The 621st Meeting Report



” Do you want to be eternal youth and immortality?”
The meeting theme was little bit difficult.
Though, role takers answered meaningful comments.
In this half of year, I lost my parents. Members message encouraged me.
Of course, role takers performance were so wonderful. and General Evaluation was excellent.
Thank you everyone.


Answers for theme are following.

1.My answer for the next theme is

“No I don’t. Because I think eternal life seems boring.
However, I want to live a long and healthy life.”

2.I don’t want to be. Because if I have the eternal youth and immortality, only I will stay young while my friends and family are getting old. Even my son will become older than me. It’s unacceptable for me!

3.My answer for this question is “NO”.
It must be sad if I lived forever without my family and friends.
However if all people could be eternal youth and immortality, I also want to be it together!

4.I want to know until when I can live.
Because, before I say good bye to this world, I want to say “thank you for everything” to all of my family and friends.

5.As a girl, I never like the idea of getting old, and of course living forever is great. However, if I am the only one to survive while my family and friends all pass away, life would be very hard. I will become very lonely and bore to die ( but can not). Therefore, I prefer a normal life as long as I am happy at every moment of it.

6.Yes, if possible.
I wish I have eternal youth and immortality, but I understand it is not realistic.
Therefore my substantial aim to my life is to live happily as long as possible.
I have been trying to make some physical and mental exercises and will keep on making them as long as I can in order to live happily.
I usually go to a fitness club and go for walking for a couple of hours on weekend for keeping my health well.
I am trying to use my brain to avoid dementia which may happen to me when I get older. To study English is one of the ways not to deteriorate my brain.
As another factor for living a life happily, I believe we need a certain objectives and a kind of self-satisfaction to our life. I am thinking of contributing to the society around me to some extent as one of my objectives after my retirement, for example.

7.Answer to your question
If it is applicable only me, of course, I want to have eternal youth and immortality.
If many people could have the eternal youth and immortality, we will face:
– Population problem, causing shortage of foods 
– Economy problem, causing the Immortal people must work for ever
interfaring real young peoples chances of promotion, advancement


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