Joint meeting with KTMC and YBTMC



Joint meeting with Kanagawa TMC and Yamato Bilingual TMC was held on Jan. 25th. It was big opportunity and very exciting time! We would like to continue to promote the relation between clubs!!


*** The comment from GE ***

The joint meeting of Yokohama, Yamato Bilingual, and Kanagawa TMC was held on Jan.25th. On this time we had a very precious and marvelous opportunity that many splendid Toastmasters from each club got gathered and collaborated to try this unprecedented attempt.

TMOD is TM S.T. from Kanagawa TMC, which was the host club of this joint meeting. Despite such a huge meeting, she provided us with best-suited venue and she also managed the all of progress in the meeting very well.

In the beginning of meeting, we had a special table topic session. Table topic master was TM T.N. from Yamato Bilingual.
On this time, 3 representatives from each 3 club competed each other. As a relay style, we could enjoy this irregular very thrillingly. From our club, TM A.T, TM M.K. and I, TM T.S. participated in this session.

In the prepared speech session, Japanese and English speeches were held at the same time. Japanese speakers were TM S.W. from Yamato Bilingual TMC, TM Y.S. and TM M.S. from Kanagawa TMC. English speakers were TM K.T. and TM M.T. from our club, and TM A.E. from Yamato Bilingual TMC. I was fascinated by their very energetic and originative speech. Despite unusual environment, all speakers delivered their speech very confidently and inspired entire of audience.  Each evaluator also gave appropriate feedback and encouraged speakers very well, with giving them good suggestion for improvement.

 The best speaker was TM M.S. from Kanagawa TMC.
 The best evaluator was TM M.K. from Yamato Bilingual TMC.
 The best table topic was Yamato Bilingual TMC.

We could also learned a lot from two workshops of TM S.K. and TM R.K. They gave us many new beneficial ideas to be much better evaluator and to make much better speech.

Overall we all member could really enjoy this new excellent meeting. It was great pleasure for me to work as a general evaluator.


Workshop from TM S.K.

Best Table Topic Team, Yamato BTMC!

Best Speaker, TM M.S.

Best Evaluater, TM M.K.

Award Session!

Souvenir picture!

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