第743回例会レポート / The 743rd Regular Meeting Report



The 743rd meeting was held fully online due to a declared state of emergency. There were 27 participants. Following the last meeting, we had another Induction Ceremony and welcomed two new members. We are very happy that they chose Yokohama TMC because of our long history and introduction from the former member.

本日の言葉はTM Mより紹介された「Above and Beyond」。オリンピックの感動を表現するにも最適な言葉で、洗練された素敵な言葉のチョイスでした。

“The Word of the Day” is “Above and Beyond” introduced by TM M. It is a great word to express the excitement of the Olympics, and it was a sophisticated and wonderful choice of words.

総合司会はベテランメンバーのTM Iさん。例会のテーマは「暑い夏をどう凌いでいるのか」ということで、そのテーマにまつわるお話を聞いているだけで、なんだか涼しい気持ちになれました。TM Iさんの司会はさすが、とてもスムーズで、新しいメンバーが多いYTMCでは勉強になった方が多かったと思います。このようなベテランメンバーから学べるのもこのクラブの良いところですね。

The TMOD was TM I, a super experienced member. The theme of the meeting was “How are you avoiding the hot temperature?” and just listening to members’ episodes about the theme made me feel cool. The procedure was very smooth, and it’s one of the good things about this club that we can learn from such experienced members.

テーブルトピックでも、TM Nさんのしっかり準備された進行のもと、楽しく進めることができました。今回のテーマは「夏」でしたが、季節によって話す内容が変わることも飽きずに活動できる理由なのかもと思いながら聞いていました。新メンバーも指名され、どんな方なのかを知る良い機会になりました。

The table topics were well prepared by TM N and we were able to have fun with them. The theme this time was “Summer”. The topics changed depending on the season, and which might be the reason why we could keep working without getting bored. New members were also nominated, and it was a good opportunity to get to know about him.

そしてメインとなる準備スピーチ。今回の4名のスピーチはまた、どれも素晴らしかったです!!ユーモアたっぷりに結婚へ至るエピソードを話してくれたTM Fさん、経験を通してリーダーシップスタイルについて語ってくれたTM Mさん、コミュニケーションにおいて大切なものをご家族の素敵な例を挙げながら伝えてくれたTM Mさん、タイムリーなオリンピックと関連付けながら過去の自分と比べた今の自分についてメッセージをもって話してくれたTM Aさん。どれもあっという間のスピーチで、刺激をたくさんもらいました。

Then the main session, “prepared speeches”. The four speeches were all great! TM F spoke about the episodes leading to his marriage with a lot of humor. TM M talked about her leadership style through her experiences. TM M talked about what is important in communication, using wonderful examples from his family. TM A spoke with a message about the current self compared to the past self while relating it to the timely Olympics. All of the speeches were awesome and I received a lot of inspiration.

最後はTM Nさんが初めて総合論評にチャレンジ。しっかりマニュアルに沿った進行をされながら、とても心のこもった温かい総合論評でした。

Lastly, TM N challenged himself to General Evaluator for the first time. He proceeded according to the manual and, at the same time he gave a very heartfelt and warm review.
Although there were not many guests this time because the meeting was online, it was an even more fulfilling meeting than usual, making me feel like “Oh, I wish more people could see this! It was a hot meeting, as hot as the hot summer!


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