
TMOD is our new President TM S.I!!
Don’t miss it!

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