In-house Speech Contest/横浜トーストマスターズクラブ 第707回例会レポート


We held the in-house speech contest on January 18th.

The contest chair was TM N. This was the first challenge for her. And the chief judge was veteran TM I.
コンテスト委員長は今回初挑戦のTM Nが務め、審査委員長はベテランのTM Iが担当しました。


Four contestants participated in the English contest and six contestants participated in the Japanese contest. All speeches were excellent.


The contestants received a participation certificate from the contest chair while waiting for the result of the judging.


Then the contestants were interviewed by the interviewer TM S.
そしてコンテスタントはインタビュー担当のTM Sからインタビューを受けます。


The winner of the English contest was TM A, who told us about a super mother-in-low who can do anything.
英語コンテストの優勝者は、なんでもできるスーパー義母の話をしてくれたTM Aでした。


The winner of the Japanese contest was TM F who talked us about his friend who helped him through his difficult time.
日本語コンテストの優勝者は、つらい時期を支えてくれた友人の話をしたTM Fでした。


In this club contest, We enjoyed a powerful speech that was different from the regular meetings.


Now, let’s improve our speech skills again for next year’s contest!


by P. O


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