The 566th Meeting Report



*** The comment from TMOD ***

The #566 Regular Meeting held on 15th February under difficult condition. I think it was one of the most difficult meeting. I might be very lucky to be a TMOD of the meeting. Thank you for TM R.K. and members to hold and attend the meeting.

One day before the snow piled up record high on the street. Traffic chaos occurred. So we needed hard trials to attend the meeting using public transportation. Finally some members gave up to attend the meeting.

The venue was Bankoku-bashi Kaikan with with beautiful views of Akarenga-Soko.

In this meeting, TM S.I. made a challenge and found the new possibility of Skype meeting. TM N.G., who lives in New Delhi, India, joined the meeting through Skype successfully.

The opening time was postponed fifteen minutes to wait members who come late. TM T.S. arrived 3:15pm to complete his role of Table Topic Master. For his arrival time, Table Topic Session was moved to behind of the Evaluation Session.

We also had to re-arrange the role takers suddenly. Attending members and guest accepted our offers. Thank you for accepting the role arrangement, TM C.S., TM G.M. and TM R.K.

The meeting theme was “Sprig plan”. Every member had spring plan and wanted to achieve his/her plan. My spring plan is to find my new job.

We had a surprise. It’s the comeback of TM T.S. He will enjoy the activity of TM once again.

Best Table Topic Speaker was TM N.G., Best Evaluator was TM T.S. and Best Prepared Speaker was TM N.S..

The meeting was closed successfully at 4:15 pm. We moved to a restaurant for social gathering.

Next meeting will be held on 1st March. See you on the next meeting.

Thank you for your passion.


TM N.G.! from India!!

Award Session!

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The 565th Meeting Report



*** The comment from TMOD ***

Yokohama TMC In-House International Speech Contest .was held on February 1.
Our president TM Nirupam is going to leave Yokohama TMC and Japan and will have his new career. Therefore this is the last meeting also last In-House speech contest. He made a speech at the end of the contest. Every audience in the room was moved so much, sorry to miss him, and wanted him to visit us soon. TM H.A. read a letter to express our deepest thanks to President Nirupam.

VPE TM R.K. and I organized the contest, it was harder than expected due to unexpected happenings, such as both PCs don’t work, both health condition were vulnerable, or interviewer’s cancellation and so on. However TM R.K. managed all these problems so well.

In spite unexpected things we can have seven English speakers and three Japanese speakers and the room was filled with a lot of audience from other TMC.  Above all, contents of both English and Japanese speeches were excellent filled with humor and made us think about our lives, every audience enjoyed each speech to their heart’s content.

* International Speech
 Best speaker    TM Taketomi
 2nd  speaker    TM Yamada
 3rd  speaker    TM Takanashi

* Japanese Speech
 Best speaker   TM Marutani
 2nd  speaker   TM Takanashi
 3rd  speaker   TM Taketomi


International Speech Contest, Award Session!

Japanese Speech Contest, Award Session!

Souvenir picture, TypeA!

Souvenir picture, TypeB!

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Joint meeting with KTMC and YBTMC



Joint meeting with Kanagawa TMC and Yamato Bilingual TMC was held on Jan. 25th. It was big opportunity and very exciting time! We would like to continue to promote the relation between clubs!!


*** The comment from GE ***

The joint meeting of Yokohama, Yamato Bilingual, and Kanagawa TMC was held on Jan.25th. On this time we had a very precious and marvelous opportunity that many splendid Toastmasters from each club got gathered and collaborated to try this unprecedented attempt.

TMOD is TM S.T. from Kanagawa TMC, which was the host club of this joint meeting. Despite such a huge meeting, she provided us with best-suited venue and she also managed the all of progress in the meeting very well.

In the beginning of meeting, we had a special table topic session. Table topic master was TM T.N. from Yamato Bilingual.
On this time, 3 representatives from each 3 club competed each other. As a relay style, we could enjoy this irregular very thrillingly. From our club, TM A.T, TM M.K. and I, TM T.S. participated in this session.

In the prepared speech session, Japanese and English speeches were held at the same time. Japanese speakers were TM S.W. from Yamato Bilingual TMC, TM Y.S. and TM M.S. from Kanagawa TMC. English speakers were TM K.T. and TM M.T. from our club, and TM A.E. from Yamato Bilingual TMC. I was fascinated by their very energetic and originative speech. Despite unusual environment, all speakers delivered their speech very confidently and inspired entire of audience.  Each evaluator also gave appropriate feedback and encouraged speakers very well, with giving them good suggestion for improvement.

 The best speaker was TM M.S. from Kanagawa TMC.
 The best evaluator was TM M.K. from Yamato Bilingual TMC.
 The best table topic was Yamato Bilingual TMC.

We could also learned a lot from two workshops of TM S.K. and TM R.K. They gave us many new beneficial ideas to be much better evaluator and to make much better speech.

Overall we all member could really enjoy this new excellent meeting. It was great pleasure for me to work as a general evaluator.


Workshop from TM S.K.

Best Table Topic Team, Yamato BTMC!

Best Speaker, TM M.S.

Best Evaluater, TM M.K.

Award Session!

Souvenir picture!

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The 564th Meeting Report



The 564th YTMC regular meeting was held on Jan. 18th.

This time, we had Facilitating Discussion!  It was rare opportunity and very exciting. TMOD R.K, Thank you for your many preparation.


*** The comment from TMOD ***

Dear Members and all people who see this article, Good morning, good after noon, and good evening.

Thank you so much for staying at Doll House on 3rd Sat. Jan.

It was little bit different meeting from regularly because all members who attend the meeting take role of one drama.

The management of YTMC Food was suited the critical situation, and we need to discuss a lot of things.

The way of the meeting is to solve the problems, and find the way which make the YTMC Food keep it’s business.

It may little bit tough to find the details of the situation, and some member may feels uneasiness, but how pleasant, every member support the meeting positively, and no one break it.

The discussion under serious problem -Food Poisoning- went smoothly, and a lot of good ideas were found, for example, YTMC Food should try to sell chicken etc.

I believe all members who attended the meeting got not only the skill of impromptu speech, but also find the way of team work under serious situation without much information.

Thank you so much again, and if you are interested in the way of this meeting, please let me know.

We can share the plan/proposal and evaluation.


TMOD, Chief Executive Offcier, Good Job!!

Chief Operating Officer, so serious!

Discussion time

Award Session!

Souvenir picture!

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