The 622nd Meeting Report



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The meeting #622 was held on June 18th at Hatobakaikan.
That was the last meeting under President Nakanishi in this term.
The theme of this meeting, “What did you achieve in this term ?”.
And Word of the Day presented to use in the meeting, “Dedicate/Dedication”.

We had two big events:
One was Induction ceremony, “Welcome Mr. H in our club”
and the other, Installation for the new President and Officers for the next

Educational sessions were as follows:
*Joke conducted by TM G was great fun and everyone laughed a lot.
 “English originates from Japanese”, Kill—-Kill(斬る)
*Table Topic by TM F was a two-alternative question.
 Ex, Which do you want to get, an ability to speak all languages or an
ability to communicate with animals ?
 Each question was pleased and fantastic and was easily answered.
*Prepared Speech
 Three speeches were all wonderful.
 TM H made a nice debut talking about herself before an audience.
 TM H did a speech having a great massage, “To whom would you speak ?”
 TM Y delivered a speech along to the objectives of the manual and took the
 best speaker’s prize.
*Evaluation by TM N ran smoothly.

Thank you all participants and all role takers !
President N and All Officers, thank you for dedicating to  Yokohama TMC!
I was very pleased as well as honored to serve as TMOD in the last meeting.

例会で使用を提案された言葉: 「専念する・献身」

* ジョークはTM Gが紹介した「英語は日本語から発生してる」の話は
* 3つのスピーチはどれも素晴らしいものでした。
  TM Hはクラブで初スピーチ、わかり易い話ぶりで自己紹介をしました
* 総合論評は現プレジデントの最後のしごと。





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