第755回例会レポート / The 755th Regular Meeting Report



 開催日時: 2022年2月5日(土)

会場: Hybrid (ぴおシティ6階第2研修室+オンライン)

The 755th regular meeting of YTMC was held at Pio City in Sakuragi-cho for the first time in years. 24 members including 7 online participants got together and enjoyed it.

In this meeting, the workshop about the upcoming officers’ election was scheduled to be held, but the instructor couldn’t make it due to his sudden stomach ache caused by his eating too much spicy food the day before.

TM I, the TMOD of the meeting, rose to the occasion and conducted the impromptu session in which each officer of the current term explained their respective job descriptions and responsibilities. It was such a last-minute happening, but remember, Toastmasters is a place where people learn how to rise to this kind of occasions and make impromptu speeches, isn’t it? So, of course we handled it without problems and made presentations beautifully!

Since the Valentine’s Day was coming soon, the meeting theme was “The memories of chocolate”, and speakers talked about their memories related to chocolates.

The Word of the Day was “conscience / conscientious”. The reason for this choice of word was interesting. The Word of the Day master said that she had asked her American colleague what word she rarely uses in daily life, and his answer was “conscience/ conscientious”. I guess his answer was truly “conscientious”!

The Table Topics Master asked questions about the Olympic Games, which was fun and especially, looking at the struggles of speakers was entertaining!

We had three prepared speakers in this meeting. The first speaker was TM M, a new member, who talked about her injury and how she overcame it and achieved her dream-come-true job.

The second speaker is an experienced TM T, who made his ice-breaking speech for the 3rd time? in his Toastmasters journey. The third speaker was TM S, our president, who rehearsed her speech for the in-house contest scheduled to be held the next day.

The evaluation session was facilitated by the experienced Toastmaster, TM I, from his home online, and three evaluators gave a series of beneficial feedback to their respective speaker. The Best Speaker award was given to our president, TM S, and her mentee, TM K.N., received the Best Evaluator award.

Although the meeting went overtime in a big way due to the impromptu officers presentations, the meeting was again the fruitful one and the big success.

See you again soon!

YTMCの第755回通常例会は、久しぶりに桜木町のぴおシティで開催されました。オンライン参加者7名を含む総勢24名のメンバーが集まり楽しく始まった例会ですが、実は最初からかなりバタバタしました。当初、次期役員選挙に関するワークショップが予定されていたのですが、講師役のメンバーがなんと前日に辛いものを食べ過ぎてお腹を壊し、まさかのドタキャン。TMOD(司会役)のIさんが急遽、今期の各役員が自分の仕事内容や責任について説明するセッションを企画し、ぶっつけ本番で行ったのです! しかしトーストマスターとは、そもそもこのような突然の状況でも即興でしゃべることができる技術を磨く団体ですよね。もちろん全員が何の問題もなくスラスラとこなしましたよ!


「今日の言葉/Word of the Day」は「conscience/conscientious : 良心/良心的な」でした。この言葉を選んだ理由が面白い。「今日の言葉」のマスターがアメリカ人の同僚に「普段私があまり使わない言葉は何?」と尋ねたところ返ってきた言葉が「conscience/conscientious : 良心/良心的な」だったそう。彼の答えは、まさに良心的ですね!


今回の例会では、3人の準備スピーカーによるスピーチが披露されました。一人目は、新入会員のTM Mさんで、大怪我をしたこと、そして怪我を克服して念願の仕事を手に入れたことを話してくれました。

二人目は、経験豊富なTM Tさん。長いトーストマスターズ歴の中で3回目となるアイスブレーキングスピーチを披露してくれました。3人目はYTMC現会長のTM Sさんで、翌日出場予定の他クラブでのコンテストに向けて、スピーチリハーサルを行いました。

評価セッションは、経験豊富なTM Iさんが自宅からオンラインで進行し、3人の評価者がそれぞれのスピーカーに有益なフィードバックを行ってくれました。ベストスピーカー賞は会長のTM Sさんが、ベストエバリュエーター賞は彼女のメンティであるTM K.N.さんがそれぞれ受賞しました。