第769回例会レポート / The 769th Regular Meeting Report


本日の例会は、13人の会員が会場で参加(オンサイト)、8人の会員が参加、さらにゲストさんが3 人も! 毎回ゲストが参加してくださるので、既存メンバーも気合が入ります!

The 769th meeting was held at Hatoba-Kaikan, an online hybrid facing the Port of Yokohama.
Today’s meeting was attended by 13 members onsite, 8 members in attendance, plus 3 guests! 
With a guest joining us every time, our existing members are fired up!

S会長の安定の挨拶から始まり、Kさんより「本日の言葉(Word of the day)」の紹介がありました。
「skosh」 = 「少し/ a little bit」 という意味だそうです!! まさに学校では教えてくれないコトバ!
思わず へ~~なるほど~~となり、使ってみたくなりますね♪

Five minutes before the start time, all onsite & online participants were ready to go, quintessential!
The meeting started with a stable greeting by President TM S., followed by the introduction of the “Word of the day” by TM K.
He introduced the word of the day as “skosh” which means a little / a little bit. It is the first time to learn this word!!
Exactly the kind of word we don’t learn in school! I felt I want to use this word!!

続いて、本日のTMOD(Toastmaster of the Day)のKさんにバトンが渡り、例会のサポーターの紹介がありました。
本日の例会のテーマは「Rest of the year planning /今年残り4か月のプラン」でした。

The baton was then passed to today’s TMOD (Toastmaster of the Day), TM. K, who introduced the supporters of the meeting.
The theme of today’s meeting was “Rest of the year planning”.
It was an interesting theme, and each member presented their unique plans, which excited the audience.

続いて、即興スピーチセッションに移りました。本日のTable Topics Masterは、経験豊富なOさんです。

We then moved on to the impromptu speech session, which is called Table Topic Session.
Today’s Table Topics Master is Mr. O, who has a lot of experience. Today’s topic was very unique: “Let’s make a tour plan for a family from the U.S. who is coming to Yokohama for a vacation! It was very unique.

1つ目の質問:「ランチはどこに連れていきますか?」 という質問に対して、Aさんはズバリ「スシロー」と答えました!
2つ目の質問:「横浜でどこに観光に連れていきますか?」 3つ目の質問:「ディナーはどこに連れていきますか?」 4つ目の質問:「どこのホテルに宿泊しますか?」
時間が足らず、4つしか質問及び回答が出来ませんでしたが、この即興スピーチセッションの締めとして、Table Topics MasterのOさんは「皆さんの回答を元にガイドブックを作ります!」と会場を盛り上げてくださいました。

The first question: “Where do you take them for lunch?” TM. A answered “Sushi-ro(スシロー)”!

It was very interesting that he chose Sushi-ro for its entertainment value rather than an expensive sushi restaurant.
Second question: “Where would you take them for sightseeing in Yokohama?” 
Third question: “Where would you take someone for dinner? 
Fourth question: “Which hotel would you like to stay at?”
Although time was short and we were only able to ask and answer four questions, Table Topics Master, TM. O, made the audience excited by saying, “I am going to make a guidebook based on your answers!

1人目のスピーカーの大ベテランのAさん、これまでキャンプはNG(虫が嫌だ、快適な場所で寝たい)だったが、初めて体験してからキャンプにハマってしまったお話。 ストーリー性があり、ユーモアあり、とても楽しいスピーチでした。そして、スピーチの締めは、「いつかYTMCのみんなと一緒にキャンプしたいですね^^」 →ぜひ実現させましょう♪

We then moved on to the preparatory speech session. There were three preparatory speakers today.
The first speaker, TM. A told a story about how she had never camped before (she didn’t like bugs and wanted to sleep in a comfortable place), but after her first experience, she was hooked on camping. 
It was a very enjoyable speech with storytelling and humor.
She ended his speech with, “I would love to camp with everyone at YTMC someday ^^” → Let’s make it happen!

2人目のスピーカーも経験豊富なOさん。なんと!!!「木のブロックに同時にネジを締めた最多人数」というギネス認定記録保持者でした!! たった30秒で完了する認定のための作業のための準備に、なんと6か月もかかったこと、この壮大なプロジェクトの背景や経緯、当日までの苦労など、沢山の写真を用いてドラマチックに表現されていました。「600人が同時にネジ締めをした」というギネス記録達成、おめでとうございます!

The second speaker was also very experienced, TM O.
What a surprise! He was the Guinness World Record holder for “Most people screwing on a block of wood at the same time!” He told us how it took him 6 months to prepare for the certification, which only takes 30 seconds to complete it, and how he had to work hard on the project to get it done.
The background of this grand project and the hard work that went into it were dramatically illustrated with many photos.
Congratulations to the team for achieving the Guinness record of ” The most people screwing screws into blocks of woods simultaneously!”

複数の友人とたったの2時間の話し合いで全て旅行の予約をしたこと、そして外国人から見て感じた屋久島の自然の素晴らしさをとても分かりやすく表現されていました。 聞いている全員が「行ってみたい!」と思ったのではないでしょうか?
The third speaker was TM. S.  She told us a story about her first trip to Yakushima with her friends.
She expressed very clearly how she booked the entire trip after only two hours of discussion with several friends and how wonderful the nature of Yakushima was from a foreigner’s point of view. Everyone listening must have thought, “I want to go there!”

After a short break, we moved on to an Evaluation Session. Today’s General Evaluator was TM T.
The three evaluators gave highly original feedbacks for today’s excellent speeches.
One of the great things about Toastmasters meetings is that we can learn and discover a lot from the presentations of the reviewers!


ベスト即興スピーカー: Aさん、
ベスト論評スピーカー: Nさん
ベストスピーカー: Oさん


Today’s meeting went smoothly according to the agenda with no audio problems. Proof that all of our members are getting used to all of their roles!
Finally, TMOD announced today’s award winners. Congratulations!
Best Table Topic Speaker: TM. A
Best Evaluator: TM. N
Best Speaker: TM. O

It was a very beautiful meeting today. See you at the next meeting!